Webinar: How Much Can You Save with Office 365?


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Office 365 could present large opportunities to reduce costs, but only if you know what licensing plan you really need.

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  • AdamVisio ProSimplify complex information by creating professional diagrams in just a few clicksSame functionality and content as Visio Professional 2013Flexible service offering with pay-as-you-go, per-user licensingUse Visio Services in SharePoint Online (additional subscription required)Project Online• Quickly start projects• Strengthen everyday collaboration • Prioritize project portfolio investments• Make data-driven decisions• Stay up-to-date on more devices• Deliver with the intended business value
  • Jill & Adam
  • Key Talking Points:Starting September 1, 2013, customers who purchase a minimum of 150 net new seats of eligible Office 365 Enterprise SKUs will qualify for an investment toward their Office 365 deployment. During the offer period, Microsoft will reimburse a qualified Cloud Deployment Partner or MCS up to $20,000 per tenant toward a fixed scope of Office 365 FastTrack step 2 deployment activities. Net new purchases of E-Plans or Exchange Online are eligible for this investment. This offer is available September 1, 2013 through March 2014.All new Office 365 customers are eligible for this offer on net new seats sold through the following Licensing programs: EA/EAS, Open, Open Value, Open Value Subscription, MPSA, AOS, and MOSP. This includes all commercial and government accounts in all countries where Office 365 is available.  Deployment investments are paid directly to the qualified partner or MCS. Note: Office 365 seats purchased through the FY13 EA Offer, including additional promotional seats added after June 30, 2013, do not qualify for this deployment investment. Limited time offer!September 1, 2013 – March 31, 2014 
  • Webinar: How Much Can You Save with Office 365?

    1. 1. Office 365 Series: How Much Could You Save?
    2. 2. Jill Hannemann @JHCherryBlossom Editor, Digital Workplace Today Director of Advisory Services 10+ years in Knowledge Management SharePoint expertise: information architecture, records management, content migration, document management Culinary project: perfect pizza dough
    3. 3. About Portal Solutions We deliver Digital Workplace Products and Solutions that help organizations share what they know and find what they need by connecting people, data, and content. 4
    4. 4. 5 “Office 365 has a lower TCO, and greatly reduces implementation times compared to a similar on premises solution.” • Office 365 • Navigating Licensing • Getting Started • Understanding Your Needs Agenda - Forrester Consulting Total Economic Impact Study, Dec. 2010
    5. 5. 6 “Office 365 delivered a 315% return on investment with a four month payback period for the composite enterprise organization.” - Forrester Consulting Total Economic Impact Study, Dec. 2010
    6. 6. What is Office 365?
    7. 7. Office 365 At A Glance • Familiar & full Office user experience • Fast deployment & broad management controls • Per-user licensing Office 365 ProPlus:
    8. 8. Insights • Dynamics • CRM • Power BI for O365 Other Tools • Visio Pro • Project Online Platform • Azure Don’t Forget
    9. 9. 10 What this Means to the Business: Context! Searc h Email Sites File Sharing Mobile Availability Collaboratio n Knowledge Transfer Reduced IT Maintenance
    10. 10. Navigating Licensing
    11. 11. Licensing 101 Channels Consumer Small & Medium Business Enterprise FPP / OEM / Direct Open / Direct / Syndication Select / Enterprise Agreement Types of Licenses On-premises Cloud Client Licenses Server Licenses & Client Access Licenses (CAL) User Subscription License (USL) Types of Commitment Occasional Buyer Multi-Year Commitment Committed Subscriber Transactional / Perpetual Annuity / Software Assurance Subscription
    12. 12. SharePoint Usage Scenarios & User Licensing .* External Users: users that are not either your or your affiliates’ employees, or your or your affiliates’ onsite contractors or onsite agents.
