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http://www.nindleswowguide.com/341/wow-warrior-guide/ a short slide show about WoW warrior

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Wo w warrior guide

  1. 1. By: NindlesWoWGuide.Com
  2. 2. Warriors in Worlds of Warcraftis more than your standarddamage absorbing, agroholding tank role class like it isin many other MMORPG. InWoW Warriors are actuallyquite strong as a class and isable to take on their traditionaltanking role, but what’s more isthat they are also surprisinglygreat as a DPS class as welldepending on which talent treeyou choose. For more free wow guide visit: Nindleswowguide.com
  3. 3. In WoW Warriors are ableto specialize in 3 areas oftalents and they are Arms,Flury, and Protection.However, with that beingsaid Arms and FluryWarriors are more or lesssimilar since they’re bothDPS Warriors, the onlydifference between thistwo is that Flury Warriorsare able to dual wield 2weapons and Arms cannot.For more free wow guide visit: Nindleswowguide.com
  4. 4. Although the Arms Warrior is builtfor dealing damages, their overallDPS will not be as good as a FluryWarrior. One of the keydifferences between the ArmsWarrior and the Flury Warrior isthat Arms Warrior specializes intwo hand weapons, while FluryWarriors are good with dualweapons. Many Warriors whoplays the Arms build are usuallyPvP players, since Arms Warrior isarguably the best PvP build for theWarrior class. For more free wow guide visit: Nindleswowguide.com
  5. 5. Flury Warriors areGladiators, and sort of likethe Rogue class whereattack speed and highcritical rate determinestheir overall DPS. Like ArmsWarrior Flury Warriors areable to dual wield twosingle hand weapons,allowing them to dealsmaller but quickerdamages to their enemies. For more free wow guide visit: Nindleswowguide.com
  6. 6. Protection Warriors is for players who likesto take on the leading role in party,dungeons, or raids. All protection skills aregeared to improve the Warriors defensiveabilities, taunt or agro holding abilities, andskills that would provide extra protection toyour group members. The down side toProtection Warriors is that they’redefinitely the slowest at leveling compareto Flury and Arms Warriors. However sinceProtection Warriors are tanks, and they’reusually highly in demand for dungeons, youwill have a much shorter queue with thedungeon finder. For more free wow guide visit: Nindleswowguide.com
  7. 7. Apart from the 3 core Warriortalents and abilities ofFlury, Arms, andProtection, Warriors also has 3different stances to go with all theirabilities. Stances are a veryimportant part of Warriors gameplay in WoW. The 3 stances for theWarrior are Battle Stance, DefensiveStance, and Berserker Stance.The way stances work is that during or not during combat the Warrior canactivate 1 out of the 3 different stances. And depending on which stance isactivated some of your skill will be greatly improved while other will begreatly hinder or not available. For more free wow guide visit: Nindleswowguide.com
  8. 8. This is very for stance as a Warrior that you getautomatically at level 1. The Battle stance is a prettyneutral stance that generally is good for all Warriorsregardless of role, spec, or build. For more free wow guide visit: Nindleswowguide.com
  9. 9. The name of this stance kind of made it obviousthat it is good for Protection Warrior and theWarrior’s tanking abilities. If you’re not planningto tank then this stance will be pretty useless foryou. For more free wow guide visit: Nindleswowguide.com
  10. 10. Finally we have the Berserker stance which ismuch like Battle Stance but gives more DPSbenefits and less defensive benefit. Overall ifyou’re playing a Flury or Arms Warrior this isthe stance to go. For more free wow guide visit: Nindleswowguide.com
  11. 11. Like this WoW Warrior Guide?For more free WoW Guide visithttp://www.nindleswowguide.com/