Yammer vs. Sharepoint - Battle Royale!


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Microsoft MVP Christian Buckley shares his insights on how these two enterprise social platforms stack up with one another. Which one is right for you? Find out!

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Yammer vs. Sharepoint - Battle Royale!

  1. 1. SharePoint 2013 Vs. Yammer Battle Royale? September 26, 2013 #YammervSP
  2. 2. #YammervSP 2 Christian Buckley Product Evangelist Metalogix Rick Hinton Vice President Portal Solutions
  3. 3. #YammervSP 3 “Is this an instrument of communication or torture?"
  4. 4. #YammervSP 4 By 2016, 50% of large organizations will have internal Facebook-like social networks — 30% of these will be considered as essential as email/telephones are today. Source: Gartner Group
  5. 5. #YammervSP 5 IT decision makers said such social technologies make their jobs more enjoyable (66%), more productive (62%) and "help them get work done faster" (57%). All in all, said Avanade, of those businesses currently using social collaboration tools, 82% want to use more of them in the future. Source: InformationWeek article on Avanade study http://ubm.io/17WDTQs
  6. 6. #YammervSP 6 An Avanade global study of enterprise social collaboration trends, analyzing the habits of 4,000 users and 1,000 IT and business decision-makers in 22 countries, found that Facebook is twice as popular as SharePoint – 73% to 39% Facebook is also four times more popular that IBM Open connections (17%) and six times more popular than Salesforce’s Chatter (12%)
  7. 7. #YammervSP 7 …priorities Facebook is ranked number one among social collaboration technologies in use today (74%), when asked what social tools businesses want to adopt in the next year, "Facebook fell to the very end of the list with only eight percent of decision-makers respondents noting it as a priority," Source: InformationWeek article on Avanade study http://ubm.io/17WDTQs
  8. 8. September 26, 2013
  9. 9. #YammervSP 9 Social and Mobile lead the pack in terms of growth in spending over next 12 months. -100% 0% 100% 200% 300% 400% 500% Additional social feeds/functions Mobile device extensions Enhanced document sharing/whiteboarding Micro-blogging/activity streams Automated document creation/rendition Records management system Classification/taxonomy management Enhanced user profiles/expertise Integrated/improved interface to email systems Digital signatures Archiving (long-term retention of content) Business Intelligence/Analytics Workflow reporting Storage management (externalization of content) Business intelligence/reporting Lync Integration Case management Forms proc – from scanned, internal/external Scanning and capture Forms proc – int electronic, e.g. HR, expenses, etc Workflow design Advanced/Federated Search Project management Workflow management Project/Case Management Document Approvals Security and rights management Instant Messaging Net Change in Spending Next 12 Months Do you use any 3rd-party add-on/integration products to improve the functionality of SharePoint? Source: 2012 AIIM Solving the SharePoint Puzzle
  10. 10. #YammervSP 10 How do the various functional aspects of your SharePoint implementation compare with your expectations? Records Management, email integration, workflow, social rank highest in unmet expectations 0% 20% 40% 60% 80% 100% Records management Email management/integration Workflow/Business Process Management Social/social tools Mobile/remote access Messaging and communications Document/content management External collaboration/team sites Internal collaboration/team sites Office 365/SharePoint in the cloud Exceed expectations Meet expectations Below expectations Source: 2012 AIIM Solving the SharePoint Puzzle
  11. 11. #YammervSP 11 There has been a lot of discussion about the adoption of social enterprise solutions, what do you see as some of critical challenges for organizations around social?
  12. 12. #YammervSP 12 So what is the upside for organizations? What are the opportunities?
  13. 13. #YammervSP 13 So, organizations need to tailor their needs to the individual platforms and define what you need to accomplish with each one.
  14. 14. #YammervSP 14 With Yammer and SharePoint 2013, Microsoft now has a wide array of options for social; how do companies determine the best fit?
  15. 15. #YammervSP 15 So, should companies consider a hybrid approach to get the best out of the solutions or is that just overkill?
  16. 16. #YammervSP 16 Does it make sense for companies that are looking for a cloud solution to move to Yammer? Or is SharePoint 2013 a viable alternative?
  17. 17. #YammervSP 17 How can companies align SharePoint or Yammer with the business objectives?
  18. 18. #YammervSP 18 Once a business has selected a solution, how can they implement it in their organization?
  19. 19. #YammervSP 19 What are the best strategies to promote user adoption?
  20. 20. #YammervSP 20 Okay, So You’ve Got Good Insight…Now What?
  21. 21. #YammervSP 21 Join us for more on SOCIAL! Webinar: October 29th, 11:00am – 12:00pm The Social Spectrum: Instant Message, E- mail, Newsfeeds, Discussions, Blogs, Sites - When and Where They Are Used and Why SOCIAL STRATEGY WORKSHOP Schedule a two-hour complimentary workshop! Email rhinton@portalsolutions.net today to set up a time. Special Offer to Attendees (limited time!) You Scream, I Scream We All Scream for More Social!