IACSS 2013 SOOC Presentation


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A remote presentation to the IACSS Congress, Turkey 2013

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IACSS 2013 SOOC Presentation

  1. 1. Transforming the ways we share information:a case study of a small open online courseKeith LyonsNational Institute of Sport StudiesUniversity of Canberra
  2. 2. We are at an exciting time in education.The increasing availability of open educational resources and stable, open internetplatforms is transforming the ways we connect with each other and share information.This paper reports on how a small open online course (SOOC), Observing and AnalysingPerformance in Sport, explored the possibilities available.The course is available online at present as an asynchronous resource with all materialsfrom the course available under Creative Commons license.
  3. 3. There was a synchronous course that ran in November 2012.The paper outlines the connectivist approach that informed the course.It discusses participation patterns and the facilitation of discussion using theOpenLearning platform.It concludes with a discussion of how an open educational model can transformthe ways we develop a global approach to the study and practice of computer science insport.
  4. 4. Connectivism“At its heart, connectivism is the thesis that knowledge is distributed across a network ofconnections, and therefore that learning consists of the ability to construct and traversethose networks.” Downes (2007)"Connectivism is the integration of principles explored by chaos, network, andcomplexity and self-organization theories. Learning is a process that occurs withinnebulous environments of shifting core elements – not entirely under the control ofthe individual." Siemens (2005)
  5. 5. Open educational resources are materials usedto support education that may be freelyaccessed, reused, modified and shared byanyone.Downes (2011)
  6. 6. A Small Open Online CourseLink
  7. 7. Connecting and SharingObserving PerformanceVisualising DataKnowledge Discovery in DatabasesAugmented Reality
  8. 8. OpenLearning
  9. 9. An open educational model?(“The purpose of the word freely in the definition is intendedto stipulate that the resource may be accessed withoutconditions. This, by the definition, means without payment.”)Open educational resources are materialsused to support education that may be freelyaccessed, reused, modified and shared byanyone.Downes (2011)
  10. 10. ... to transform how we share ourunderstanding of computer science in sportwith new, global audiences ... eager to learn