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Ps worldwide 2012 russia

  1. 1. PSWorldwide SUMMER 2012News and opinion from Posterscope, the world’s leading Out-of-Home communications networkNFC: What Lies Ahead?We canvas industry opinion “Hero ideas create a virtuous circle of increased interest,We increasingly talk about the When questioned ab out investment and engagement”connected consumer, and of “ownership” of NFC technology,convergence. One of the key Quittman adds “Things may lookdrivers of this convergence – very different in two years’ time. Iand one of the technologies that think there will be lots of posturingwill make consumers even more from the likes of Google andconnected – is NFC. many network operators – these We’re familiar with the many businesses have made it clear theybenefits that NFC contactless are keen to be seen as the newtechnology is already bringing to the wallet owners. The banks seem toconsumer, propelled in the main by be relaxed about being a standaloneits integration into smartphones. And application or forming part of a thirdfor the advertiser, NFC allows quick, party wallet. It is quite possible thatsimple, scalable and affordable the largest retailers will decide tointeraction between mobiles, poster move into the wallet-owning spacesite and ultimately their brand - lots – a Tesco or Sainsbury’s Wallet? -of boxes ticked. these giants might well think that NFC goes far beyond simply now is the time to move into theserving as a proxy wallet. We can payment space more vigorouslythink of it as a gateway to a whole by launching their own closed-loophost of rich mobile content and new payment platforms and capitalise onexperiences, itself the springboard the current poor bank new levels of consumer The obstacles are beginning toengagement. be dismantled – Apple is launching To us this suggests that NFC iWallet (barcode and QR codesstands a good chance of emerging based now, but NFC based in theas the dominant technology in future) and the banks are launchingthe mobile area, but it’s important NFC prototypes today. The marketto consider both the barriers will be fragmented in the shortand drivers which will ultimately or, for example, at a bus shelter over the internet and use your term, but expect to see muchdetermine its success. for redemption in a local store, NFC enabled phone as the access consolidation in the longer term.” It’s a theme that Posterscope drives footfall and sales.” Quittman control/room key.” Michael Nicholas, Chief Strategyexplored recently at the SXSW believes that NFC for brands and However, Quitmann also warns Officer Isobar, suggests that wefestival in Texas and here we canvas retailers needs to be transactional that “Unappealing content could need to think very carefully aboutopinion from industry leaders. – an opportunity to drive sales - and slow the growth of NFC as an the consumer benefit. “The question Miles Quitmann, Managing cites the following examples; engagement technology. NFC I always ask is: do we really have aDirector Proxama is keen to “Enter a coffee shop, tap a poster should be magical, more than an credit card problem? Are they toounderline the variety of potential to immediately connect to the local updated version of cumbersome heavy? Do they take up too muchuses for the technology: “NFC has Wi-Fi facility without the pain of QR codes. A single tap should send space? Do people sit around andso many potential applications; having to enter IDs and passwords, the consumer directly to the most think “cash is such a difficult thingvoucher and coupon distribution for or pay for your parking by tapping engaging content and enable them to use”? I don’t think that they do.brands and retailers is an obvious a poster, connected to a payment to keep the content or voucher for To top it off there is a lot of dataone. Picking up a voucher in store, card, or even book a hotel room later use.” pointing toward people not trusting SUMMER 2012
  2. 2. “We need to embrace the real benefits of ‘what you touch is what you get’.”mobile payments just yet. This is horse-before-cart in my opinion; we need to embrace the realbenefits of “what you touch is what you get” in alow-risk way to ease a transition and lower thebarrier of adoption. Right now this wallet push bybanks and carriers seems to be more about them Bedggood believes that the debate surrounding with non-interoperable systems likely to stiflethan about consumers.” ownership has an upside in so much as they consumer adoption. In order for NFC to be adopted into the are forcing those parties involved to address When asked the question about the educationalmainstream, Nicholas believes that “NFC some serious questions; “There are ongoing challenge for NFC, Edwards responds “Like allinteraction should