    13. 13. Online Plans
    14. 14. 15 Most Common Plans • E Plans - Enterprise • K Plans – Kiosk Workers • Small Business – 25 users max • Midsize Business – 300 users max • Enterprise – unlimited users  Core suite of features for the digital workplace • Kiosk – “Desk-less” workers  Shift or retail workers  Shared PCs • Mix and match with Enterprise level plans Office 365 Plans: The Basics
    15. 15. SharePoint Online Plans E4 E3 E1 SharePoint Online Plan 2 SharePoint Online Plan 1 Kiosk Small Business Premium Small Business Midsize Business
    16. 16. • $1.50/user/month for Office with SA or Office 365 ProPlus customers
    17. 17. External Users Not employees, contra ctors, or onsite agents for either you or your affiliates. You can grant access to external users by using the Share command to send them an email invitation to a document or site External users can use Office Online for viewing and editing documents. An external user is a person who has been granted access to your SharePoint Online site, but who is not a licensed user within your organization. here
    18. 18. SharePoint Feature Tiering Area SP Online Plan 1 / Standard CAL SP Online Plan 2 / Enterprise CAL Apps App Catalog and Marketplace Collaboration Team Sites Work Management (Project Site, My Tasks, Site Mailbox) OneDrive for Business Social (Newsfeed, Community Site) External Sharing Content Management Content Management Records Management eDiscovery & compliance Search Standard Search (People & Expertise Search, Visual Previews, Visual Best Bets, OOTB Recommendations) Enterprise Search (Video Search, Custom Query Rules, Entity Extraction, Extensible Content Flow, Item Recommendations, CBS) Business Intelligence Scorecards & Dashboards* Excel Services, PowerPivot, Power View Business Solutions Workflow Access Services** Business Connectivity Services*** Visio Services InfoPath Forms SharePoint Service Description page
    19. 19. Office 365 Licensing Options FullAdd-
    20. 20. Comparing Office 365 Add-Ons vs. Full USL $17.00 $17.00 Prices in US Dollars. Reflects pricing for customers with EA Level D pricing rounded to nearest $.50
    21. 21. Add-On vs. Full USL Add-on Full USL Midterm At EArenewal Low Organizational Device Growth Multiple Devices Per User Customer desires a hybrid-cloud strategy Customer desires a cloud-centric strategy Customer is at the beginning of their cloud journey and values the ability to move at their own pace with no change to their EA Customer has a defined cloud strategy in place Desires easier per- user licensing and feels comfortable changing EA Company A Company B
    22. 22. Core CAL + Office Office 365 Add-on options Core CAL Only Office 365 ProPlus Subscription EA License Position Core CAL + Office 365 ProPlus E3 Add-on E4 Add-on E3 Add-on E4 Add-on Exchange Plan 1 Lync Plan 1 SharePoint Plan 1 E3 w/o ProPlus Add-on E4 w/o ProPlus Add-on Office 365 Add-Ons E1 Add-on ECAL + Office Exchange Plan 1 SharePoint Plan 1 Lync Plan 1 Office 365 Add-ons are available for EA customers who have signed the required OLS T&Cs. CAL Suite + Office is required to purchase E3/ E4 Add-ons. ECAL-only customers may purchase E3 without ProPlus and E4 without ProPlus. E3 w/o ProPlus Add-on E4 w/o ProPlus Add-on
    23. 23. Visio Pro for Office 365 $13 Subscription of the advanced diagramming software, including roaming access and click to run Project Pro for Office 365 $25 Subscription version of Project Professional client software with roaming access and click to run Project Online $33 Online version of project server, delivering enterprise Project, Program and Portfolio Management Project Online with Project Pro for Office 365 $58 Subscription version of Project Professional client with online capabilities of Project Online Exchange Online Kiosk $2 2GB email, calendar Exchange Online (Plan 1) $4 50 GB Email, calendar, personal archive, eDiscovery, AV/AS, team mailboxes Exchange Online (Plan 2) $8 Unlimited archive, voicemail, advanced archiving, data loss prevention Exchange Online Protection $1 Protection from spam, viruses, phishing and policy violations Exchange Online Archiving $3 Legal hold and compliance Yammer Basic $0 Free Enterprise social networking Yammer Enterprise $3 Directory Sync, keyword monitoring and content management, export data for eDiscovery, SharePoint Online (Plan 1) $3 Collaboration with sites, drag and drop, team mailboxes SharePoint Online (Plan 2) $7 Forms, Data visualization, Access/Excel/Visio Services, eDiscovery, Compliance, PowerView, SharePoint Online (Plan 1) with Yammer $4 Collaboration with sites, drag and drop, team mailboxes, Yammer Enterprise SharePoint Online (Plan 2) with Yammer $8 Forms, Data visualization, Access/Excel/Visio Services, eDiscovery, Compliance, PowerView, Yammer Enterprise SharePoint Online Extra Storage $0.20/GB Additional 1GB of storage Lync Online (Plan 1) $2 Presence, instant messaging, and peer-to-peer voice and video, Skype federation Lync Online (Plan 2) $5.50 Lync Meetings, multi-view video, Lync Room Systems Office Web Apps with SharePoint Online (Plan 1) $5 Web Apps, collaboration with sites, fast search, drag and drop, team mailboxes Office Web Apps with SharePoint Online (Plan 2) $8 Web Apps, Forms, Data visualization, Access/Excel/Visio Services, eDiscovery, Compliance, PowerView Office 365 ProPlus $12 Office subscription, PC/Mac, roaming, mobile rights Office 365 Standalones
