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Unlocking Key Insights to Reach the Hispanic Consumer by Osar Padilla, Vice President of Strategy at Luminar. Presentation for Portada's 6th Annual Hispanic Digital and Print Media Conference in New York City.

Attend Portada's 2013 Latin Content Marketing Forum in Miami this June 4th, 2013.

Learn more at: http://www.portada-online.com/conferences

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  • Hispanic Digital and Print Media Conference 2012 - Oscar Padilla

    1. 1. 6TH Annual Hispanic Advertising & Media ConferenceUnlocking Key Insights to Reachthe Hispanic Consumer BIG DATA: How Marketing is going from ‘Mad Men’ to ‘Math Men’ Presented by: Oscar Padilla, Vice President of Strategy September 20, 2012
    2. 2. Three Key Points I Want to Make TodayBig Data it’s not just Big Data is more Big Data is advancing“big data”…it’s about a about Big Analysis how we marketframework, tools, and and insights to Latinostechnology 2
    3. 3. Big Data – Understanding the BasicsPotential of terabytes How quickly does the All types of data areto petabytes of data data move across the now being captured enterprise when you (structured, need to make a semi-structured and decision? unstructured) 3
    4. 4. People to People to Machine to People machine machineNetizens, Virtual Archives, medical Devices, digital TV, Sensors, gps devices, Bar code scanners, 2.9 20 50Communities,Social networks, E-commerce, smart Surveillance cameras, million hours millionWeb logs… Cards, bank cards, Scientific research… Emails, Of video Tweets Computers, mobiles.. Sent every Uploaded Per day second Every min 4
    5. 5. What Type of Data are Marketers Collecting? Which of the following kinds of customer data does your marketing department collect or have access to? Demographics Customer transaction Customer usage Social media content Offline DataSocial network ties & influence Digital & Interactive Data Mobile phones/devices 0% 10% 20% 30% 40% 50% 60% 70% 80% Source: 2012 BRITE-NYAMA Marketing in Transition Study 5
    6. 6. Big Data Brings Significant Value to BusinessesSource: 2012 University of Texas Austin. Measuring the Business Impacts of Effective Data. In a comprehensive study of more than150 Fortune 1000 across diverse industries 6
    7. 7. Big Data is Critical to the Bottom Line Companies using big data outperformed their respective markets and have created sustained competitive advantages Big Data Leaders Other CompetitorsSource: September 2011, McKinsey & Company 7
    8. 8. How is Big Data & Analytics AppliedToday to Reach Latinos? 8
    9. 9. IT’S NOT... But This is What We’reSeeing in the Market Place Today…● Targeting assumptions based on mostly on survey and sample methods (i.e. “Latinos over-index on mobile usage”)● Focus on traditional top DMAs● Campaigns based on brokered list data, often just ethnically-coded data● Stereotype approach; they speak Spanish, consume Spanish media, heavy online users…therefore, good target● Little or no cultural relevancy, focus on country of origin 9
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    12. 12. The Value of Insights…Moving from a DataCommodity to High-Value Assets Value + Actionable Insights + Cultural Filters + Information + Data Touch Points Refinement 12
    13. 13. A Big Data Approach to Hispanic Marketing 13
    14. 14. How Does it Work?Data Sources Data Management & Staging Insight Solutions Customer Visualization Application BI Portal Luminar Data Customer Data Mash-upClient Data Files Real-Time Cloud Insights 3rd Party DataUnstructured Data Big Data Analytics 14
    15. 15. Where Does Luminar’s Data Come From?Our Data is aggregated from over 2000 diverse sources ● We aggregate consumer transactional data from loyalty systems ● Data sources contributed to Luminar include complete transaction POS files ● Sources also include online transaction data from retailers such as Amazon.com and Barnes & Noble ● We incorporate data sources that include individual, household, demographics and lifestyle information 15
    16. 16. Lets Review Examples of Big DataDenver, CO Voter Analysis CPG Chicago Market Product Analysis 16
    18. 18. The Power of Voter & Consumer Data Public Voter Information Luminar Consumer Behavior Data How we do it: We mash-up voter file against consumer databases and analyze those individuals on political issues to produce actionable insights 18