be made fun and informal discussions regarding the battle for ownership – innovation it will spread through the network offirst and foremost - that’s why gaming and some healthier than others. The healthy battles potential users. Initially we need to look afterentertainment are such nice fits. They help are driving serious consideration as regards the innovators, the first 3% who will buy justpeople to understand the ‘metaphor’ so that they customer servicing, liability and best practice for because it is new; we need to deliver messagesask themselves “Wouldn’t it be great if I could consumer choice. If it were a free-for-all with for appropriate brands in appropriate contexts. ITdo this with everything?” And when they start open access to the secure keys, who would be trade fairs will attract early adopters who will havethinking this way, there are few limitations to what liable for a fraudulent transaction if something differing needs and interests - the brands andthe consumer will then grant us permission to do went wrong? Who would they call - the internet contexts should evolve with them. Hero ideas thatwith NFC. giants, their bank, their mobile operator or the create real value are critical to create a virtuous Furthermore our goal shouldn’t simply be handset manufacturer? Can the internet giants circle of increased interest driving increasedto move everyone towards NFC as quickly as provide the UK call centres to support customers investment driving increased engagement.”possible – rather it should be to deliver awesome in the same way that operators can? What So, despite some common concerns, ourbrand experiences to people. happens if we end up with a different wallet app contributors appear unanimous in their view of But ultimately it’s the tangibility of an NFC for every bank and every loyalty card we have the positive potential of NFC, a view that we shareinteraction that will prove one of its most today? No consumer would want to use it as here at Posterscope. There are undoubtedlycompelling benefits – unlike QR codes, it’s a very they would have to switch between this app some sizeable obstacles ahead which the marketnatural interaction, very easy to understand, with and that app to use this loyalty card with that must overcome in order to offer the consumera very low learning curve” suggests Nicholas. payment card. In the end, collaboration between the most user-friendly NFC experience, be they Stephen Bedggood, NFC Product Manager operators and between banks is healthy as it content, ownership or logistics-related. But withO2 stresses the versatility of NFC. “Everyone drives the answer to these questions and offers so many stake-holders with their eyes on thetalks about NFC being used for contactless the consumer choice.” NFC prize we are confident that there is sufficientpayments, but it is far more than that. NFC has Jean-Paul Edwards, Executive Director, momentum to drive this through successfully, andbeen used for Transit for many years now and Futures Manning Gottlieb OMD takes the view where the curious and contented consumer goesthis is probably the number one use case in that unappealing content could seriously slow the the smart advertiser soon follows. Interest in NFCnearly all developed countries. Here in the UK, growth of NFC. “All media runs this risk but NFC is growing fast for all of these reasons and giventhe most well known deployment is the Oyster will need some hero ideas to gain traction for the technology’s natural synergy with Out-of-Card which sees over 2 million journeys made the channel and to illustrate techniques and value Home we are hopeful that the new opportunitieseach week using the card. that would not have been possible previously.” He they collectively represent will encourage new NFC is also used in museums and at tourist also states that “NFC needs to be open-source investment in the medium.attractions, allowing people to further interactwith the world around them, for example, findingout more about an object in a museum or perhapsviewing video content about that object.” Bedggood also emphasises the need forcontent to be appealing; “Simply linking toa company’s promotion on a website is notengaging and not providing that consumerwith a memorable experience. An example of apositive experience might be turning the SMS-based parking experience into one where I tap asticker which launches a location-based parkingapp, knows my registration and payment detailsand allows me to enter how long I want to stay.Or, alternatively, being able to tap a wine bottlein a shop to access recommendations of whichfood it best accompanies, provide other drinkers’reviews and allowing me to review the bottle.These could be delivered via QR codes too, butso far it hasn’t been done successfully.”
