The Positive Psychology of Employee Engagement

  1. T P he ositive Psychology of Employee Engagement
  2. Transactional to transformational Transactional engagement Transformational engagement; Act on feedback from survey A way of doing business Set of activities and targets Employees integral Reactive engagement Pro-active Is an add on, separate activity Insight regularly sought, Not integral to business harnessed and acted on Set of transactions Integrated
  3. 3 Time for a new approach – but what does this look like? Employees Leaders What can we learn from Champions positive psychology?
  4. Focus on the (positive) psychology of engagement The current paradigm: Work More Win/ harder Success happier
  5. This formula is scientifically broken 1. Every time we have a success the goalposts change. We reach our sales targets, we get set higher targets 2. So we’re continually pushing happiness over our cognitive horizon 3. And in fact…. The opposite is true – positive brains perform significantly better than negative, neutral or stressed brains 4. So if we focus on creating happy, positive brains we are more successful 5. Research shows increases in intelligence, creativity and energy 6. This translates into business outcomes
  6. Positive thinking Lyobomirsky 2005 found: •31% increase in productivity •Improved resilience •Less burnout •Less employee turnover •Increased sales -37% •When your brain is in a positive state it performs better then in a neutral, negative or stressed state
  7. Why is this? The formula is the wrong way round Happier Work More positive harder Success state Being in a positive brain state releases Dopamine This makes you feel happier But it also turns on all your learning centers in your brain
  8. Creating a positive lasting change • You can rewire your brain by doing the following everyday for 21 days: – 3 gratitude's each day – Journaling – Exercise – Meditation – Random acts of kindness • This will help train your brain to scan for the positive rather than the negative
  9. Thank you! Emma Bridger: 07595 465515
  10. Thank you! Emma Bridger: 07595 465515