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Radio is a superpower companion to digital efforts. This presentation shows just the beginning of what digital tools can do to make the radio experience interactive and conversational for listeners and advertisers.

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  • I really like this cartoon because even though we’re here to talk about internet marketing and how well it integrates with radio, internet marketing can’t solve all of our clients’ sales and marketing problems. Just like the internet can’t make a paper hat.
  • On Christmas Eve 1906, Reginald Fessenden used an Alexanderson alternator and rotary spark-gap transmitter to make the first radio audio broadcast, from Brant Rock, Massachusetts . Ships at sea heard a broadcast that included Fessenden playing O Holy Night on the violin and reading a passage from the Bible . In 1920, Guylielmo Marconi came up with the brilliant idea of broadcasting music to the public. The first person to use this microphone was the famous soprano Dame Nellie Melba. The first broadcast took place in a makeshift studio at the Marconi Wireless Telegraph company in their factory in Chelmsford, Essex. It’s the birth of radio as we know it and also led to the birth of the BBC.
  • With PPC rates like $31.86 it behooves smart marketers to invest in optimizing their sites organically for search while working with radio to drive top-of-mind keywords. Yes, Radio works well with keyword search which is probably a reason why Google tried entering the radio business which we’ll talk about in a few moments. Here’s an interesting statistic from the RAEL/Harris study conducted a couple of years ago: 57% of those who listen to the radio while surfing the web search for items they heard on the radio.
  • (tied to slide 5 bullet 3)
  • It means an integrated multi-touch marketing approach to your audience from broadcast to narrowcast driving measurable connections and sales The traditional Marketing Funnel theory with Awareness at the top, lead gen in the middle and sales conversion at the bottom still holds true even in today’s complex and ever-changing business climate. Entercom offers the power of an emotionally engaging, high reach and frequency, awareness medium in radio combined with the measurability, interactivity and convenience of its digital assets as well as the high-touch and face-to-face dynamics of experiential/event marketing. There is no single marketing media “silver bullet” that will generate all your sales. It takes an integrated, multi-touch, measurable and sustained marketing effort to increase sales and take share from your competitors.
  • To increase the effectiveness of your radio advertising, focus your direct mail and online budgets on the same audience. The result is increased reach and frequency...
  • A new business that needs two things: brand awareness and leads.
  • Our megaphone…the widest and most available of the media forms at our disposal. It’s the classic theater of the mind that radio has always used to capture the imagination.
  • Radio users who listen online, usually at work, get un-skippable gateway messages
  • Our reach includes an audience that has opted to get regular content and updates from us.
  • PARC Dynamic Duo final

    1. 1. Radio & Digital A Dynamic Duo
    2. 2. Let’s see the internet do this!
    3. 3. The Original Wireless
    4. 4. Evolution of technology
    5. 5. Sustains
    6. 8. Radio Boosts SEM
    7. 9. Radio Gives Voice to Social Media
    8. 10. Digital Even Adapted to Radio
    9. 11. “ Radio is greatly under monetized. Look at the time people spend with Radio versus the money currently being spent to advertise on Radio – it’s out of whack.” - Eric Schmidt, Google CEO - USA Today Google’s CEO knows: Radio is highly undervalued Eric Schmidt
    10. 12. <ul><li>55% </li></ul>than will go to Google - The Neilson Co., Net Ratings, February 2010 and Arbitron, RADAR 104, March 2010. Radio in a week in a month in the U.S. more people will use
    11. 13. What does this mean for YOU and YOUR BUSINESS?
    12. 14. Awareness Action Consideration Sales Sales Conversion Data Capture Lead Gen Website Social Media Events & Experiential Digital Radio Terrestrial Radio
    13. 15. Typical Ad Campaign Terrestrial Radio Different Media...Different Vendors...No Audience Link Online Advertising Direct Mail Terrestrial Radio Permission E-Mail Marketing Internet Radio and Online Advertising Ad Campaign Integrated Media...One Vendor...Connected Audience
    14. 16. Local Online Advertising growth +12% +46% +5% The Past: 5-Year CAGR/ 46.5% The Future: 5-Year CAGR 2.9% Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) © 2009 Borrell Associates Inc.
    15. 19. Portland 2009-10 Digital Spend
    16. 20. Internet Radio Forecast
    17. 21. Mobile Advertising
    18. 22. The Dynamic Duo at Work
    19. 23. The client
    20. 24. The Traditional Spot…
    21. 25. … can be heard many places.
    22. 26. The message gets a piggyback ride
    23. 28. Radio & Digital A Dynamic Duo