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Nescafe gold crema ooh driving brand awareness and equity (slideshare)


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Research conducted by brand tracking specialists Millward Brown, in conjunction with Nestle and Posterscope. It proves how traditional OOH is still a great brand building medium which drives significant increases in brand awareness, trial and importantly brand equity for the new product Nescafe Gold Crema.

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Nescafe gold crema ooh driving brand awareness and equity (slideshare)

  1. 1. Measuring the impactof OOH activity onthe Nescafe GoldCrema launchPrepared for: Posterscope & NestlePrepared by: Millward Brown 2012
  2. 2. Gold Crema Media Activity 48 Sheets/Billboards 1st-14th October National Conurbations Note: Press was also running at this time National publications
  3. 3. Research Sample and Methodology:  952 nationally representative sample of adult (age 25-55) chief/joint shoppers who Who? are non-rejectors of instant coffee or drunk instant coffee at home in last 3 months Gender, age and regional location to nationally representative proportions All respondents travel on some mode of transport everyday and therefore had an opportunity to be exposed to the campaign Repeat dip of Coffee Equity study, including recognition questions for each OOH What? execution*  CAWI (Computer aided web interviewing) When? Note: Data will also be integrated from the Millward  October 2012 Brown 2012 Coffee Equity Study and 2012 Nestle Coffee Advertising Tracker
  4. 4. Analytical Approach: Have you seen this poster advert for Nescafe Gold Crema before today? SHOW EXECUTION IN SITU. Yes - definitely Yes - probably No To derive impact of OOH activity, brand metrics compared between those aware of brand, but:  Not see either OOH execution;  Seen either OOH execution,  Seen both OOH executions.
  5. 5. Good Recognition Levels 21% saw OOH advert Duplicated vs solus reach: 15% Only ‘Smooth just Both Only ‘Crema by got…’ name…’ 6% 11% 4% Recognition by age (Main Coffee Equity Dip) 17% Crema by name… Smooth just got… 16-24 (n=66) 29 35 25-44 (n=176) 16 17 45+ (n=259) 10 13 Source: Posterscope Dip. Base: Total sample (n=952);
  6. 6. Adverts communicated the product newsDelivered the ‘smooth taste’ messageWere well branded to Gold Crema BRANDING COMMUNICATION NEWS NEW INFO BRANDING NESCAFE GOLD CREMA IS.. NESCAFE 48% IS A SMOOTHER TASTING 53% INSTANT COFFEE CREMA IS NEW 69% 73% A NEW INSTANT COFFEE 40% FROM NESCAFE GOLD BLEND THINK DIFFERENTLY 67% IS AN INSTANT COFFEE WITH ABOUT GOLD BLEND A GOLDEN CREMA 30% BRANDING 30% CREMA MB Outdoor MB Outdoor MB Outdoor Branding Norm: Key Message Communicated Norm: ‘New Info’ Norm: 59% 59% 43%Source: Coffee Advertising Dips. Base: 25-55yr olds (n=120)
  7. 7. ‘Smooth just got smoother’ was the preferredOOH creative Q26CP Which particular adverts did you like? Q27CP Why did you like this advert more than others? 25-55yrs % it was simple and clear OOH 14 Press 17 It demonstrated exactly what was different about the coffee OOH 22 23 Direct, noticeable, but not in your Press face, cohesive The simplicity of ‘Smooth just got…’ better delivers Crema’s USP Source: Coffee Advertising Dips. Base: 25-55yr olds (n=120)
  8. 8. OOH campaign had a significant effect on GoldCrema, driving Awareness and Trial of this NPD Gold Crema: Oct ‘12 Nescafé Gold Crema Total Sample: % Recognised neither: % Buy nowadays Base Level -1%pt Ever tried Base Level -3%pt Aware Base Level -6%pt Recognised either: % Recognised both: % Buy nowadays +4%pt +7%pt Ever tried +8%pt +11%pt Aware +24%pt +29%pt Significantly higher than ‘Recognised neither’ at 95% confidence interval Source: Posterscope Dip. Base: Total sample (n=952)
