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Portfolio eng


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Portfolio eng

  1. 1. Potapov Vladimir Vladimirovich.Born on 26/01/1980,Volgograd2000 - 2001 Institute of Arts. Serebryakov, Volgograd,2001-2008 Art Studio Macha BI Volzhsky2009-2010 - Institute of Contemporary Art, Moscow2010-2011 - "Free Workshops" Moscow Museum of Modern ArtThe winner of the festival RUSSIAN ART WEEK 2009 International Painting Competition in the "realist painting", "Surreal Painting", in thecategory of "professional" picture "Against" and "Cocoon." Moscow House of Artists.Solo exhibitions:"The moment of decay,", "The Agency», Moscow, 2011 (video)Curatorial projects:"On the contrary," CCA "Vinzavod", "Workshop of the red." 14.10 - 28.11.2010 (video)"Ni vozmis," film-interview, "Art and Reality" International Forum, St. Petersburg 2011. 25.11 - 27.11.2011 (video)«Checkpoint», CTI Project Factory, "Shop Olivier", Moscow, 12.04 - 13.05.2012«Courier», Alexey Vasilyev, gallery "Triumph", Moscow, 5.06 - 12/06/2012«Blackout», Tkach Valentine gallery "Triumph", Moscow, 5.06 - 12/06/2012«Checkpoint», festival "Live Perm Perm, 9.06 - 25.06.2012"The constant presence," Blaznov Andrey, gallery "Triumph", Moscow, 11.07 - 18.07.2012«Checkpoint», Museum "Erarta", St. Petersburg, 12.07-30.07.2012,interviewExhibition activities:2013«Portret now!», Museum "Erarta", Saint-Petersburg, Russia"How are you?" East Gallery, Moscow, Russia"The other side of things," the site perimeter Art, Moscow2012ANONIMUS, Museum of Modern Art, Perm, RussiaWorkshop 2012, "The Rejected reality», Artplay, Moscow, Russia«Checkpoint», festival "Live Perm , Perm, Russia«Checkpoint», Museum "Erarta", Saint-Petersburg, RussiaPrize «Strabag award», short-list, Vienna, Austria«Checkpoint», CTI "Factory Project", Moscow, RussiaXVI International Contemporary Art Fair Art Moscow, Central House of Artists, Moscow, Russia"Artguslitsa" Ilyinsky, Moscow region, Russia2011"The sleeping area. Open lesson "NCCA with the school № 109,Moscow, Russia"Distortion. Land, "the agency, Moscow, Russia"The moment of decay", solo exhibition, the agency, , Russia"Workshop 2011: Today and Tomorrow" MMSI, Moscow, Russia"Shiryaevskaya Biennale", p. Shiryaevo Samara, Russia"Impossible Community", MMSI, Moscow, Russia"9th Krasnoyarsk Museum Biennale" In Depth ", Krasnoyarsk Museum Center,Krasnoyarsk, Russia"Deformation", East Gallery, Moscow, RussiaXV International Contemporary Art Fair Art Moscow, Central House of Artists, Moscow, Russia"Art and Reality" International Forum, St. Petersburg, Russia2010"Not a step back," gallery of Julia and Marat Gelman, Moscow 2010,Russia"Archstoyanie 2010" (festival of landscape objects) on Nicola Lenivec, Kaluga region. , RussiaXIV International Contemporary Art Fair Art Moscow, Central House of Artists, Moscow, Russia"On the contrary," CSI "Vinzavod", the workshop "Red", Russia"Sleeping area: Stopping School" School № 45, Lyubertsy, Russia"Rostov Biennale of Contemporary Art", Rostov, RussiaIII Competition for Young Artists Gallery «Anna Nova», short-list competition, the project "one-way ticket," St. Petersburg, Russia2009RUSSIAN ART WEEK 2009,International Painting Competition, the winner in the "realist painting" Moscow House of Artists
  2. 2. International Festival "Traditions and Modernity", Manege, Moscow, 2009Personal exhibition "The moment of decay": of "The Moment of decay",
  3. 3. "Confrontation" (stained glass paint pleskiglas, 75x75 cm)Three sheets of plexiglas with images of violence during the events of the "Arab Spring", canonized like religious stories that filled thestained glass windows of medieval churches of Europe. These scenes are the new world order, and point to the global changes in modernsociety. Raster image simulates design, which today is one of the major languages of information visualization. Overlay sheetsto eachother create a spatially picturesque effect, which can be viewed here: projectis based on the assumption that the Internet can be a likeness of the urban space, and the walls of the streets is ac cidentallydiscovered the photo in the network space. At these photos with an image-editing images and inscriptionsareapplied to simulatestreetgraffiti.Each photo to post on a wall in facebook account and continue to provide the mechanismfor dissemination on the Internet. Manywork in the shortesttime collecthundreds, and sometimes thousands of rehash,growing exponentially, fall into other social networks and torelated sites of street art, where they recognize as their own. Simplicity and democracy of this practicehas generated a wave of imitation.
