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Presentation for Portada's 2012 Mobile Marketing Forum in New York City.

Attend Portada's 2013 Latin Content Marketing Forum in Miami this June 4th, 2013.

Learn more at: http://www.portada-online.com/conferences

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  • Hi Everyone –First off I’d like to introduce myself: my name is Elizabeth Elliott and I work for StarcomMediaVest Group on the P&G team. I’d like to thank the folks at RedMas and at the Portada conference for inviting me to speak to you all today. From what I understand, this is the first time the Portada has included mobile within this forum and so I wanted to take a step back and before we get into the Hispanic market, let’s just talk about mobile in general.
  • I love this slide. Other than the extremely cute baby… this stat truly just boggles my mind.
  • So how about that – 3x as many smartphones being activated as there are babies being born around the world – well I have to say that’s probably true for the newest device to hit the market. Not sure how many of you have been following the release of Apple’s latest iPhone but Analysts are predicting that this will be the greatest selling gadget of all time. As many as 58 million units of the iPhone 5 will likely sell by the end of the yearThat could generate as much as $36.2 billion in sales for AppleAnalysts are predicting that this one single product sales could actually stimulate the economy. Can you believe that – just one product, having that much power over our economy.
  • So you get it right, mobile is big. This is an interesting poll that was conducted not too long ago. (point to some in the audience) What % of people do you think were more willing to give up Sex than their smartphone for just one week?Any other guesses? How about alcohol, or caffiene, chocolate, exercise, your toothbrunch, computer or shoes?
  • These numbers are crazy! People are literally addicted to their phones. How many of you look at your phone as the first thing you do in the morning?Probably even before you look at your husband or wife huh?
  • We know that consumers are using their phones everywhere33% are doing it while watchingtv22% while reading the newspaperAnd while I think this last one is a bit under represented, 39% use it while in the bathroom.
  • Many of you may have seen this slide before – that consumers are going to start using their phones and tablets more than their desktop computers. Mobile Internet expected to surpass the desktop by 2014– that’s only two years from now.
  • So with the adoption of all of these devices – consumers behaviors are shifting and it’s up to marketers to figure out how to keep the consumer engaged.This chart here is a study done by flurry, a mobile analytics company. They found that as of June 2011, The average user now spends 9% more time using mobile apps than the Internet via their desktop computerWe now spend more time browsing on mobile devices than we on a do traditional desktop
  • This is a more recent study done by Flurry. They found that consumers are spending on average 23% of their time on mobile and the ad dollars just do not match. It’s up to us, as marketers to convince our clients that this is where the consumer is engaged – this is how we will get them to interact with our brands.
  • But with that being said – we are seeing some shifts in the industry. Mobile advertising spending is UP.In the US reached we reached $1.45 billion last year, up 89% from 2010. This year, US mobile ad spending will grow ANOTHER 80% to $2.61 billion. So we are absolutely working to close that gap.
  • One of the ways that we can do this and one of the ways that P&G is doing this is leveraging the hispanic Market. As we continue to learn about this market and their habits it’s clear that the Hispanic market is LEADING - they are mobile’s biggest low hanging fruit.
  • We’ll for one they are growing. In looking at the population of the US – Hispanics make up 50% of the overall population growth. It’s expected they’ll continue to grow in the next 4 years making up almost 60%
  • In terms of smartphone adoption – We know that Hispanic consumers continue to outpace non-Hispanics with the adoption of smartphones, According to a study conducted by Terra Networks and ComScore, we’ve seen an increase: from 43% in 2010 to 57% in 2012 compared to an increase from 36% in 2010 to 46% in 2012 for non-Hispanics. 
  • These consumers are not only owning smartphones but they’re incredibly active users.Hispanics have been cited as sending and receiving some 941 SMS text messages per month – more than any other ethnic groupThey make 13 calls per day on their mobiles, which is 40% more than the average U.S. consumerHispanic video viewers are 68% more likelythan non-Hispanic White viewers to watch video on the Internet20% more likely to watch video on their mobile phoneNielsen April, 2012
  • Using mobile as their primary and sometimes only internet deviceAccording to Google: 65 percent of Latinos use their handset as their ONLY access to the Internet. This is the one avenue we know we can reach them on.
  • So I want to take a couple moments here and switch to social. As we continue to learn about this market we are finding out that the Hispanic audience is only growing within social environments. They have the potential to be the biggest Brand advocates online.
  • While these statics from Nielsen help to show how incredibly social and techy savvy this Hispanic audience really is – it’s important to understand how social, gaming, video – should not be silo’d from mobile. As all of these activites are taking place on mobile.In February of this year, visits were up 14% to sites like Facebook and WordPress.comOf the 500 Million people on facebook we know that 200 Million are accessing their facebook via their phone.
  • And when it counts the most Hispanics are more likely to support our brands.
  • So how I mentioned before: we are working to keep mobile as part of the connected tissue within all of our media plans – mobile should never be silo’d. Mobile phones are the one device you always have within 18 inches of your hand while you’re reading a magazine or watching tv. At SMG we’re looking to activate some of the more passive mediums like TV and print by using mobile as our vehicle.
  • When it comes to p&g specifically we too are working to close that gap between time spent on mobile and the ad dollars associated. Even more importantly to you all here today is the fact that p&g is allocating 20% of their mobile media budget in Spanish language ads, all targeted towards this US hispanic consumer.
  • But with that being said – we know that this consumer may be a native spanish speaker but may prefer to consume content in English.
  • Nielsen did a study to better understand the bilingual consumer to try to understand what language these consumers are consuming content. On a further note we’ve been working with a handful of partners to have them develop language device settings targeting. This helps our team a lot because we can use Spanish creative in an English language article because we may know that this person has their device set to Spanish – even though they are consuming content written in English. We’ve made it a point to make sure to include a language toggle on all of our rich media mobile ad units to accommodate for this consumer preference.
  • Here’s one of the first items I wanted to share with you all here today. This past summer Gain launched the first ever Hispanic iAd.Target: Hispanic females, 18-49Objective: Drive brand consideration and engagement for Gain with the Hispanic target through an immersive brand experience within the iAd.To be the FIRST Hispanic iAd we were feeling some pressure to hurry up and get something live. So we worked closely with Apple to activate a quick start version. This included a matching game where the consumer had a chance to win and download a Gain themed wallpaper directly from the ad unit. They could chose to watch a video or just interact with further Gain content. The best part about all of this is that we were able to include a Spanish/English toggle to allow consumers to consumer the content in either language. As it turns out, 87% chose to view the ad in English. Overall we were incredibly pleased as consumers werespending more an incredible amount of time in the ad: More than 50% higher than the Apple benchmark.After seeing the success with this version the team set out to build a more customized version. What’s even better about having done this in two steps is that we were able to apply learnings from the first campaign to the second – the targeting really is what improved. We learned that our sweet spot was actually Females 35-49 vs. the younger audience and that this audience spent the most of their time within the game – not the video. As Gain is all about scents and finding which scent is right for you, they developed the matchmaker… this clever nose like design on the end pretended to sniff and then offered choices to the consumer so that the nose could pick out the best gain scent for the consumer. This unit is still in market – we’re seeing even better results than with the first version.
  • So this is an incredibly cool app that we have just launched with the Apple app store. Go ahead and download the app: it’s called MiEstilo, which I’m sure most of you have figured out means “my style”. Herbal Essences had a problem – all of their Shampoo names were incredibly cutesy and well, they didn’t translate very well to Spanish. So what this app does is allows consumers, in aisle to scan their shampoo bottle to see what the translation may be to “tousle me softly” or “hello hydration”.I’ve actually brought a bottle of Herbal Essences today, who wants to help me test it out? The idea is that this app will engage the consumer in-aisle, and provide her with important information: product info and descriptions in her own language
  • So this is my final case study to share with you today. During the Olympics this year we did a campaign with SayMedia. Together we created this incredible custom Thank You Note ad unit to allow consumers to send a note to mom all from the ad experience.P&G decided that in addition to the general market efforts with the Proud Sponsor of Mom campaign, they needed to connect with the Latina Moms in a deeper way. The overall objective was to engage the consumer via a dynamic mobile ad unit and allow them to participate in the Thank you Mom campaign. Upon clicking on the invitation banner that read "Tap to send Mom a mobile post card", users were taken into a post card builder where they could personalize the card in Spanish or English.Users could choose from six themes for the card they wanted to send. Themes corresponded to participating proud sponsor of moms brands' attributes. Themes included Hardworking (PSOM), Pride (Orgullosa), Love (Downy), Passion (Tide), Confidence (Head&Shoulders), Power (Duracell). Each of themes included different pre-populated images and a definition of an attribute that each card/theme represented Users could edit and personalize the card not only by choosing a theme but also by composing a message and sending the card via text or email The experience lived within mobile and online. Like the Gain iAd – we made sure to include a language toggle.
  • Hispanic Mobile Marketing Forum 2012 - Elizabeth Elliot

