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Goodbye Wallet; Hello Mobile                     -    Posterscope launch NFC trial for X Men First Class -2011 is set to b...
Each site has a pre-programmed NFC chip affixed to the rear of the poster which enables theconsumer to access immediately ...
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Posterscope launch NFC trial for X-Men First Class


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Posterscope launch NFC trial for X-Men First Class

  1. 1. Goodbye Wallet; Hello Mobile - Posterscope launch NFC trial for X Men First Class -2011 is set to become the year when the real world becomes as clickable as the online world.Adding to the great wealth of apps and interactivity smart phones and tablets have delivered,near field communication technology, or NFC, is about to come-of-age and make the real worldevery bit as clickable and transactional as the online world.This year will prove to be the tipping point for the adoption of NFC technology as the number ofmobile devices with NFC increases, and the number of companies backing the new technologymultiplies. One estimate* suggests that 40,000 UK businesses will be using NFC by the end of2011 and the big players – Nokia, Orange, Mastercard, Visa and O2, as well as FMCG giants – areall on the cusp of launching trials.NFC enabled devices allows the user to open an app, go to a website to view content, downloadvouchers, make a purchase, register Facebook likes or check in at a location, simply by holdingan NFC-enabled mobile to a poster site or payment point. Your phone effectively replaces yourwallet so if you see something you like on a poster you can click and buy it there and then.For advertisers and retailers this development offers a hugely valuable new consumer gatewayas each poster site becomes a new retail outlet. Retailers and advertisers will gain additionaldata about consumers, such as consumer location data and shopping history, which in turn willallow for more targeted advertising and greater accountability.To illustrate the potentialof NFC, starting onMonday 23 May, Out-of-Home communicationsagency Posterscope,partnered by Nokia, O2,Proxama and JC Decauxare launching the UK’sfirst NFC-enabled postercampaign to promote therelease of 20th CenturyFox’s forthcomingblockbuster X-Men FirstClass, starring JamesMcEvoy.
  2. 2. Each site has a pre-programmed NFC chip affixed to the rear of the poster which enables theconsumer to access immediately the latest film trailer, produced solely for this project. Bysimply holding their NFC enabled handset over the poster the viewing of the trailer over a 3Gconnection is instant.James Davies, Director at Hyperspace, Posterscope’s innovation and digital division said: “Whatis so exciting about this layer of interactivity is its simplicity and the size of the opportunity forgenerating scale. There are 130,000 commercially available poster sites in the UK that can beinstantly enabled. For the client the cost of each NFC chip is extremely low and the consumerreceives instant fulfilment. The potential application of this technology is immense.”Rupert Englander, Head of Services Marketing, Nokia UK said: “NFC will bring excitingopportunities for consumers and business in 2011, and we’re delighted to be at the forefront ofthis interactive revolution. Bridging the gap between the online and real worlds, NFC willtransform the way that you engage with your mobile and the things around you.”For further information please contact:PosterscopeJames Davies, 07740 630370Notes * Barclaycard estimate from that there are 40,000 stores in the UK that are equipped to handle mobile contactless transactions. Five central London bus shelter poster sites make up the trial NFC-enabled handsets in the UK include the Nokia C7 and the Google Nexus SAbout PosterscopePosterscope is the world’s leading Out-of-Home communications agency. They know moreabout how consumers behave when they are out-of-home than anyone else. Posterscope havebeen involved in pioneering trials to understand how consumers will use emerging technologiesin their mobile devices, and understand the connection between out-of-home, mobiles and theonline world. Posterscope has 48 offices around the world and buys over $2.1bn worth of out-of-home advertising space per year.