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AMSRS Conference 2013 Survey


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At the 2013 AMSRS conference in Sydney, Potentiate recently conducted a very short survey with attendees. A total of 31 surveys were collected, including 19 Research providers, 10 Research buyers and 2 respondents that classified themselves as ‘others’ (data analyst, field provider). More than half of the respondents (n=17) have been in the industry for over 10 years.
While the sample is by no means representative of the Market Research industry, many of the often contrasting results are in-line with other industry publications such as the GreenBook Research Industry Trends Report.

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AMSRS Conference 2013 Survey

  2. 2. POTENTIATE AMSRS SURVEY AUGUST 2013 • N=31 at AMSRS conference stand – N=10 Research buyers – N=19 Research providers – N=2 Other (data analyst, field) • Average time in the Industry is 4 years – N=17 have been in the Industry for 10+ years 2 Commercial in Confidence
  3. 3. RESEARCH BUYERS APPEAR TO HAVE EMBRACED NEW METHODS MUCH MORE THAN RESEARCH PROVIDERS. Total sample (n=31) 3 Research Buyer (n=10) Research Provider (n=19) Q1. At the 2011 AMSRS conference Ray Poynter said (paraphrased) that unless companies in MR were embracing new methods in research many of us could expect to be out of a job within a few years. In the 2 years since then, how many of these new methods have you used? Commercial in Confidence
  4. 4. EVERYONE AGREES THAT CLIENT DIY TOOLS ARE THE BIGGEST THREAT FOR MR. BUT IT APPEARS THERE ARE SOME DIFFERENCES REGARDING OTHER THREATS. Top 2 shown (i.e. 1st or 2nd rank) Total sample (n=31) Clients / DIY Tools 4 Google Research Buyer (n=10) Big Data Analysts Management Consulting Firms Research Provider (n=19) Facebook Q2. For some time now we have been hearing about the changing landscape of MR and new entities entering the traditional MR space. Please rank the following in order of the biggest threat to traditional MR companies within the next 3 years. Commercial in Confidence
  5. 5. RESEARCH BUYERS ARE SOMEWHAT SPLIT IN EMBRACING NEW TECHNOLOGY AND METHODS. SOME ARE AT THE FOREFRONT, OTHERS MORE ‘TRADITIONAL’. Fully embracing Somewhat embracing Not embracing this at all Not sure Total sample (n=31) Research Buyer (n=10) Research Provider (n=19) 5 Q3. We have heard clients saying for the last couple of years that they want new technology to enable new methods in research. In your experience, to what extent are the majority of clients embracing this new age of MR? Commercial in Confidence
  6. 6. RESEARCH PROVIDERS TEND TO BELIEVE THAT COLLABORATION AMONGST SUPPLIERS IS ALREADY HAPPENING, BUT IT APPEARS RESEARCH BUYERS DON’T FEEL THAT WAY. Already happening Highly likely to happen soon Could happen Unlikely to happen Will never happen Don't know Total sample (n=31) Research Buyer (n=10) Research Provider (n=19) 6 Q4. It has been said that in this day and age, suppliers of research services should be willing and able to collaborate with other suppliers in the industry to put together the best in class services for their client. How far off do you think this is from being a reality? Commercial in Confidence
  7. 7. THANK YOU