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Portada Conference 2012 - Country Focus: Colombia (Visa)


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Portada Latam Summit 2012 - Colombia: Lasting sunshine after the storm?

Martha Krawczyk discusses Visa's business venture into Colombia - the growth potential of the Colombian market, it's position at the forefront of digital commerce, and Visa's market strategies.

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Portada Conference 2012 - Country Focus: Colombia (Visa)

  1. 1. Colombia Marketing OverviewMartha KrawczykVisa Marketing
  2. 2. AgendaAbout VisaPerspective on ColombiaVisa Colombia, S.A.Marketing StrategiesNew Visa Debit Campaign in Colombia
  3. 3. About Visa Business Pillars  Vision The World’s Best Way Products & Services to Pay and be Paid Brand Acceptance  Mission Clients Accelerate the Processing Electronification of Commerce
  4. 4. Visa Facts*As of June 30, 2011 Visa Inc. Corporate Overview.” Visa. Data as of June 30, 2011 (unless otherwise noted)4
  5. 5. Visa Facts World s Most Admired Companies Visa ranked #1 Fortune s Most Admired Companies “Consumer Credit Cards and Related Services”March 2012 category. Most Trusted Brand in MobileAugust 2011 Payments Visa voted #1 Most Trusted Brand in Mobile Payments in a study conducted by Ogilvy & Mather. Best Global Brands Visa rises to 75th on the Best Global Brands list with a brand value of $4.5 billion – 12%October 2011 greater than last year. Fortune 500 Visa ranked #297 out of America s 500 largest corporations and #2 within the financial services category. May 2011
  6. 6. About ColombiaPositive economic outlook, increased international trading anddiversification of the economy• Showing steady improvement. World Bank Ranking: 42nd out of 183 economies (ease of doing business)• Foreign direct investment could reach $14.5B in 2012 (9.8% growth from last year)• United Nations report ranked Colombia 4th in Latin America for direct investment• Free Trade Agreements with the US and other trade deals in the works with the European Union and KoreaColombia a new Touristic Destination• Improvements on Security• Luxury Travel Market grows• Boost of Business Tourism Source: OMD Analysis - Euromonitor
  7. 7. A New Visa ColombiaStrategic Market for Visa Inc.• 4th Largest Economy in the Region• Inflation under control• Current Political and Social stability• Accelerate the adoption of Electronic Payments• Expansion of Financial Institutions outside Colombia• Growth of Visa Electronic Portfolio (Credit, Debit and Commercial)• Part of Visa International market growth strategy• Opportunity to expand our Acceptance Network• Increase presence of the Visa Brand locally• Continue strengthening our Leadership Position
  8. 8. Marketing Strategies Cross Product Premium Debit Cross Border Increase UsageMake Visa Platinum Increase awareness Commercial Increase Usage Drive Issuance and Infinite the of Visa Debit’s Outbound andpreferred payment superior convenience and Usage Inbound method vs. cash
  9. 9. Debit Business ContextBusiness Objective Payment Volume Marketing Strategy % 100 100 Target everyday purchases in 5% Other Supermarkets, Gas Stations and 13% Check Other 37% Restaurants/Fast Food 15% Card Issuing Acceptance • Increase awareness of Visa Debit’s Services 15% superior convenience vs. cash Travel 4% Other Retail 10% Fuel 6% 66% Cash 6% Ent./Food Activation Usage Grocery 22% MCC Competitor
  10. 10. “Jorge”If you go to the ATM to withdraw cashand wait in line, like “Jorge”, you couldmiss a lot of things.Pay directly with Visa Debit and keepon moving
  11. 11. Top Trends for ColombiaRetail Business Expansion• Modern and Sophisticated• Expansion to other cities• International playersA Digital Colombia• Life is Digital• Smart phones penetration• Social NetworksConscious Consumers• More access• Better optionsEcommerce Development
  12. 12. Thank you!