Analysing nme dizzee cover prep for blog ppt


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Analysing nme dizzee cover prep for blog ppt

  1. 1. Analysis of magazine front covers Cover 1.NME Sept 2009 Dizzee Rascal Edition
  2. 2. THE MASTHEAD FRONT COVER ANALYSIS THE HEADER The header has stuck to the consistentThis is bold and stands out so house style and allows extra informationthat the target market can if required. It also rounds off where therecognise it. This takes up quite title and image begina large portion of the magazineto it can be seen. Also the NME THE SELL LINES/COVER LINESsounds like ‘enemy’ which isassociated with rebellion which Attracting the reader to the magazinehip hop music is linked to. as they give an insight into what will be included in the magazineUSE OF A FLASHThis is offering the target THE MAIN IMAGEaudience something extra, The main image of a famous star,this may attract them Dizzie Rascal as it says on thefurther into buying the page, this is a recognisable facemagazine. and links to the genre people willBACKGROUND be expecting to read about. It is an unusual shot which makes theThe background looks reader take a longer look, the frontlike graffiti which is a cover is image dominated as hetypical street stereotype, takes the whole entire frame.this also is very colourfulyet the main image still THE MAIN COVER LINEstands out. The main cover line is the celebrityUSE OF A PULL artist’s nameQUOTE RULE OF THIRDS/THE LEFT THIRD BARCODE-This is something date/issue/priceDizzee has said which The left third is usually kept free from cell lines THE FOOTERintrigues you into what however this hasn’t happened here as dizzie is This is so the magazine iselse he has said leaning towards the left and taking most of the Giving a summary of sellable and so the reader space up. His face will be in our direct eye line what the contents of the knows when it was issued, abiding by rule of thirds however he isn’t magazine contains whether it’s new or old
  3. 3. TARGET AUDIENCE OF THIS IS NMEThe target audience for this magazine will be somebody whoenjoys all kind of music from Dizzie Rascal’s rap to indie andpunk this edition focused on Dizzie Rascal’s genre of musictherefore he will be attracting those people, they are likely toenjoy different types of music as NME cater for lots of types.Their gender could be male or female howeverstereotypically I would say male for this magazine inparticular, NME cater for both genders as different covershave been female too. They would be in their teenage yearsand come from a middle class family as they have money tobuy this music magazine to begin with which costs £2.49every week which would be hard to manage without somesort of stable income. You can tell the magazine is aimed atthis age group as without being young and tacky themagazine still looks exciting with the way the photo is takenand the big fonts that attract your eye and are easy to readat a glance.-The main image will initially attract the target audience as they will want to readabout Dizzee Rascal who appears on the front. Also by mentioning the ‘Autumn Tour-By naming the other artists this will also attract the target audience to find out Special’ this is showing that perhaps theabout them. reader may be working and have an-The colours of red, white and black will also attract them as it looks cool and income so that they can afford to go tostylish. these sort of festivals.
  4. 4. STRETCH AND CHALLENGE ACTIVITY-The New Musical Express, known as NME is known as an indie/rockNME, is a music magazine in the United magazine. Including typical musicKingdom, published weekly since March magazine content such as music news,1952. It started as a music newspaper, reviews, charts, tickets, newsletters,and gradually moved toward a magazine info on festivals, tours, clubs, concerts,format during the 1980s, changing from rock, indie, rap and hip-hop as well asnewsprint in 1998. It was the first British exclusive photos of the artists frompaper to include a singles chart, in the 14 photo shoots.November 1952 edition. In the 1970s itbecame the best-selling British musicnewspaper. During the period 1972 to NME features current bands and artists1976 it was particularly associated with as shown on the right.gonzo journalism, then became closelyassociated with punk rock through thewriting of Tony Parsons and Julie Burchill. It was initially published in a non-glossy The target audience for NME would be older teens tabloid format on standard newsprint. into early twenties as the music is more mature and On 14 November 1952, taking its cue established than young pop bands. The front covers from the U.S. magazine Billboard, it are stylish and professional, quite minimalistic yet created the first UK Singles Chart. with key details included. The front still attracts the readers as the colours are bright and inviting like the big bold fonts. The main image will also entice the target audience as the artist will be somebody they desire to read about.
  5. 5. Editor: Mike WilliamsCategories: Music MagazineFrequency: WeeklyFirst Issue: 7 March 1952Company: IPC Media NME readers:Country: United Kingdom MALE 69%Magazine reaches: 1.1 millions music fans every week FEMALE 31%Issued: every Wednesday AVERAGE AGE 24 WORKING FULL TIME 52% WORKING PART TIME 7% STILL STUDYING 29%
  6. 6. Cover 2, Billboard magazine, Bruno Mars editionTHE MASTHEAD THE SELL LINES/COVER LINESThe masthead is hid behind Attracting the reader to the magazine as theyBruno Mar’s head this shows give an insight into what will be included injust how important the the magazine, saying ‘Bruno Mars Bigmagazine want him to look as Business’ you want to find out what ishe covers most of the name, happening. Also down the left side there arethis is unusual as the mast head listed classic artist names who the reader willis usually very visible so readers know.can tell which magazine it is. THE MAIN IMAGEWhat we can see is bold, whiteto stand out from the black The main image is a mid shot of the famousbackground and very clear. star, Bruno Mars as it says on the page, this is a recognisable face and links to the genre people will be expecting to read about. TheBACKGROUND shot is black and white which Is very effective and looks artistic as well as itThe background is completely drawing the reader in without Bruno’s eyeblack which puts emphasis on line being the same as ours making eyethe text and image over the top contact. The front cover is image dominatedas they are allowed to stand out as he takes most of the frame. The mainclearly. It gives a mood of the image is anchored by his name so themagazine and adds to how reader knows exactly who he is.stylish it looks. This looks like amature magazine. THE MAIN COVER LINE The main cover line is ‘50 years’ which RULE OF THIRDS/THE LEFT THIRD takes a lot of space on the cover which is what the reader is drawn towards. Here rule of thirds has been used as Bruno Mars is positioned in the BARCODE-date/issue/price shot towards the right of the page so that there is room down the left third for sell lines and other bits of information in this case it also leaves This is so the magazine is sellable and so the reader room from Bruno to have his head tilted and to still fit. knows when it was issued, whether it’s new or old.
