Webinar: Social in SharePoint 2013 On-Premise: Optimize and Strategize


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  • Adam Edit
  • Concerns: Constant distractionsAdaptive technologiesAvailable for search engines “knowledge”What do you stand to gain in investing in this technology? Happy employees = higher retention metricsRecorded casual idea exchange = productivity measured in minutesReduced travel/higher cost communication = direct savings by improving tele-workingReducing time to find answers = productivity measured in minutesLay the foundation to answer the question of how to use social – make it easier to spread both tacit and explicit knowledge across the organization in order to improve speed (rate of dispersion) and agility(ability to do something with it).    putting people in control and minimizing interruptions - i.e. the fallacy of multitasking.
  • User Experience is critical to effective sustainable adoption of ESN
  • Think about Dropbox.We are to enterprise social collaboration what Dropbox was to File Sharing
  • Think about Dropbox.We are to enterprise social collaboration what Dropbox was to File Sharing
  • Think about Dropbox.We are to enterprise social collaboration what Dropbox was to File Sharing
  • Think about Dropbox.We are to enterprise social collaboration what Dropbox was to File Sharing
  • Think about Dropbox.We are to enterprise social collaboration what Dropbox was to File Sharing
  • Webinar: Social in SharePoint 2013 On-Premise: Optimize and Strategize

    1. 1. Social in SharePoint 2013 On-Premise: Optimize and Strategize
    2. 2. Beezy – Webinar 2 Maximo Castagno Product Lead at Beezy A sociologist with more than 13 years experience observing how people use technology and designing products based on that knowledge. About Beezy Beezy is the preferred On-Premises Enterprise Social Network solution for SharePoint 2010 and SharePoint 2013
    3. 3. Jill Hannemann @JHCherryBlossom Editor, Digital Workplace Today Director of Advisory Services 10+ years in Knowledge Management SharePoint expertise: information architecture, records management, content migration, document management Culinary project: perfect pizza dough About Me
    4. 4. Agenda • Social and Engagement • Developing a Social Strategy • What is Beezy? • Beezy and SharePoint Demonstration 4
    5. 5. About Portal Solutions We deliver Digital Workplace Products and Solutions that help organizations share what they know and find what they need by connecting people, data, and content. 5
    6. 6. 6 Engaged employees are 37% more likely to stay with their employer. - Constellation Research
    7. 7. Social Objectives 7 Conversations make connections People are always available Context enriches interactions You always know what’s happening Enterprise Social networks for employee communication has been rated higher than all previous forms. (Email, intranet, newsletters, distribution lists) Quality of responses are higher when compared to email. Reduces meetings and more. – Deloitte Study (TMT Predictions)
    8. 8. 8 IT decision makers said such social technologies make their jobs more enjoyable (66%), more productive (62%) and "help them get work done faster" (57%). All in all, said Avanade, of those businesses currently using social collaboration tools, 82% want to use more of them in the future. Source: InformationWeek article on Avanade study http://ubm.io/17WDTQs
    9. 9. 9 Return on Investment • Happy Employees = Employee Retention • Increased Ideation & Finding Answers = Productivity Measured in Minutes • Increase in Remote Working = Travel Savings
    10. 10. Why Social Collaboration Fails Social collaboration initiatives that have a clear and compelling purpose from the outset tend to succeed. While this may seem obvious, the vast majority of organizations treat collaboration as a platform decision, rather than a solution to a specific business problem or a route to a desired outcome. -“Gartner Says the Vast Majority of Social Collaboration Initiatives Fail Due to Lack of Purpose” http://www.gartner.com/newsroom/id/2402115?goback=.gde_3904592_member_2374318 18 10
    11. 11. Roadmap: Defining the Mission 11 What are the goals? • Defining engagement and gaps for productivity • What will it mean to change work habits? What resources are required to achieve those goals? • Identify champions for the initiative • Business sponsor How will you determine success or failure?