  3. 3. OpinionThe changes that have occurred I’ll show you mine if you show me yoursin the OOH medium over thepast few years have put us in anintriguing position. On the one hand, OOH has a richheritage. As one of the “traditionalmedia” - indeed, the oldest medium -we have a long and impressive trackrecord that we can point to. Posterswork. They have done for centuries. On the other hand, the newerformats being developed in OOH, andthe way they connect smartphone-carrying consumers with other media,make OOH one of the most future-facing of all media. Those of us who work in OOH arekeenly aware of this. But those whodon’t deal with the industry on a day-to-day basis may not be so aware ofthe technological changes that havechanged the face of our medium.They may more readily think of the“traditional” side of the medium, rather looking in a box marked “traditional”. One area where we can clearly do of the people who are in a position tothan the cutting-edge side of it. If they perceive OOH as an old or this is in rethinking our attitude to data spend more money with us. So I think the OOH industry faces a traditional medium that could quickly and knowledge. How do new media We need to share our insights andbig question right now: do we want to become a problem for us. A big, behave in this regard? They share. data about how consumers behavebe associated with the past, or do we Darwinian problem. They take an open-source attitude. in this new, connected economy.want to be associated with the future? We need them to perceive OOH Traditionally we don’t share. We need to move towards genuine The reason this is such a big as new and different. Or, at least, We regard data and knowledge real-time planning and we won’tquestion is because industries - as we want them to understand that if as something that might offer a get there by acting selfishly aswe know - follow a ruthless, Darwinian they’re looking for something new and competitive advantage. So we keep individuals; but we can get theretrajectory. The dinosaurs die out. Very different, OOH would be a worthwhile it to ourselves and guard it jealously. working together.quickly. You adapt …or you’re gone. place to look. So we have to associate This is an outdated attitude, it’s It will require a huge cultural shift to So, although there is a lot that’s our medium with the future. a traditional attitude, and it will start sharing, of course. We’re used tovery positive about OOH’s past, and Fortunately, I think we can do perpetuate media planners seeing us treating all of this data as marketingwhile traditional posters remain a this. The groundwork has been laid as a traditional medium that behaves collateral; but if we can make thisvery powerful part of any marketing by the investment in new formats. in traditional ways. change, and start to work together toarmoury, I think there’s only one The technology exists for both If we can start to behave more like develop the insight, the benefits willanswer to this question. We need to new and older formats to play an new media companies - and throw be there for all of associated - in the minds of clients integral role in influencing today’s our data out there for everyone to use We will be giving a new generationand media planners - with the future. connected consumer. - the benefits to our medium overall of media planners what they want - Media planners have a natural We are part of the future. But to will surely outweigh the marginal better insight, better measurement.affinity with the future. They’re looking make sure we’re perceived as such benefits for an individual company If we have an opportunity to makefor something new and different to we need to take every opportunity to of keeping things to themselves. media planners’ lives easier - andexcite their clients. If you’re looking behave like a new medium, not like Because it will firmly establish us as a we don’t take it - we’re missingfor new and different, you don’t go an old one. forward-thinking medium in the minds a trick.Posterscope is the World’s leading Out-of-Home communications network.To find out more, contact: Printed on 75% recycled paper.Annie Rickard President, Posterscope Worldwide 100% recyclable. Packaged in 100%Danil Pershin CEO, Posterscope Russia biodegradable film. SUMMER 2012
