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Virtual Events, Real Results


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Using virtual events to drive real results and sales opportunities.

Published in: Business, Technology
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Virtual Events, Real Results

  1. 1. Virtual Events Bringing it all together
  2. 2. Virtual events, real resultsInteract with your customers, clients, employees and connections in a whole new way Conduct interactive sales presentations Meet with remote clients or potentials Train employees Launch new products Communicate with clients Impart market or industry information Educate and influence
  3. 3. Virtual events, real resultsVirtual events, real results
  4. 4. Virtual events, real results FeaturesTake your game to the next level. We give you the tools you need to identify opportunities, develop compelling programs and present polished and professional virtual events. Experience A decade of experience in developing and managing virtual events and strategies for business. Platform Events for up to 100 held on WebEx’s world-class Event Center or Meeting Center. Planning We work with you from the beginning to identify your goals and identify the right event to meet them. Branding Customized registration and branding including multiple contacts. Content Helping you develop or edit content to maximize your message and meet your goals. Communication Working with your marketing team to provide a message that will build your audience Logistics We handle scheduling with presenters and provide a full dress rehearsal. Repurpose Meetings are recorded and online for six months, including viewer registration and reporting.
  5. 5. Virtual events, real results Benefits Communicate, inform and influenceExpand your reach Launch new products, conduct demos and identify sales opportunities - withoutspending hours looking for cheap flights and hotels.Capture new leads Using the capabilities social media marketing, reach larger audiences targeted toyour industry or program and capture lead information, weighted scoring based on custom questions makes hotprospects easy to identify.Grow your influence Elevate your professional expertise - and capture new clients - with informational webseminars.Interact with social media Register on Facebook, publicize on LinkedIN, live Tweet key points fromyour event. Reach a mobile audience where they are most comfortable.Train your staff Online training programs keep your staff up to date on new procedures or systems.Recorded sessions help you develop an online training library to help new hires hit the ground running.Do more for less Save the airfare, the restuarant bills, the hotel reservations, the time lost sitting inairports. Maximize the result; minimize the cost.
  6. 6. Virtual events, real results SolutionsMatch your real business goals to the right virtual eventExpand sales opportunities Use online meetings to call on prospective clients. Up to 15 people canparticipate on anything from a computer to a smartphone.Save the travel for the close!Launch new products New product line? How will you show it off. Recorded virtual event can let youdemo the product, bring in early adapter testimonials, answer questions and capture hot leads. Use socialmedia channels to continue to promote the recorded file and keep the leads coming.Grow your footprint Standing out from the crowd isn’t easy. And reaching a new audience is evenharder. Web seminars can elevate your business from the rest with informational programs that can be marketedto the right targets - wherever they are located. Harnessing technology frees your business from geographiclimitations.Support your customers and staff Use online meetings to conduct small group training ormeetings with remote customers who need assistance on an issue or with a product. It’s help when they need it;not when you can get there.
  7. 7. Virtual events, real results Making it happen A successful event is a juggle. We know how to keep all the balls in the air. Here’s how.
  8. 8. Virtual events, real results Don’t start with the kind of program you want todo; start with the message you want to present and design the presentation around the message. Content: In program design and presentation Determine the best style for event Consult on program design Assist presenters Create or edit content Review program content
  9. 9. Virtual events, real resultsIf you build it, they will come is a movie theme not a strategy.Tap every channel and every partner and participant to build your audience. Promotion Support for multi-channel delivery Consult or create promotional materials for Blogs and web pages Facebook Twitter Email newsletter marketing Media release
  10. 10. Virtual events, real results Presentation means how you present yourselfthrough the event - professional, confident and in control are key qualities Presentation Bringing it all together Design template Consult or create presentation Logistic planning Full rehearsal Event hosting Q&A moderation
  11. 11. Virtual events, real resultsA custom event from signup to sign out gives you weighted and scored lead reports.We keepproviding hosting and viewer reports for one yearLead generation Making the most of your event Customized registration Customized event emails Scored and scaled reports Recorded file with registration Continued reports for 1 year
  12. 12. Virtual events, real resultsA successful virtual event requires keeping a lot of balls in the air. Portfolio’s 12 years of experience in creating and managing online events brings it all together.