    1. 1. Portada Hispanic MobileMarketing ForumSeptember 19, 2012
    2. 2. “There are 3x as many smartphonesbeing activated every minute around theworld as there are babies being born.”-Hans Vestberg CEO Ericsson
    3. 3. WOULD YOURATHER?Are you more willing to giveup your mobile phone for aweek OR…?
    4. 4. WOULD YOURATHER?TeleNav survey* The survey sample consisted of 514 U.S. mobilephone users (254 male/260 female) of drivingage.Responses were collected between July 15 andJuly 19, 2011.70% 55%63% 54% 33%22% 20% 21%ALCOHOL CAFFEINECHOCOLATE EXCERCISE SEXTOOTHBRUSH COMPUTER SHOES
    5. 5. 33% WHILEWATCHING TV22% WHILEREADING THENEWSPAPER39% WHILEGOING TO THEBATHROOMConsumers areusing mobileEVERYWHEREhttp://techcrunch.com/2011/04/26/google-survey-39-percent-of-smartphone-owners-use-their-device-in-the-bathroom/
    6. 6. Mobile vs. Desktop Usage2,0001,6001,2008004000MOBILEUSERS(MM)MOBILE VS. DESKTOP INTERNET USERS: 2007 – 2015MOBILE INTERNET USERSDESKTOPINTERNET USERSSource: Morgan Stanley Research 2010
    7. 7. Consumer Behavior SHIFTSFlurry Research 2011
    8. 8. While the Industry STRUGGLES to keep up
    9. 9. The Hispanicmarket isLEADING
    10. 10. Hispanic consumers continue to OUTPACEnon-Hispanics with the adoption of smartphones
    11. 11. They’ve become IncrediblyACTIVE users
    12. 12. The Hispanic audiencecontinues to GROWwithin socialenvironments
    13. 13. ACTIVEMOBILE
    14. 14. P&G has made a investmentwithin Mobile, especially with theHispanic market
    15. 15. While this consumermay understandSPANISH they mayprefer ENGLISH
    16. 16. 1st HISPANIC iAD.23
    18. 18. GRACIAS, MAMÁ.25