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Posterscope - NFC What have we learnt so far?


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Posterscope - NFC What have we learnt so far?

  1. 1. WHAT HAVE WE LEARNT SO FAR There is a wealth of location-based mobile opportunities now available - from tried and tested approaches like Geofences to the as yet unproven Beacons. We believe that a wide range of technologies, including NFC, will continue to successfully co-exist, and here we share some of our NFC learnings from the past year. Key Facts Posterscope have been testing and demonstrating NFC to our clients since 2009 In 2011, Posterscope in partnership with Proxama ran the UK’s first pilot campaign for the X-Men movie Over the last year there has been a sizeable increase in NFC campaigns According to GSMA, in 2013 there are 11 million NFC enabled UK consumers Clients NFC Formats / Environments Roadside 6 sheets Pub beer mats In-store window displays
  2. 2. Content N F Exclusive music remixes Free mp3 downloads Competition entry and prize fund status Facebook page link Sample chapter Emergency cash service details Buy the advertised outfits straight from the poster A strong, clear and simple call to action increases interaction rates. Transworld Publishing has been our most successful campaign. Whilst the reward was a sample chapter the poster simply referenced ‘freebies here’. Interaction levels are still modest and appropriate location selection is key. Vouchers & app download Directions from your location Interactions tend to peak during the first week of a campaign so brands should consider changing the OOH creative and consumer reward for the second week. Key Learnings NFC Brand equity statements and purchase intent can increase significantly. For Becks Vier... 51% said it would make them more likely to purchase a Becks Vier in a pub/bar and 32% for off-trade The NFC campaign also increased 11 brand equity statements shifting the average from 51% to 68% Consumers claimed it made the brand seem more innovative, progressive and trendsetting VS Apple users interact less. iOS can interact with most NFC campaigns using the QR code option, however only 24% of interactions were from iOS. NFC now accounts for over a third of interactions (when offering both NFC and QR options) and this has doubled in the last year.
  3. 3. Ensure a strong, clear and simple call to action and give consumers a decent reward for their efforts. 01 # 02 # Collect interaction data in real time and act on it quickly to optimise the outdoor call to action or mobile experience (Ask Posterscope about their platform.) Change the OOH ad creative and mobile reward after week one if possible. # 04 C If appropriate highlight that interaction leads to free stuff or discounts. # 05 Manage brands expectations regarding likely performance. 03 # 5 Golden Rules NFC has seen good progress. What’s needed now are some hero applications that take the experience to the next level and inspire both brands and consumers regarding the possibilities!