    12. 12. Social Strategy for User Engagement 12 Align To Business Goals/ Requirements Phase The Approach Develop Achievable Timeline Identify Key Processes, Policies & Standards Determine What Will Be Measured
    13. 13. Plan + Measure Success • Sharing of Best Practices • Reducing Email Proliferation (it won’t eliminate it) • Faster Decision Making • Reduce Meetings • Increase Sharing • Knowledge Capture • Increase Employee Retention • Improve Business Processes • Evolve Company Culture • Reduce Duplication of Work • Strategic Transformation • Improve Employee Collaboration (cross group) • Executives Involvement • Open Transparent Working 13
    14. 14. Social Features • User Profiles – about a person • Newsfeed – transparency! • Follow  people and notification  documents  sites  tags • Trending tags – topics • Online work teams • Tasking • Document sharing 14
    15. 15. SharePoint 2013 15
    16. 16. Social Strategy 16
    17. 17. Social Adoption Lifecycle Goals/Use Case Culture AdoptionExperiment Measurement 17
    18. 18. Phased Approach 18 Phase 1 Focus on single team or business unit Newsfeed available to 100% of team 50% of business unit profiles populated Standards, guidance & policies distributed Groups or community sites piloted Likes available on communicated content Leadership blogs piloted Discussion boards piloted in select community sites Phase 2 Next business unit or activity selected for onboarding Newsfeed used frequently by Phase 1 group 50% of profiles of next business unit populated Standards & policies adopted (Usage High) Community sites championed Phase 3 Expand audience in similar activity Newsfeed updates considered cultural norm for on-boarded groups Close to 100% profiles populated for on- boarded business units Standards & policies (Expected) Qualitative measurement in satisfaction, communication, corporate culture Quantitative measurement on productivity, time saves, $ savings
    19. 19. Ideal Timeline 19 Social Strategy Planning Complete Key Profiles Populated Leadership Blog Launched Collaboration Sites Roll Out Group Communication features Roll Out User Profile Roll Out 30% Profiles Populated 50% Profiles Populated Launch PTO Leave Request Form and Workflow Implement Records Retention Implement Document Management Knowledge Base
    20. 20. Social Strategy - Measurements • Quantitative  Number of completed user profiles  Number of connections per user  Cross posting of blogs, subscriptions to RSS and other feeds  Participation (Communities, Newsfeeds, etc)  New  Active  Reduction in e-mail (generally, on specific topics, corporate noise)  Search metrics: fewer similar queries=right information faster • Qualitative  Range of adoption (departments, topics)  Does a new policy or idea get adopted easier?  Effective use on major projects  Reduction of internal meetings 20
    21. 21. What is Beezy?
    22. 22. Beezy is a social layer natively built in SharePoint and connected to most popular employee tools
    23. 23. Beezy – Webinar 23 Beezy connects all these layers
    24. 24. Beezy – Webinar 24 Offering advanced social features
    25. 25. Beezy – Webinar 25 With an unmatched User Experience
    26. 26. Beezy – Webinar 26 Always available from any device
    27. 27. Beezy – Webinar 27 Fully integrated in your existing Intranet
    28. 28. Why companies need Beezy?
    29. 29. Because it’s about adoption!
    30. 30. Beezy – Webinar 30 You need the extra mile User Experience Adoption
    31. 31. Beezy – Webinar 31 User Experience Adoption File sharing & sync
    32. 32. Beezy – Webinar 32 User Experience Adoption Enterprise Social Collaboration
    33. 33. Interested in real numbers?
    34. 34. Beezy – Webinar 34 40,000 employees have registered for Beezy (“Circle”) Every month 18,000 unique employees use Beezy (“Circle”) Adoption increasing + 26% over last months Vodafone Case Study
    35. 35. Which are Beezy’s main differentiators?
    36. 36. Beezy – Webinar 36 Better User Experience Lighter product Fully focusing on SharePoint Market value × Complex User Experience × Complex integration × Now focusing on SAP V S
    37. 37. Beezy – Webinar 37 On premises solution Natively built in SharePoint Fully customizable Market value × Cloud × No real SharePoint integration × No customization V S
    38. 38. Let’s see it in action
    39. 39. Beezy – Webinar 39 A day in a Marketing Team
    40. 40. Learn more at www.beezy.net
    41. 41. 41 May 29: Webinar - SharePoint Online: How Do We Think About SharePoint Now? June 3: Business Power Lunch – What is Office 365’s Impact to Business? In-Person event at J. Gilbert’s Steaks & Seafood, McLean, VA (act fast, limited space) Upcoming Events Click here to register for any of our events! Thank you! Learn more at www.portalsolutions.net