The social workforce and employee engagement


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In August 2013 we filmed a roundtable discussion between an HR Director, Consultant, Graduate and Social Business expert around the subject of social employee engagement.

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The social workforce and employee engagement

  1. 1. T +44 (0)1344 386000 | E September 2013 The Social Workforce and Employee Engagement
  2. 2. T +44 (0)1344 386000 | E Today's workforce has very different demands and expectations of their employees. In turn many employers have changing expectations of employees. Our discussion videos brought together an HR Director, HR consultant, recent graduate and Social Business specialist to discuss the future of working and employee engagement.
  3. 3. T +44 (0)1344 386000 | E What do millenials want from a workplace and what can companies do to recruit the best? • Collaborative culture and more integration of personal and working lives • Use social media to recruit • Offer a seamless recruitment process, keeping graduates informed at every step of the route • Don’t be complacent and expect there to be graduates desperate to work with you. You have to be the most attractive company to them.
  4. 4. T +44 (0)1344 386000 | E How do you retain graduates and prevent them from moving on within their first year? • Millenials have a different attitude to work and are less afraid of changing jobs regularly • Motivate and integrate new hires with a strong onboarding process and allowing them to build and participate in communities
  5. 5. T +44 (0)1344 386000 | E Riding the growth of a social business • Apply social tools to activities during the recruitment and onboarding processes • Participate in communities, blogs, wikis • Personal networks internally • Social tools are one thing but it still needs the 1:1 attention between employee and manager
  6. 6. T +44 (0)1344 386000 | E Is HR the business’ driving force in improving productivity and retention? • As a business enabler, HR should find leading edge new ways of doing things and convince leadership that these are the key things to retain and motivate people in the organisation • HR should seek key influencers to join in alumni and help new starters • Find employees that could act as social mentors to try and convince sceptics and get people to think differently • But it’s not just HR – it’s line management responsibility to help onboard and engage graduates address any issues and help solve problems • On-going, multi-way process
  7. 7. T +44 (0)1344 386000 | E Full video content • To view the original videos visit
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