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Activities of Port said neonatology group

Published in: Health & Medicine, Technology
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  1. 1. PORT SAID NEONATOLOGY GROUP ACTIVITIES DURING 20121. Basic neonatal course for primary health care doctors 1 january2. Neonatal training program for Port said neonatologists 8-12 January3. Neonatal training program for Port said NICU nurses 18-23 January4. Training course on Echo cardiogram skills 25 April5. Neonatology & pediatric training course in co- operation with medical syndicate from April to June6. Workshop for advanced NICU skills 8 June by prof Hany Aly, George Washington univ7. Pre conference workshop for nurses 12 October8. Pre conference workshop for doctors 17 & 18 October9. Port said third neonatology conference at 18 & 19 of October10. Post conference workshop in Dubai accredited by Dubai Health Authority (DHA) for CME hours December
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  6. 6. Workshop for advanced NICU skills 8 June by prof Hany Aly, George Washington university
  7. 7. PORT SAID third NEONATOLOGY conference ACTIVITIES1. Pre conference Nurses workshop, 12 October, 2012A training workshop fop nurses, with valuable rewards2. Pre conference Doctors workshop, 17 & 18 October, 2012A 2 day training works...hop for doctors, 17 & 18th of October2012, with the first reward a free travel to share in postconference Dubai workshop plus valuable rewards for nextwinners3. Port said third neonatology conference,"Evidence based neonatology", 18 & 19 October, Port said,Egypt4. Post conference Dubai workshop,a 3 days CME training program, accredited by Dubai healthauthority (DHA)
  8. 8. PORT SAID NEONATOLOGY GROUP suggested ACTIVITIES1. Workshop for advanced PICU2. Sharing in FUN DAYs in schools3. Workshop(s) for neonatologists from Port said & nearby governorates (Mini conference)4. A symbolic sharing in standalone act ivies in Port said5. Sharing in of shore combined stand alone – workshop module, e.g. in Dubai, providing scientific material, DHA accreditation, CME hours, with sharing one junior member6. Nurses workshop (s) on neonatal & pediatric care