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OCS3 Posterscope USA's Proprietary Out of Home Consumer Survey


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1 in 4 Women have gone into a restaurant after seeing a billboard or poster for that restaurant...

Nearly half of all Adults (18+) like the idea of interacting with digital screens, almost half of all Adults 18-34 have told others about the ads they have seen on a digital screen...

Of all the Out-of-Home advertising seen in the past 7 days, more than 1 in 4 Adults 18+ have gone to a website as a result...

Posterscope USA unveils OCS3, the latest wave of data from their proprietary OCS (Out of Home Consumer Survey) See the attached for a look inside the new data...

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OCS3 Posterscope USA's Proprietary Out of Home Consumer Survey

  1. 1. INTRODUCING OCS3 2011 Posterscope’s OOH Consumer Survey (OCS) is the world’s most in-depth study of consumer behavior in relation to OOH communications and has over 5,400 respondents in the USA. Audiences can be segmented attitudinally, behaviorally, or demographically and analyzed by environment, with a level of granular detail unavailable through other syndicated research systems. Out-of-Home New for OCS3 OCS3 contains updated data regarding technology use, extra attitudinal Consumer Survey statements about digital OOH, more industry specific data (including Automotive, Financial, Alcohol, Snacks, Soft Drink, Movies/Films and Travel) and actions taken online. WHAT OCS DATA CONSISTS OF SEGMENTATIONS an almost infinite # of consumer segments Geography SocialGrade Attitudes Opinions BrandsUsed $$ Gender/ $ $ $ &Admired Technology Age OOH & Working Considering Used Behavior Lifestyle Status Purchasing FamilyStatus OUTPUTS attitudinal and behavioral responses ts se Attitudes Toward Thoughts OOH Media mind Activities Actions Taken Media Media Format After Seeing Ads Consumption Noticability CHANNELS a complete catalog of OOH media channels to analyze ... OCS3 SOME OF THE NEW FINDINGS NEW FOR Nearly Over HalfADULTS Half 18+ Of all the Out-of-Home advertising seen in the past 7 like the idea of interacting with digital screens. days, more than have 1in4 a gone to agree that digital screens bring the car model to life. website as a result. are After seeing a billboard/poster 86% Nearly for financial $ more likely 1in3 services over 18-34 18+ 1 10 the MEN OOHMEN than the average adult agree that to use their advertising is an have in cell phone to interact effective reminder searched for with a digital billboard. of TV/Web advertising brand online. if the ad is interesting. they have seen at home. More than 18-49 1in3 After seeing a ADULTS billboard/posterWOMEN 18+ for Lunch told others 1in4 have Options about the ad they have seen have on a digital screen. gone into the restaurant. Of all the Out-of-Home After seeing a advertising seen in the past 7 days they are nearly billboard/poster for the Over latest film release 2x as likely Half 15% visited a have After seeing a 18-34 billboard/poster as the average adult 18+ADULTS agree that large posters/ for Soft Drinks to have texted a website reply. billboards 1in5 nearly on the side of the road displayed “makes me want on the ad. to find out more about have purchased the movie release.” the product.