  7. 7. TARGET AUDIENCE OF BILLBOARDThe target audience for Billboard would be female teenagersup to young adults. This is represented by the front cover asit uses limited colours but still colours that pop out and areeye catching without being bright and tacky, it is minimal andnot over the top like a young magazine may be to keepchildren interested, Billboard does not need to do this. Thegenre of this magazine is mainstream music from the chartsso this means they will have many customers from theirtarget audience that enjoy reading this magazine. The targetaudience needs to be able to afford the magazine which atsubscription price is $99.50 for 50 issues which works out at$1.99.-The main image will initially attract the target audience asthey will want to read about Bruno Mars who appears onthe front.-By naming the other artists down the left which this willalso attract the target audience to find out about them.-The whole layout will attract the target audience as itlooks classy and artistic with minimal colours.
  8. 8. STRETCH AND CHALLENGE ACTIVITY-Billboard is a weekly American magazine devoted tohe music industry, and is one of the oldest trademagazines in the world.GENRE: Mainstream music from the charts.INFORMATION INSIDE MAGAZINE Billboard was founded on November 1, 1894, byThe Billboard Top 100’ William h. Donaldson and James Hennegan. It wasPhotos/posters Album advertisements originally titled Billboard AdvertisingAdvertisements and it was a trade paper for the bill posting industryInterviewsConcerts Billboard is now read in moreArticles on artists/bands than 100 countries around the world. Billboard.comMusic reviews attracts more than 2.5 million unique visitors each month.‘The Billboard Top 200’ The Billboard Music Awards is one of televisions mostPage with lists of songs relating to each popular annualdifferent genre of music entertainment events
  9. 9. Editor Danyel SmithFrequency WeeklyCirculation 16,327First Issue 1894Company Prometheus Global MediaCountry United StatesWebsite
  10. 10. THE MASTHEAD Cover 3, SPIN special edition THE HEADERThe masthead is very big, bold andstands out with the white on top of the Courtney Love cover The header gives extrared background. The last letter is hid information and the issuebehind Courtney Love’s head this is number, by doing this it keeps thebecause SPIN are confident that by only whole look well-ordered h and aspart of the masthead the reader’s will stuck to the consistent houserecognise the magazine. The way this is style. It also rounds off where thedone it puts more emphasis on the title and image beginimage of the star showing how THE SELL LINES/COVERimportant they deem her to be. LINESBACKGROUND Attracting the reader as just at aThe background is completely white glance they give an insight intowhich puts extra emphasis on the text what will be included by.and image over the top as they are THE MAIN IMAGEallowed to stand out clearly. With theconnotation of purity and innocence The main image of a famous star,you get a sense of the magazine being Courtney Love as it mentions, this isthis way as the image looks soft and a recognisable face that the targetinnocent too. This adds to how stylish audience will want to read about. Itthe magazine looks and looks is an unusual shot which makes theimmaculate. reader take a longer look, as she has her arms in shot and headUSE OF A PULL QUOTE titled. It is a mid shot from a high‘I’m tired of being the town witch’ this slightly high angle to make her facedraws the reader in and makes them to seem closer to the lens draggingfind out more from what this quote the reader in. This cover is imagesays, it is usually something interesting RULE OF THIRDS/THE LEFT THIRD dominated as she takes majority offor the reader to pick up on. the page. Here the photo is slightly towards the left where the photo is usually towards the right THE FOOTERTHE MAIN COVER LINE to fit in the left third but in this case most Is used to round of the magazine andThe main cover line is the celebrity cover/sell lines have been located on the have a border around the edge to addartist’s name right. to the style.
  11. 11. TARGET AUDIENCE OF SPINThe target audience for SPIN would be people wholisten to music from rock, alternative, country, rap, hiphop, reggae, indie, rock, metal, blues, rnb etc.,depending which week and who is on the coverdepends what kind of genre it is going for, so catersfor many people.The median age for SPIN magazine is 29, nearly 40% ofreaders are between 22-29 and 36% aged between 25-34 . The magazine is highly priced meaning the target audience will have to afford the magazine meaning they looks probably be middle class as the magazine is only monthly as well. Statistics also show that the magazine is read by more males than females at the ratio 61% to 39%. Although this specific cover looks more suited to girls whereas others are the opposite.
  12. 12. STRETCH AND CHALLENGE ACTIVITY--The magazine is published monthly-In the UK it costs 4.50 as it has to be shipped/flownfrom the US-In America the magazine costs $3.99 In its early years, the magazine was noted for its broad music coverage with an emphasis on college-oriented rock music and on the on going emergence of hip- hop. The magazine was eclectic and bold, if sometimes haphazard. It pointedly provided a national alternative to Rolling Stones more establishment-oriented style. Spin prominently placed newer artists such as R.E.M., Prince, Beastie Boys, and Talking Heads, on its covers and did lengthy features on established figures such as Bob Dylan, Keith Richards, Miles Davis, Aerosmith, Lou Reed, Tom Waits, and John Lee Hooker—Bart Bulls article on Hooker won the magazine its first major award
  13. 13. Categories MusicFrequency MonthlyTotal circulation (2011)459,586Year founded 1985First issue May 1985Company BuzzmediaCountry USABased in New York CityWebsite