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Poseidon Systems - CanWEA OM - Advanced Wind Turbine Oil Digitization


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How to transition to condition based oil changes and a digital life gauge for gearbox optimizations.

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Poseidon Systems - CanWEA OM - Advanced Wind Turbine Oil Digitization

  1. 1. Advanced Wind Turbine Oil Digitization © 2018 Poseidon Systems, LLC Stephen Steen Vice President, Industrial IoT Phone: +1 (419) 509-9857 Find Whitepapers & Articles:
  2. 2. ©2018 Poseidon Systems, LLC – Proprietary Information Wear Debris – Life Gauge Overview • Wear debris is a direct measurement of gearbox damage • Poseidon’s sensor can detect flow rates & calc concentrations • Poseidon has several life gauge indicators, 2 key measurements are: 1. Rate of material loss 2. Fault Severity Fault Severity Total Ferrous Metal Lost (mg) Rate of Material Loss Concentration (ug/L) More Than Just “Detection”
  3. 3. ©2018 Poseidon Systems, LLC – Proprietary Information Case #1 – Impact of Controls • Loads & wear rates correlate directly with accelerated wear rates • Implemented 33% derating to extend gearbox life • Reduced wear by over 50% • Stabilized wear rate • Reduced average power generation by only 10% • Allowed operation until opportunistic replacement or long gearbox lead times • Customers realizing 4-12 month payback period Concentration(µg/L) Wear(mg) De-rated Immediate, closed loop, direct measurement on life extension actions So Much More Than Just “Detection” Fault accelerating rate of failure
  4. 4. ©2018 Poseidon Systems, LLC – Proprietary Information • On average, Poseidon customers’ had been changing oil 2-3 times as often as necessary (energy, mining, off-road, marine, etc.) • It is expected that WTG operators can double use of their gearbox oil, cutting cost by 50%, & reducing environmental waste. Depleted Oil Typical Trend New Oil OilChange OilChange Real Time Oil Quality Monitoring OilChange OilChange Enhance/Replace Oil Sampling Extended oil life by ~50% Problem: Oil is changed too often, industry unsure about real RUL, & oil sample results unreliable Solution: Using Poseidon’s oil quality sensor, operators able to monitor real time, forecast oil RUL, & optimize oil changes.