  4. 4. Onlineusers roamthe set of virtual graffiti thatare avatars of users hittingthe charts in the best graffiti,etc.
  5. 5. "Pattern" (video, duration. 1:18 min.) work rate of the transition stateof Russian society.Dilapidated church,used as a warehouse - the rudiments of the Soviet legacy.Birdsas symbols of eternal change. Initiatives to return the church to its former status - new attempts ROC (Russian Orthodox Church) to restoreits influencelostunder Soviet rule.
  6. 6. "Status" (video, duration. 1:01 min.) video was recorded with the monitor passport officers at a time when he was away. On the monitor, you can see the application forregistration of the place of residence, which is about to be printed and filled out. In view of the fact that the computer did not have anyactivity, the program worked and the screensaver appears on the monitor multicolored bubbles. They filled all the space of the monitor,randomly moving from corner to corner. Serious and responsible registration procedure suddenly changed the plot of childhood: a directand easy.«Escape» (video, duration. 54 sec.)"Do not cut down with an ax," (the press, pencils), 2010
  7. 7. "Shelf life is unlimited" (canvas, objects), 2010Eat the rich (film,paint), size200h400 cm, 2011 (The State Tretyakov Gallery,the "Night of Museums")3D painting
  8. 8. “Matisse dance”3D painting -“Van Goghs ear” 3D painting -“ F40.01 Agoraphobia with panic frustration” -“The blessing in itself” -
  9. 9. "Long live and prosper our Motherland", collage, 2011 (Gallery M & J Guelman)"Krylyshkuya zolotopismom" (colored paper, poems V.Khlebnikov), 2009
  10. 10. "Almost of Russia" (letter box with no bottom). 2011,The State Tretyakov Gallery"Coat of Arms of the Russian Federation", oil canvas, 100x100 cm
  11. 11. Series "5pa sabotery" 5 paintings, canvas oil, 2012
  12. 12. Four-stage theory of carcinogenesis by the example of the Russian financial system, 2010."Artha" jars paintings on the interior walls, 2011Artha - a Sanskrit term, associated with the notion of living standards. Soviet tradition of canning, which at one time reachedunprecedented heights, took the form of obligatory ritual of preparation for the harsh Russian winter. Every Soviet citizen finishedharvest season grand work on conservation of all that has been collected near her house. These practices were moved and the newRussia. The fact that the banks project depict various animals, ironically shows how severe need can turn into obsession preserve andperpetuate.
  13. 13. “Coordinate system” (rye bread, grown mold), 2011"Sundial" (Plexiglas, 350h200sm.), 2011, the festival "Archstoyanie 2010" (video)
  14. 14. “Trademark” (Shiryaevskaya Biennale2011)"Get up and go!"The series of paintings of the old masters depicting a dead Jesus Christ, inverted so that from lying, but in this case, killing the state to thevertical position of the body - to revive. As the name used phrase that Jesus said to one non-ambulant cripple, after which he got up andwent.
  15. 15. "5 metersof Silence", the foam oil.10 portraits of leading politicians lined up are exactly 5 feet.
  16. 16. Soviet military power II, (oil oilcloth),2010 (Tushino tunnel. Moscow) video"Double mimkriya" (canvas oil), 2010The basis of the project, which consists of five paintings taken the study of interaction between two realities: the virtual space and thebeautiful reality, each of which is an imitation of objective reality. Painting - classic medium in the history of art and virtual reality - theprogress of information technology. Both the medium are the images of the plane. When combining the two mediums gets doubleimitation of reality - double mimicry. Of communications at the pop-up Windows is different, which leads to a multi-faceted,differentiated imitations of imitations. Series is the work of the central "Need file truth": a religious theme with a pop-up window, inwhich the offer use the button "Browse" to find the truth.
  17. 17. "Cocoon", canvas oil, 100x80 cm, 2008.(1st place in the festival RUSSIAN ART WEEK 2009 International Painting Competition in the"realist painting", in the category of "pro", Moscow House of Artists).