    24. 24. Comparison Across Suites Small Business Small Business Premium Midsize Business Enterprise K1 Enterprise E1 Enterprise E3 Enterprise E4             Pull Pull Push Push                 
    25. 25. Office 365 Enterprise Suites (Included Plans) Enterprise K1 Enterprise E1 Enterprise E3 Enterprise E4 Service Plans Exchange Kiosk Plan 1 Plan 2 Plan 2 SharePoint Kiosk Plan 1 Plan 2 Plan 2 Office Web Apps Authoring Authoring Authoring Authoring Lync Plan 2 Plan 2 Plan 2, Plus CAL Yammer    RMS   Office Client ProPlus ProPlus Licensing Client Installs 5 5 Mobile Installs 5 5 Dual Access Rights    Support Priority 24x7 Minimum Commitment Annual Annual Annual Annual
    26. 26. SharePoint Online Plans: Quotas and Caps Limit O365 Small Business O365 Midsize Business Enterprise plans Kiosk plans Base tenant storage (excluding personal storage) 10 GB + 500 MB per user 10 GB + 500 MB per user 10 GB + 500 MB per user 10 GB Maximum tenant storage 1 TB 20 TB Unlimited Unlimited Site collection quota limit (per site collection) Up to 1 TB Up to 1 TB Up to 1 TB Up to 1 TB Site collections (#) per tenant 1 20 10,000 10,000 Subsites (#) per site collection Up to 2,000 Up to 2,000 Up to 2,000 Up to 2,000 OneDrive for Business (personal) storage 25 GB per user 25 GB per user 25 GB per user Not available Public Website storage default 5 GB 5 GB 5 GB 5 GB File size limit 2 GB per file 2 GB per file 2 GB per file 2 GB per file Number of users cap Up to 25 users Up to 300 users - - Maximum number of unique external users per tenant 500 10,000 10,000 10,000
    27. 27. 29 Licensing Comparison: Dunder Mifflin Paper Co. - 350 users On-Premise SharePoint = Year 1 $104,206 Office 365 = Year 1 $29,400 Item License Software Assurancew/Both SharePoint Server License $4,926.00 $2,463.00 $7,389.00 Windows Server - Std $726.00 $363.00 $1,088.00 SQL - Std - 1 Proc $7,171.00 $3,586.00 $10,756.00 TOTALS for Infrastructure $12,823 $6,412 $19,233 SharePoint Standard CAL (Per User) $95.00 $48.00 $142.00 SharePoint Enterprise CAL (Per User) $83.00 $42.00 $125.00 TOTALS per User CAL $178.00 $90.00 $267.00 Licensing Costs for On-Premise (SharePoint)
    28. 28. Office 365 Add-ons Simplified Licensing for Office 365 Easy The underlying EA does not change. SA benefits are retained, including rights to new versions. Great Price Pricing recognizes existing investment in Office and CAL Suites. Preserves EA discounts for on-premises and volume discounts for online services. Flexible Add Office 365 at any time, for any number of users, to any workload. A simple, low-cost way for customers to add Office 365 services at any time, while maintaining current EA and SA benefits
    29. 29. Getting Started What is the Total Cost of Ownership of Office 365?
    30. 30. Evaluating Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) Start up costs (and activities) 32 Labor needed to assess need and define business objectives Governance for Email, SharePoint, OneDrive, Yammer, Lync usage Determine usage of SharePoint Assess LOE for Exchange migration Depending on size, migration could be a costly effort Exchange mailbox migration SharePoint content migration Lync configuration Basic user training is necessary to communicate changes Email in the cloud Mobile capabilities File storage and sharing Social collaboration Number of users is a determining factor as to how costly start up will be Discovery/Design of Pilot Implementation and Migration Training
    31. 31. Migrating to SharePoint Online 33 • SP to SP version upgrade (cannot migrate directly from 2007-2013) • Few customizations • On-Prem to on-Prem • No IA rebuild required • Works for all types of migrations • SharePoint to SharePoint • Unstructured file repositories • Third party DMS • Only supported path to migrate to SP Online • Copy, paste, tag • Works in all situations • Extremely labor intensive Content Database Migration 3rd Party Migration Tool or Custom Scripting Manual Migration On- Prem Hosted On- Prem Hosted O365 On- Prem Hosted O365
    32. 32. Perpetual Costs (TCO) 34 Hardware Ongoing Training Microsoft Licensing/Subscriptions Additional Bandwidth Ongoing Administration
    33. 33. 35 3rd party products like 365iQ can help with analytics: http://centrixsoftware.com/ • Number of users  Number of users will impact start up costs and needs analysis • Existing license structure with Microsoft  Your ROI can be influenced with • Office 365 components to be used  What licensing levels do you need? Understanding Your Needs
    34. 34. 36 • Email • Instant Messaging • Video Conferencing • Content Management • Collaboration • Corporate Communication • Workflow Processing • Business Intelligence • Data Management • What do your users need today?  Evaluate usage of:  Microsoft Office Products (Word, Excel, PowerPoint)  Current intranet  Enterprise Systems and Systems of record (CRM, Customer data, transactional data)  Other public cloud provided document sharing (Dropbox, Google Docs)  Other collaboration apps (Evernote, etc.) Which Cloud Service Should I Pursue?
    35. 35. Getting Started 37 1 Benefit vs. Risk Analysis 2 Evaluation of user needs 3 Determine licensing combination 4 Quantify ROI with current costs 5 Define governance for capabilities
    36. 36. Accelerating Office 365 deployment (150+ seats) Enterprise plans and Exchange Online Add-on or Full USL Licenses purchased through EA, MPSA, AOS, Open, or MOSP Deployment May Include: Contact Jill Hannemann at jhannemann@portalsolutions. net