  4. 4. The Work Campaigns from around the Worldwide network1 NIVEA To put a spin on NIVEA’s 2 Coke Chinese New Year, The 3 Veikkaus a Finnish Lottery 4 20th Century Fox Imaginetraditional New Year’s Eve Times Spring Festival, is the biggest company, enhanced their national 6 waking up every morning, knowingSquare takeover, Posterscope USA and most important festival for sheet campaign with an innovative that you have only 23 hours beforedeveloped a convergent concept. the Chinese, when families get ‘talking bus stop’. The campaign, your life will be in great danger. ToThis allowed consumers in Times together and send good wishes created by Posterscope Finland, promote the film ‘In Time’, just priorSquare to directly engage and to their families and loved ones. In was for Veikkaus to thank the to the official premiere, Posterscopeinteract with the brand, via a digital order to position Coke as the iconic Finnish people, who by playing Poland created an engagingspectacular and prime location CNY brand in 2012, Heartland- their games, play a significant role campaign in some of Warsaw’sengagement balcony, the flagship Posterscope created an innovative in helping over 1,000 beneficiaries coolest clubs. Participants wereAeropostale store, a brand with a campaign, targeting Chinese youth, (most of the money goes to the encouraged to take part in ‘thesimilar target and messaging. The enabling them to send their best Finnish state to finance Finish arts, race against time’ in the Mono Bar,balcony was turned into a ‘kissing wishes to friends and families via sports, science and youth works by De Lite, Hunters, Carmel and thebooth’ overlooking the heart of the OOH sites - 39 shelters in 11 the Finnish Ministry of Education), Capitol. Once there, guests weresquare, creating an unforgettable markets in different tier cities and and to communicate to the public exposed to B2 posters, projectorsphoto-memory opportunity for 1 mega LED. Participants sent the daily €1.1 million lottery revenue showing film trailers, and life-sizeconsumers. People in the area their greetings to a mobile web for Finnish society. The talking bus character ‘stands’ with the title of thecould get their ‘NIVEA kiss’ picture site which were then downloaded stop allowed a real-life connection film and the date of the premiere.taken in the booth and afterwards in seconds onto the screens. The between the public and a famous In addition they received ultravioletsee their image on the giant digital participants would then receive an comedian, with the amusing stamps on their wrists and arms andspectacular outside the store, via a SMS message with a web address interactions being filmed and placed special numbered ‘race against time’live feed. Those who got their photo which allowed them to download on YouTube. Both the campaign drinks with florescent ice cubes,taken received free NIVEA lip balms the screenshot of their text. In total and the talking bus stop were a whilst the DJ’s interspersed songsand could retrieve their pictures via around ten thousand consumer huge success generating higher from the soundtrack with musica dedicated Facebook page. wishes were displayed. than normal ad recognition levels. from the evening programme.
  5. 5. 5 Nokia To launch Nokia’s new 7 MINI To engage consumers and 8 Resia To raise brand awareness 9 Disney To celebrate the launchwindows phone and reposition increase the number of fans on their and engage Resia’s target of the new Avengers Assemblethe brand to a younger audience recently launched MINI Facebook audience, Posterscope Sweden movie, Posterscope UK createdthrough the Amazing Everyday page in Belgium and Luxemburg, created a national OOH campaign a live art experience in London’sCommunications platform, Posterscope Belgium created a featuring almost 3,000 6 sheets trendy Old Street. Over the coursePosterscope Spain created a social spectacle combining the real and QR-codes. The campaign of four days, artists painted thelarge, innovative and integrated and digital worlds. In the parking lot asked consumers to engage with eight iconic Marvel characterscampaign with activations that of the Brussels Motorshow, a MINI the poster by participating in a on to a 96 sheet poster site. Thesurprised and engaged the target Countryman, held only by a thick rope, competition to win €1,700, and a order in which the charactersin everyday situations, turning an was placed on a 15 degree slope, simple message was communicated were painted depended upon theordinary day into an amazing day. while a Bunsen Burner was placed in order to increase the awareness public vote, which was facilitatedIt involved street marketing events under the rope. Whenever a fan ‘liked’ and engagement of the brand. by Twitter. Fans could tweet whoin different universities, including the Facebook page they remotely To activate the outdoor sites, users they wanted to see created on theconverting press kiosks into DJ generated a burst of flame onto the simply scanned the QR code with billboard by tweeting a unique # tag,booths; innovative technologies rope in real-time. The fan whose their smartphone. In total almost one of which was created for eachin bus shelters using interactive flame ultimately broke the rope won 3,800 scanned the QR code character. The project, broadcast livedisplays; dominations in Madrid the car. A webcam broadcasted the and over 1,500 participated in online, clocked upwards of 1 millionand Barcelona metro stations, scene