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People, Places….and Persuasion


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At the FEPE 2015 56th Annual Congress entitled “Your Audience is Waiting” Robin Hall, MD of PSI, Posterscope’s international department, presented on People, Places….and Persuasion.

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People, Places….and Persuasion

  1. 1. 7/2/2015 People. Places. Persuasion.
  2. 2. Pioneering Audience First. Smarter. Faster. Connected.
  3. 3. OOH Facts
  4. 4. OOH Media Metrics
  5. 5. Mobile data project Reliable independent audience data in real time
  6. 6. OCS Markets Australia USA Mexico Brazil S. Africa Russia China Japan India Malaysia UK France Spain Belgium Denmark Germany Morocco Egypt KSA U.A.E. Israel Austria Poland Turkey Lebanon Italy Taiwan Philippines Ireland Netherlands Thailand