    19. 19. Denver Voter File ProfileDENVER VOTERS:Total of registered voters: 411,256Hispanic voters: 54,818 (14%)Luminar Hispanic voters: 55,334 (94%)Source: Luminar Insight App. 2012 Denver voter file analysis 19
    20. 20. Denver Hispanic AssimilationSource: Luminar Insight App. 2012 Denver voter file analysis 20
    21. 21. Denver Hispanic Assimilation Based on this insight, registered Hispanic voters are predominantly Spanish-speaking or at a minimum, bilingual.Source: Luminar Insight App. 2012 Denver voter file analysis 21
    22. 22. Denver Hispanic Party Voter ConsumptionSource: Luminar Insight App. 2012 Denver voter file analysis 22
    23. 23. Persona A – Working Mother • My name is Irma Gonzales, and I am a Hispanic female in my mid 30’s. Married with two children, I have lived in New York City for 12 years - however, I do not speak English very well. I am a Democrat, voted 2 times in the last 8 years • During the last three months, I have gone to the supermarket multiple times and spent $200 (per trip) on the products mentioned above. • I also use these opportunities to buy necessities for my children, as well as special treats. Communications Strategy a) Emotional connections to education b) Moderate voter c) Predominantly Spanish speaking, deliver communications in Spanish d) Persuasion / GOTV 23
    24. 24. Persona B – Luminar Hispanic Insights • I am a proud bilingual Hispanic in my 50’s, with 12 years of residence in Denver. I’m a registered republican, and voted in the last 3 elections • My passion are books, so I spend my free time reading novels. • Usually I buy my books through catalogs, paying with a credit card. • Sometimes, I also get presents for my grandchildren and spend an average of $72 each time I place an order. Communications Strategy a) Super voter, republican. b) High acculturation c) Protecting Latino family messages…
    26. 26. CPG Company Seeking Insights● Diversified CPG across different brands and categories● Analysis based on Chicago market● Data analyzed; 800,000 records● Client was seeking brand intelligence pertaining: - Store and shopper insights - Consumer behavioral insights 26
    27. 27. It’s Starts with Questions About yourConsumer and Shopping Behavior● What is the size of their basket purchase? ● What is their level of acculturation?● How much is spent in groceries per month? ● What is their income level?● What is the purchase cycle? ● Do they prefer to speak in English or● How frequently do they go grocery shopping? Spanish?● What weeks of the month do they usually buy ● How many people per household are groceries? there?● What supermarkets do they shop at? ● Where do they live within my trading area? 27
    28. 28. Luminar Insight App OverviewLuminar Insight Apps delivers analytics and insights through an intuitive web-based portal customized to clients’ needs Basket Analysis Brand Comparison Frequency Purchasing Cycle Brand Social-demographics Income Level 28
    29. 29. BASKET PURCHASING | helps shed insight into questions such as: • What is the size of the basket purchase? • How much is spent in groceries per month? • What else is in the purchase basket?Source: “Generic” CPG Brand Analysis | Chicago Market. 29
    30. 30. BRAN SOCIALGRAPHICS | helps shed insight into questions such as: • Brand is the income level? • What is the level of acculturation by brand/region? • What is the brand/income level per household?Source: “Generic” CPG Brand Analysis | Chicago Market. 30
    31. 31. How is Client Using Analytics?Analysis being used to help: - Understand in-store behavior for trading area - Define micro-targeting strategies based on overall purchasing patterns - Enhance the multicultural shopping experience by targeting more relevant messages - Competitive price comparison 31
    32. 32. Some Final Thoughts…1) Remember, big data is more than Data. Big Data gives you powerful analytic tools for greater accuracy, transparency, and predictive power2) Use more diverse data. More diverse data leads to more insights, don’t be married to just one source3) Solve a real pain point. Think about your core business problems and how to solve analyzing big data4) Big data is about finding meaning and context. In other words, reaching actionable insights, connecting the dots 32
    33. 33. Oscar Padilla, Vice President of Strategyopadilla@luminarinsights.com(866)375-4224 officePlease contact me directly to receive a copy of this deck or discuss our services 33