around the clock. the competition. viewing minutes.tailoring the theme of the designto the station’s name; experientialmarketing where Nokia paid thelunch bills of clients in selectedrestaurants; and shop windowsbranded with Nokia Lumia displays.It was a huge creative exerciseand a massive challenge in termsof production, coordination andimplementation. Nokia salesincreased during the campaign anda lot of WOM was generated acrossdifferent media.6 Reebok To create high levelsof awareness and ‘buzz‘ amongstexisting and potential consumersof Reebok EasyTone trainers,Posterscope India created amedia first, a digital Out-of-Homecampaign which involved aninteractive LED screen linked to anSMS gateway. The campaign was topromote the message that a womancan ‘unveil’ a great new body byusing Reebok EasyTone gear. Thecreative showed a partially visiblegirl, wearing a pair of EasyTonetrainers, which changed via theuse of live feeds, with a bit more ofthe girl revealed immediately everytime a person sent an SMS, sothat finally the whole story falls intoplace. Due to the innovative natureand the premium positioning of thesite, a huge LED outside Select CityWalk, a leading mall in New Deli,Reebok received a great response,with over 4,500 SMS’s in the firstthree days. SUMMER 2012
  6. 6. The BigInterview... William “Out-of-Home is a Eccleshare medium that is more alive than ever withQ. Given your mainly creative a spectacular success and we’reagency background, with its unquestionably leading the marketupstream image, and coming in the transformation of our industry. creative possibilities.”into outdoor with its more However, OOH has a relativelytraditional image as you did low share of ad spend compareda few years ago, with all the with what I’m used to and I wantchanges in the medium and to address that, working with ourpeoples’ lifestyles, they’re sales and marketing teams to bringprobably closer together than new money into our sector, whetherthe reader might think. What national, regional or local sales. Thisdo you think and what does the will be one of my key messages in 2012.change mean to you? with people will help grow their creatives to truly embrace it so that Overall, our two organisations, Anyone who spent their formative businesses, promote the power it becomes the norm. Clear Channel International andyears in a creative agency will have of OOH and continue to build our Q. So now turning to your Clear Channel Outdoor Americas,developed a love of the poster. world-class position. new position, in a global have much to share and learn fromIt’s the purest form of advertising Q Given what you’ve said, do communications world the each other and I will be focused onand the ultimate test of a great you think the creative community integration of Clear Channel’s creating additional value out of theidea is whether it works on a are fully exploiting these US and international businesses synergies between them, enhancing48-sheet. Clear Channel is, at its opportunities? Do you have a is obviously significant. What them with a closer partnership withheart an advertising business and message for them? experience will you bring to our other division, Clear Channelmy background has helped me We support the Cannes Lions help grow the medium in the Media & Entertainment.emphasise and give meaning to as part of our commitment to US? Where will you set your In a first-of-its-kind worldwidethat, in maintaining our absolute championing great creativity. As ambition? campaign, we all worked togetherfocus on building an effective a pure-play advertising medium, It’s a very exciting challenge, but to help Madonna launch her newplatform for advertisers. the quality of the creative plays more importantly a great opportunity single “Gimme All Your Luvin’’. By OOH is a medium that is more a fundamental role which, when for our business to get real benefit combining our dynamic digitalalive than ever with creative combined with context, timing and from its global scale and talent- outdoor networks with broadcastpossibilities. Last year, we created audience insight, leads to truly base. Working across more than radio, online and mobile viaa campaign with the strapline effective OOH campaigns. 