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  1. 1. ERTMS Regional UIC ERTMS World Conference 2012, session E2, Per-Erik Ingels, TrafikverketPer Erik Ingels, Trafikverket Poul Frøsig, UIC
  2. 2. What is ERTMS Regional? • The first world wide ERTMS level 3 application in commercial operation • A cost-benefit optimised and complete track-side control command system for regional lines • 100% TSI CCS compliant 1. Based on ERTMS specifications (SRS 2.3.0 d) 2. On board ERTMS (L1-L3) adopted without changes2. On board ERTMS (L1 L3) adopted without changes 3. New development for track-side equipment 2 2012-05-03
  3. 3. Why was the UIC ERTMS Regional project born 1998? ERTMS only for high speed Use ERTMS compliant onboards Why was the UIC ERTMS Regional project born 1998? Satellite navigation for position Whitebox or blackbox UIC Low cost project Different system developments ongoing • Germany: The Funk Fahr Betrieb • France: The SER project • Sweden: The radio block system The UIC ERTMS Regional project • Sweden: The radio block system • Italy: Use of satellite technology • Denmark: The RADAS project • EU + some industries: LOCOPROL Oth d l t llproject (Trackside only) • Other developments as well EU documents regarding visions for Interoperability 3 2012-05-03
  4. 4. Why consider ERTMS on Regional lines in year 2000Why consider ERTMS on Regional lines in year 2000 (Scope extension of the TSI’s) High-speed passenger trains Conventional passenger/ freight trainsConventional passenger/ freight trains Local passenger trains High-speed lines Conventional TEN lines Conventional main lines Conventional regional lines Conventional local lines 4 2012-05-03
  5. 5. Present situation on RegionalPresent situation on Regional lines in Sweden 1(2) • 2 116 km (21%) of the Swedish network are still manually operated (pink lines) These are the target lines for ERTMSThese are the target lines for ERTMS Regional in Sweden. • 20–30% of the European network can be20 30% of the European network can be regarded as Regional lines 5 2012-05-03
  6. 6. Present situation on Regional lines 2(2) • Old interlocking • No line block-systems • No ATP • Manual dispatching by telephone 6 2012-05-03
  7. 7. Project background and goals • Lower operational cost • Increased capacity • Increased flexibility • Increased safety 7 2012-05-03
  8. 8. UIC ERTMS Regional Project activities 2000-2012 UIC ERTMS Regional specifications developed: • FRS • Operational scenario document • Operational rules document • Basic GRS spec. including the architecture • Basic RAMS spec. • Basic for test scenarios • Participation in tests in Swedenp • Interface with the UIC benchmark group 8 2012-05-03
  9. 9. Way forward for the UIC ERTMS Regional project • Update of the UIC specifications • Indentify and quantify cost reduction opportunities • TIMS (Train integrity monitoring system) 9 2012-05-03
  10. 10. System Structure Controller Machine Interface CMI Interlocking/RBC Server GSM-RISDN LAN/WAN (TCP/IP) LAN/WAN (TCP/IP) Handheld EuroradioHandheld terminal GPRS GPRS OCC, Object Controller Cabinets ERTMS Level 3 Public GSM Eurobalises Cabinets 10 2012-05-03
  11. 11. ERTMS REGIONAL: Cost saving factors • Staff reduction in stations • Minimizing cables by controllingStaff reduction in stations (TMS integrated management) • Less track side equipment and Minimizing cables by controlling objects via radio • Track circuits and axle counters reduced maintenance costs • No traditional interlocking, no or less line side signals as an option on special locations • Standardized specifications for procurementno or less line side signals procurement The goal is to reduce the investment cost to 50 % of a conventional traffic control system 11 2012-05-03
  12. 12. Flexible system • TIMS: Technical system onboard or driver responsibility • Transmission: Radio (GSM/R GPRS) or fixed network (inhouse or external) • Block principle: Moving block or Fixed block • Train detection: With track circuits / axel counters or without track circuits / axel counters 12 2012-05-03
  13. 13. Status in Sweden • Final safety assessment successfully completed • ISC assessment by a Notified Body completedy y p • Commissioning of the pilot line February 2012 Implementation projects on two new Regional lines started• Implementation projects on two new Regional lines started • Dispatchers and drivers are satisfied with the new system 13 2012-05-03
  14. 14. Expirience in Sweden The targets are meet! 1 Th ti l1. The operational 2. The technical 3. The cost savings 14 2012-05-03
  15. 15. Thank you for your kind attention Poul Frøsig, UIC ERTMS Regional Contact details: Phone +4544842879 or Mobil +4527104364 E mail:FROSIG@MAIL.DK Per Erik Ingels TrafikverketPer Erik Ingels, Trafikverket Contact details: Phone +46101231969 or Mobil +46707245750 E mail:per-erik.ingels@trafikverket.seE mail:per 15 2012-05-03