Drama (Literature)


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Drama (Literature)

  1. 1. Definition Kinds of Theares Type of Drama Elements of Drama
  2. 2. Comes from Greek word “dran” which means “to do”
  3. 3. -- It is a form of literature in which a story is told through the words and
  4. 4. ARENA- theatre style of Early Greeks. Actions are surrounded on all sides by audiences. This arrangement brings the audience into a special kind of intimacy. MEDIEVAL- theatre used in playing areas called mansions inside churches and portable wagons wheeled about outside the churches.
  5. 5. ELIZABETHAN- wooden structure providing an enclosed space around a courtyard open sky. PROSCENIUM- stage of the 19thy Century. This type of stage distances the audience from the play. THEATRE OF CRUELTY- closed the gap between the actor and the audiences.
  6. 6. Types of Drama
  7. 7. TRAGEDY- serious drama which the protagonist, suffers a series of unhappy events that lead to catastrophe such as death or spiritual breakdown. COMEDY- intended to interest or amuse the audience rather than to make them
  8. 8. Elements of Drama