30 countries at Clear Channel iHeartRadio, we reached an‘Outdoor is back in’ to challenge any In Cannes last year, I spoke about International means I have seen first- incredible 150 million peoplelingering misconceptions. A perfect the creative community failing to hand the tremendous opportunities globally. As well as generatingstorm of social and consumer take advantage of our medium’s in the OOH marketplace and the extensive international presstrends, amplified by the creative true capabilities. If you look at digital value of developing and sharing coverage and social media buzz,possibilities of digital technology, as an example, television or film expertise. But I am sensitive to the campaign was also creditedpresents us with the opportunity to content is too often transferred to the real differences that exist and with breaking the iTunes one dayreinvent our medium. digital sites without thinking about opportunities to collaborate. pre-order sales record to send This year, we are launching the real opportunities the medium offers. In my first few weeks, I’ve been the single to number one in 50a new strapline ‘Where brands We hate to see our medium quickly getting to grips with the countries. Perhaps the mostmeet people’, encapsulating the misused, or not fully exploited. quality of our US portfolio, operating important outcome though, wasreal advantage of a large, diverse Conversely, there’s nothing better in 19 of the top 20 US markets and that the campaign demonstratedportfolio like ours to collaborate than seeing boundaries expanded. reaching over 60% of the entire our ability to run seamless globalwith advertisers on powerful OOH By the end of this decade we adult population every month – that’s campaigns across our platforms.campaigns, drawing on our insights are looking at significant adoption 141 million consumers. Add to this There has to be a lesson in that!into location and audiences, and of digital. The question is how do scale our Times Square Spectacular Q. With Clear Channel andcoming up with new ways of starting we get from here to there? Answer, sites and our airports inventory, and Decaux now two fully integratedconversations with people on the move. investment from commited media you can understand why I’m excited. international majors in OOH These advertiser connections owners, but also the need for Our digital strategy has also been sales, can you use your
  7. 7. After graduating from Cambridge, William has spent his career in advertising. He has been CEO of JWT in London and Amsterdam, Lintas UK, and Chairman/ CEO of Y&R and BBDO in Europe. He also spent three years as a Partner at McKinsey, leading the firm’s European Branding Practice. In 2009 he became President and CEO of Clear Channel International, and in January 2012 was named CEO of Clear Chanel Outdoor with responsibility for the company’s OOH assets globally.combined resource and influence to drive on bringing digital to 6 Sheet street furniture transformative.universal, accessible and tradable audience with networks already covering London, San However, we see NFC as just one way toresearch in all significant markets? Do you Francisco, Washington DC, and soon Chicago. create the link between outdoor and mobilebuy into the value of this? At the end of last year, we also launched Clear devices and we can already see the differences in I absolutely buy into it. We are fully committed Channel Play – a sub-brand representing our the technologies people adopt between differentto working with all stakeholders to develop long- dedicated digital portfolio, which is all about our markets. It’s also not always the developedterm joint industry research across our network. digital ambition, investment and integrating new markets showing the way - in Kenya and India,We also want to continue to work with our technology into our medium. for example, they are far in advance of Europe inpartners to help advertisers fully understand the Q. NFC will deliver a step-change in using mobile wallets.audiences we can deliver. We’ve seen examples connecting the digital and physical We have taken a significant step inacross the world - most recently in Australia with worlds and truly transform the interactive understanding how people want to interact withMOVE - of how quality data can drive OOH share capabilities of OOH. What do you think it mobile technology by working with Posterscopeof market. Our commitment is absolute. will mean to your business as first, second on a study conducted in the UK and USA,Q You’ve been quoted as saying that 90% and third world markets get there together? consisting of almost 1,000 online interviews withof all OOH inventory will be digital by the On 28 November in London we launched smartphone owners. This looked at a number ofend of the decade. Others have been more Europe’s first NFC-enabled digital street technologies on their devices including: Quickcautious. Who’s right? furniture network delivering 10.8m impacts per Reader (QR) codes, Mobile Bluetooth, Barcode I am! What I actually said is that in certain week. Our business in Singapore was also the Scanner, Augmented Reality, Visual Search, NFCmarkets and key segments 90% of OOH first-in-market with an island-wide network of and Mobile payments.inventory will be digital by the end of the decade mobile-enabled bus shelters. For NFC in particular, 54% of respondentsand if anything, this is an underestimate given our Through these new networks we can transform stated that using NFC technology to interact withprogress so