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April 2013 Info. STD Overview


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April 2013 Info. STD Overview

  1. 1. THEMOST COMMON STDS:AN OVERVIEWSan Francisco Department of Public HealthSTD Prevention and Control Unit
  2. 2. STD – Sexually Transmitted Disease An infection that is transmitted through sexualactivity, i.e. oral, anal, or vaginal/frontal sex. There are two types of STDs discussed today: viraland bacterial.
  3. 3. Bacterial Are living organisms that have cells. Treatable and repeatable. Are curable with antibiotics.
  4. 4. Bacterial STDs:GonorrheaChlamydiaSyphilisBacterial Vaginosis (BV)Trichomoniasis (Trich)
  5. 5. Transmission sexual fluids (precum, cum, vaginal/frontal hole secretions) oral, anal or vaginal/frontal hole sexSymptoms no signs/symptoms sore throat discharge from affected area painful urination pain/itching at affected area penile swelling abdominal pain unusual vaginal bleedingTesting urine test oral, anal or vaginal swabTreatmentpill
  6. 6. Transmission sexual fluids oral, anal or vaginal/frontal hole sexSymptoms no signs/symptoms discharge from affected area painful urination pain/itching at affected area penile swelling abdominal pain unusual vaginal bleedingTesting urine test oral, anal or vaginal/frontal hole swabTreatmentpill
  7. 7. Transmission direct contact with syphilis sore or mucous patcheson the penis, anus, mouth vaginal/frontal holeSymptomsprimary stage no signs/symptoms hard and painless sore called a chancresecondary stage a rash and mucous patches can occur.latent stage no signs or symptoms may be present but if leftuntreated irreversible damage to body can occur.Testing blood testTreatmentshot of penicillin on each side of the butt(*Syphilis is curable at every stage!)
  8. 8. Transmission sexual fluids (precum, cum or vaginal/frontal hole secretions) sexual intercourse – oral, anal and vaginal/frontal hole (including sextoys)Symptoms no signs/symptoms unpleasant odor and discharge from vagina/frontal hole pain/itching in vaginal area/frontal holeTesting examination and swab of the vaginal/frontal holeTreatmentpill or cream
  9. 9. Transmissionsexual fluids, vaginal /frontal hole intercourse(women affected more than men usually)Symptoms no signs/symptoms unpleasant odor/discharge painful urination burning/itching around affected areaTestinggenital examination and swab ofgenital fluidTreatmentpills
  10. 10. Viral STD:A virus is a non-living organism thatdoes not have cells.A viral STD cannot be cured but can betreated.Medications are available to reduce thefrequency and severity of symptoms.
  11. 11. Viral STDs:Hepatitis (A,B & C)Human Papilloma Virus(HPV)Herpes Simplex –(HSV I&II)
  12. 12. Transmission oral transmission through contaminated food or water oral - anal sexual activity (rimming)Symptoms no signs/symptoms general flu like symptoms (fever, nausea, fatigue, loss of appetite) abdominal pain dark urine light colored stools yellowing of the skin and eyes (jaundice)Testing blood testTreatmentrest and water, body will usually clear the virus within6 months
  13. 13. Transmission mother to infant during birth, body fluids ( blood, precum, cum and vaginal/frontal holesecretions) sharing works (needles/injection drug equipment)Symptoms no signs/symptoms similar to Hepatitis ATesting blood testTreatmentcan be lifelong, medication treatment available throughmedical provider
  14. 14. Transmission blood to blood contact from sharing needles with an infected person rough sexSymptoms no signs/symptoms similar to Hepatitis A & BTesting blood testTreatmentcan be lifelong, medication treatment availablethrough medical provider
  15. 15. Transmission skin to skin contact (direct contact with wart(s) oreffected skin area)Symptoms no sign/symptoms wart(s) on the genital areaTesting collection of culture/skin cells with pap smear invaginal/frontal hole or rectum*HPV can cause anal and cervical cancer, pap screeningsare helpful in prevention.Treatmentno cure – treatment available through medicalprovider
  16. 16. Transmission direct contact with herpes sore(s)Symptoms no signs/symptoms fever blisters/cold sores around mouth general flu like symptoms (fever, nausea, fatigue, loss of appetite) tingling/burning sensation in affected area before an outbreak ofsoresTesting vaginal/frontal hole or anal swab blood drawTreatmentno cure, treatment available to manage symptoms usually inpill form
  17. 17.  Communication with sex partners Limiting the number of sex partners Condom use (male or FC2) – may not be 100%effective as with some STDs, warts/sores ormucous patches may be outside the condomcovered skin area Barriers for oral-anal activity (rimming) and ensuringproper hand washing, sex toy washing, and washing genitals Using clean works (injection drug supplies) andneedles when injecting drugs Vaccinations: currently HPV and Hep A and B havevaccinations that prevent transmission for people notinfected with either STD STD testing/screening regularly (every 3-6 months) Abstinence
  18. 18.  Making it sexy, discuss what you’re comfortablewith and what your boundaries are with safer sex. Have a stash close by, have a supply of safer sexmaterials in an accessible place. Finger sex, be aware of fingernails if you chose toengage in finger sex. Use lube – decrease in friction in the anal andvaginal/frontal hole areas. *Avoid oil basedlubes, silicon can have a negative effect on sex toys. Fisting – be aware of how you are fisting and theeffect on your skin where the fisting isoccurring, it’s common to get tears in the anus withfisting. Rimming – use a barrier, get creative with it! Topping during vaginal/frontal hole or anal sex cancome with risks, know the risks.
  19. 19. Magnet:4122 18th St. (Castro) 415-581-1600www.magnetsf.orgSan Francisco City Clinic:356 7th Street (between Harrison and Folsom St)415-487-5500www.SFcityclinic.orgConfidential, free/low-cost, comprehensive STD/HIV and familyplanning servicesServices provided to patients age 12 and up – parental consent is notrequired, per California law.Monday, Wednesday, Friday:Open 8:00 am - 4:00 pmWe will accept provider referrals until 4:00; call 487-5500Tuesday:1:00pm - 6:00pmThursday 1:00pm - 4:00pm*Clinic may be unable to see patients without symptoms if maximumcapacity has been reached. Urge your referrals to visit earlier duringclinic hours.
  20. 20.  San Francisco City An online partner
  21. 21. Thank You!Manuel