  9. 9. OOH campaign had a significant impact onGold Crema Equity Equity drivers: Gold Crema Nescafé Emotion Popularity Differentiation Value Leadership Gold Crema affinity Heard of Gold Crema Base Level Base Level Base Level Base Level Base Level Recognised either +10%pt +19%pt +12%pt +7%pt +3%pt Recognised both +17%pt +22%pt +21%pt +13%pt - The OOH activity helping to influence the love, value, differentiation and leadership credentials of this product Significantly higher than ‘Heard of Gold Crema’ at 95% confidence interval Source: Posterscope Dip. Base: Total sample (n=952)
  10. 10. The OOH campaign helped generate Differentiationfor Crema relative to the premium competition Offers something different Kenco Rich Douwe Egberts /Smooth Roast Nescafe Gold Blend Pure Gold • Most popular • Coffee aroma • Brand I would pay more for • Feel good about drinking • Gets you going • High quality • For everyday | • Available regularly | in the morning • Proud to share with friends • Everyday reward • Tastes great • Coffee expertise • Quality everyday • Brand for me • Sophisticated moments • Trust • Full flavoured • Available • Coffee aroma • Available • High quality • Coffee expertise | • Sophisticated • Coffee connoisseurs • Full flavoured • For drinking with others Carte Noire Source: Posterscope Dip. Base: Heard of brand3/21/2013
  11. 11. The OOH campaign helped bring new customers in totrial Gold Crema The OOH campaign had no real effect on Gold Blend Brand Pyramid The reason for this is that consumers understand Gold Crema is different to ‘regular’ Gold Blend ... as displayed by the pyramids demonstrating Gold Blend is established whilst Crema is new Brand Health: Total Sample Gold Crema Trialists Gold Blend Gold Crema 37% have not 34% buy Gold bought Gold Blend Blend nowadays Buy nowadays Ever tried Aware 21% have bought 8% infrequent Gold Gold Blend before, but Blend buyers (bought not in the past year in past year, but not nowadays) Limited evidence of misattribution in In fact, most Crema trialists are not trial of core Gold Blend and Crema regular Gold Blend drinkers Source: Posterscope Dip. Base: Total sample (n=952)3/21/2013
  12. 12. OOH campaign has had a Halo Effect: It helped to subtlyenhance Gold Blend brand imagery perceptions: Heard of Gold Blend Recognised either ad % % Gold Blend Is a brand I would pay more for 14 19 Is good value for money 15 21 Is an innovative brand 8 13 Is high quality 34 34 Tastes great 32 34 Is a natural source of anti-oxidants 3 6 I feel good about drinking regularly 20 29 Has eye-catching packaging 11 19 Has great coffee aroma 30 32 I would be proud to share with my friends 28 35 Provides a rewarding break 22 26 Demonstrates coffee expertise 20 24 Gets you going in the morning 26 25 Keeps life simple 20 25 Source: Posterscope Dip. Base: Total sample (n=952)
  13. 13. Overall the OOH activity supported positivefeelings towards all Nescafe Products Total Spend: £520,000 How does the advertising you have seen today for (BRAND) make you feel about….. Nescafe Gold Nescafe Gold Nescafe Crema Blend % % % Very positive 17 +49% 18 15 +37% +44% 32 Quite positive 22 26 48 No different 60 54 4 Negative 3 3 Source: Coffee Advertising Dips. Base: 25-55yr olds (n=120) 13
  14. 14. Summary Key Findings: • OOH campaign reached the target consumers • It communicated the product news, delivering the smooth taste message, and was well branded to Crema • It helped drive awareness, trial and innovative/differential credentials for Gold Crema • It had subtle Halo Effects on Gold Blend imagery credentials and made people feel more positive overall towards Nescafe3/21/2013