far. an advertiser’s brief into a deep and engaging posters would be useful, but what is clear is that In Q4 2011, we focused on transit, launching experience, provide a mobile platform that allows we’re still in an early adoption phase.a nationwide digital rail network in Belgium, advertisers to display customised messages If brands want to meet people out-of-hometogether with a network in the Stockholm metro. on mobile devices, activate a poster campaign they don’t want to waste their time – we all needRecently, we have also launched nationwide mall digitally by turning each site into a launch pad to remember the key principles of understandingofferings in Norway and critically in France, where to other online channels, build on consumers’ who the target audiences are, what they are doingwe are now the biggest digital operator. mobile content consumption behaviour and allow on the move, how they feel and how and when Importantly, we’re also the only global player advertisers to mine actionable consumer data, they want to start a conversation. Then we canto have taken digital truly ‘outdoor’ - our digital such as number of users, uniqueness of profiles apply the right technology to ensure we make thebillboards in the US now reach more than 50 and response rates. NFC enables us to become most of the transformational opportunity mobilemillion people per week. And now we’re focusing a transactional medium and that is potentially provides for our medium. SUMMER 2012
  8. 8. Focus on Posterscope RussiaThe Out-of-Home market in RussiaAccording to AKAR research,advertising market spend inRussia increased by 15% in2011 versus 2010, up to RUB38 billion (including printingexpenditures). Out-of-Home’smarket share is 12% of this total.Roadside facilities dominatewith 82% of the total OOH spend(within this the most popularformat is the 6x3 billboard at57%); 8% is subway and transitadvertising; 7% indoor; and 3%digital Out-of-Home. Moscow is stillthe main market. Moscow’s OOH advertisingmarket dominates, with a 49%share of total Out-of-Home sites.However, commentators havediscussed the projected decreasein the Moscow market that willbe caused by a 20% inventoryreduction during the next year,restrictions on the placement incity central areas, and new ruleson the market, etc. The Moscowgovernment has a plan to reducethe volume of OOH advertising by40% in the city centre by 2016. Digital OOH may well be the answer A fragmented market OOH expert in the market. It boastsPlacement price is growing to this in many circumstances, and The Russian OOH market is an enviable track record, combining In general, the period of extensive has huge potential to expand in Russia. very fragmented, with over 1,000 local expertise and strong clientmarket growth is ending, and the Advertisers may change their contractors. The main contractors’ service delivery, with globalvalue of the OOH market will grow expenditure ranking positions shares have, however remained the capabilities and tools, including theas a result of OOH prices rising by Out-of-Home is one of the key same – 37% Russ Outdoor (the world-class OCS - Posterscope’saround 10%. Amendments to the media channels for retail, financial, rebranded News Outdoor), Gallery, OOH Consumer Survey, based onFederal Law on Advertising, regional banking, mobile and realty sectors. BigBoard/JCDecaux, VE RA a representative sample of overlegislation initiatives (e.g. five-year According to a Posterscope Russia Olymp, etc. At the same time, we 2,600 adults in Russia, focusingcontracts with OOH contractors), forecast, in 2013 Telecom and are discussing opportunities of on their out of home activities, andwill also hold back market Travel will see minor growth but will starting a DOOH survey in Moscow attitudes, and opinions of advertisingdevelopment. The most extensive still have significant share, whilst and other main regions. This project in different environments. And, mostDigital OOH developments in Retail, Banks and Real Estate was carried out in collaboration with importantly, their moods and mindsetsRussia are concentrated in the big will be the major growth drivers industrial community, and together in these different environments.cities – in Moscow the number of in 2013. The introduction of the with key market trends, will be top Currently, we are developing thedigital screens increased by 13% prohibition of beer advertising using of the agenda at the ‘Outdoor Day’ Posterscope Worldwide tools, Prismin 2011. Advertisers are looking for OOH, commencing July 2012, will conference we are holding this Autumn. Plan and Prism Effect, for launch ina medium that is flexible, provides unfortunately force brewers to Posterscope Russia activities our market, taking into account thequality and engages the consumer. relocate their media budgets. Posterscope Russia is the leading characteristics of the market. SUMMER 2012