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Webinar: The Rise of NextGen Intranets: Introducing OneWindow Workplace


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Traditional custom intranets require substantial investment in time and costs. Successful user adoption and the ability to keep pace with the latest technology is never guaranteed.
NextGen Intranet solutions like OneWindow Workplace, built on Office 365, provide rapid deployment in a ready-to-go, cloud-based, mobile-first environment.
Daniel Cohen-Dumani, founder and CEO of Portal Solutions and Val Orekhov, CTO at Portal Solutions, share the future of NextGen Intranets and introduce you to OneWindow Workplace in this interactive webinar.
You'll learn:
- What is NextGen Intranet?
- NextGen vs. custom Intranets: what is the difference?
- The power of building on Office 365
- Key features and benefits of OneWindow Workplace
- Is a ready-to-go intranet right for your organization?

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Webinar: The Rise of NextGen Intranets: Introducing OneWindow Workplace

  1. 1. The Rise of NextGen Intranets: Introducing OneWindow Workplace Daniel Cohen-Dumani & Val Orekhov
  2. 2. Housekeeping  Webinar is being recorded  45 minute session  15 minute Q&A session at the end  Slides and recording will be available after the session  Send in your questions!  Type your questions in the Go-to-Webinar Question Box on the right side  We will answer live at the end of the presentation
  3. 3. Daniel Cohen-Dumani FOUNDER AND CEO, PORTAL SOLUTIONS @dcohendumani Blogger: SME for Portal Solutions Digital Workplace Today Blog Areas of Interest: Portals and Collaboration, Productivity and Efficiencies “A Passion for Simplicity and Speed to Market” Our Speakers
  4. 4. Val Orekhov CTO, PORTAL SOLUTIONS Areas of Interest: Intranets as a Service Turnkey Solutions Productivity and Efficiencies “Tinkering with New Technologies” Our Speakers
  5. 5. Session Learning Objectives  What are NextGen Intranets?  NextGen vs. Custom Intranets: What are the differences?  The Power of Building on Office 365  Key Features and Benefits of OneWindow Workplace  Is a Ready-To-Go Intranet Right for Your Organization?
  6. 6. Intranet Essentials “How do I…?” “What’s going on…?” “Don’t ask me, find it yourself…!” “What’s the status…?” “Who has worked on…?” “What’s the address for…?” “Access anywhere” Tools & Forms Communication Departments Projects People Gateway Mobile
  7. 7. Intranet Trends 1. Intranets age quickly 2. Organizations have seen wave after wave of intranet failure, renewal, stagnancy and failure once again 3. Enterprises have higher aspirations for their next generation of intranets 4. “Mobile” and “Social” are the watchwords for new intranet initiatives 5. The new intranet must be a true network “Products with social and mobile capabilities are increasingly complex to develop, manage and maintain. The results of melding together content management, portal, advanced social technologies and disciplines are hard to predict.” Source: Gartner Group Research Jim Murphy, Building the Boundless Intranet for a Digital Workplace, Nov 2014
  8. 8. Poll: What Is The State Of Your Intranet?  Custom but mostly out of the box  Custom with some customizations  Custom with heavy customizations  We have a turnkey solution with no customization or some minor customizations  Not sure
  9. 9. What Are Microsoft NextGen Portals? Ready-to-go portals with the ability to create custom portals to support organization-wide productivity across online, on-premises and hybrid. Video Office 365 Video Delve Delve “People Experiences” “InfoPedia” Codename “InfoPedia” Custom Intelligent  Social  Mobile  Ready-To-Go ENHANCED BY KEY OFFICE 365 CAPABILITIES
  10. 10. Custom Intranet  Pros  Highly flexible  Addresses unique business and productivity challenges  Tailored to your specific needs  Can achieve 100% of your intranet requirements  Low recurring charges  You control everything  Cons  Expensive  Lengthy projects and risky  Can become outdated quickly  High upfront capital expenditure  You control everything
  11. 11. NextGen Intranet (Intranet as a Service)  Pros  Fast deployment (30-60 days)  80% of most intranet features  Evergreen and always fresh  Reduce risks of failure  Consistent and predictable cost  Reduced upfront investment  Benefits from a larger pool of feedback across industry and company size  Cons  Less flexibility to customize your brand  Depends on your Intranet as a Service vendor for updates and maintenance  Recurring cost
  12. 12. The Power of Building Your Intranet on Office 365
  13. 13. Roadmap – Microsoft Portal/Intranet Platform SharePoint Portal Server 2001 2001 SharePoint Portal Server 2003 2003 Office SharePoint Server 2007 2006 SharePoint Sever 2010 2009 SharePoint Server 2013 2012 SharePoint Server 2016 2016 SharePoint Server vNext? 2019 Today Office 365 Next Gen Portals Micro-sites/Groups InfoPedia Delve People Experience New UX New ECM back-end Turnkey Portals
  14. 14. How Office 365 Contributes to a Successful Intranet Fabric and foundation to build your intranet. KEY OFFICE 365 CAPABILITIES
  15. 15. What Is the Current Problem?
  16. 16. Poll: What platform do you see your next intranet on?  Office 365/cloud-hybrid  SharePoint on premise  Waiting to get clarity on Microsoft roadmap  Third party Intranet as a Service  Not sure
  17. 17. Key Features and Benefits of OneWindow Workplace
  18. 18. OneWindow Capabilities – Modern Intranet Out of the Box Social and Mobile experience Collaborative workspaces (public or private, communities or projects) People directory and gateway to other applications (my apps) Stories and corporate communication publishing
  19. 19. OneWindow Workplace OneWindow Is Built On Office 365 and Microsoft Azure Available for Office 365 and SharePoint Hybrid environment OneWindow Yammer SharePoint Online Skype For Business Office Groups Office Graph/Delve VideosOneDrive for Business OneWindow APIs Planner Analytics
  20. 20. Quick Tour
  21. 21. OneWindow Workplace Benefits Study shows that most organizations have the same 80% core needs Organizations are looking for evergreen managed solutions that evolve overtime Remarkable user experience is the key to success Time and investment has always been a challenge for intranet initiatives
  22. 22. Is a Ready-to-Go Intranet Right for Your Organization?
  23. 23. When Should You Consider Intranet as a Service Why Intranet as a service? Your organization structure is likely to change and you have a small team to maintain your solution. You are concerned with upfront design and deployment costs and ongoing maintenance. Budgets are tight. You are looking to derive value quicker and focus on incremental improvements rather than a very lengthy project. You don’t want to have to upgrade your intranet every 2 years. You don’t want to depend on understanding the complex Microsoft roadmap.
  24. 24. Considering a NextGen intranet as a service Sign up for a personalized demo
  25. 25. Next steps: Evaluate OneWindow NextGen Intranet Questions? Contact Ashley Hickman