3 Creative Ways Retailers Are Using Social Media


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Learn how innovative retailers are using social media to engage with their fans in new ways.

In this slideshare, we take a look at Kenneth Cole, Nine West, and Rebecca Minkoff and their individual efforts to go beyond simple social strategies and do innovative campaigns that empower their fans to become brand advocates.

Postano is a social media aggregation and display platform. We work with brands to curate and display the very best fan content.


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  • A problem with all these examples is that they are very expensive to scale to many places and many eyeballs, and interest would taper off very fast. Showing social media screens in one location hardly makes any waves. Secondly, a sweepstakes that was used in the first example is a very traditional way (to the point of being a desperate move) to create interest. So, the question is how to make use of social media on a much bigger scale, creatively and with longevity. The examples don't provide any answers to that question. The (part) answer in my opinion lies in providing branded and interesting content on peoples' mobile phones, possibly with local and context-based touches. Discuss...
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  • Simple to understand, love the visuals. This is a big help! thanks so much!
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3 Creative Ways Retailers Are Using Social Media

  1. Brought to you by
  2. Why is social media important for retail success?
  3. The following brands did social right.
  4. #1
  5. #1 To celebrate it’s 30th anniversary, Kenneth Cole created a dynamic social hub with a group of #30yrsbold hashtags to represent the brand’s cultural and social boldness.
  6. They aggregated social content from Twitter, Instagram, and Vine and used it drive engagement and encourage fans to participate and share their own brand experiences.
  7. They sweetened the pot with a hashtag sweepstakes where fans could win a $500 gift card as well as a customized prize like a street-style photoshoot or a night out in NYC with a special gallery tour.
  8. #2
  9. #2 Nine West displayed curated social content from influencers to drive purchases in their flagship store in NYC.
  10. Nine West is a leader in affordable, chic fashion offering must-have trends for the season. Their flagship store, located at the historic Lexington Avenue, NY, lures in hundreds of visitors everyday. Nine West saw this particular store as the perfect place to inspire their customers with real-time fan posts and brand posts, inspiring them with outfit ideas along with official promotional posts as part of their retail display.
  11. #3
  12. #3 Rebecca Minkoff let her fans participate in her runway show by displaying an aggregated feed of her New York Fashion Week hashtag as her runway’s backdrop.
  13. In addition to livestreaming her fashion show at Fashion Week last spring, designer Rebecca Minkoff also display a live wall of tweets and social content (powered by Postano Events) before her runway show – allowing people in the audience to connect with the online audience and vice versa.
  14. Celebrate Fan Participation Learn how to creatively use social on your next campaign at postano.com