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  1. 1. An audience of 23 countries46 million peoplein just 48 hours 73Posterscope execute the mediaworld’s largest digital campaign partnersA global digital campaign? Is that even 284possible? With all those different mediapartners, different screens, different formats?Now it is.On October 8th, Posterscope proved it, by digitalexecuting an extraordinary campaign for that reached 46 million peoplearound the world in just two days.The logistics are a bit staggering:85,000 different screens across all the majorcontinents, including the ABC screen in 2,700New York’s Times Square, the Media Wall individualin Liverpool, and the Taipei Arena in Taiwan. executionsIn all the campaign required 2,700 different,individual executions.The campaign is the most amazingdemonstration so far of just what can beachieved using Digital Out-of-Home. 85,000 screensIf you’d like to know more about what yourbrands could achieve with this medium,contact Liz Jones at liz.jones@psiad.comTo view the video - click here