Why is arts college as hard as harvard


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PortPrep's Karen Kesteloot talks to Wayne Allyn Root and reveals that, out of 30 applicants in Harvard, only 1 student gets accepted. For art students applying at Harvard or any university, Karen can help you increase your chances of acceptance with the PRoven ARTS Answer.

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Why is arts college as hard as harvard

  1. 1. ne wswire .ne t http://www.newswire.net/newsro o m/pr/00078593-why-is-arts-co llege-as-hard-as-harvard.html Why is Arts College as Hard as Harvard? Karen Kestelo o t Karen Kesteloot and Wayne Root Why is getting accepted into the best arts colleges as hard as getting into Harvard? How can students stand out and beat the 30:1 odds? T he Proven ART S Answer videos reveal how. Wayne Allyn Root shares powerf ul insights on how to ensure student success. (Newswire.net -- November 30, 2013) -- Guelph, ON University applicants compete f or acceptance into the most prestigious art and design colleges at the same tough rates as Harvard candidates. Wayne Allyn Root and Karen Kesteloot reveal the staggering number of applicants verses placements at these prestigious schools like CalArts, Sheridan, FIT, Pratt, Parsons, OCADU, or RISD to name just a f ew of these top rate art and design colleges. Wayne exclaimed, “We talked about how impossible it is to get into Harvard. 30, 000 apply, (they’re all the best in their class) 1000 get accepted. So it’s a 1 in 30 shot. You’re telling me that art schools have the same kind of odds! So without getting in your dreams are gone!” How can students stand out and get accepted over their peers with 30:1 odds? T he answer is provided by Kesteloot, f ounder of PortPrep.com in a new series of instructional videos. T he Proven ART S™ Answer video series gives students the edge they need. 100% of PortPrep’s students have been accepted into the top art and design schools using these powerf ul tips. T he inability of high schools to provide adequate education to students about how to prepare f or the intense competition in the best art and design colleges is what pushed PortPrep to provide the solution f or thousands stressed and bewildered students. With the under-f unding of arts education at the high school level being so prevalent, the problem of unprepared students is so wide spread that an af f ordable do-it- yourself learning tool is desperately needed to allow students to compete with any hope of acceptance. “When I was reviewing entrance art portf olios at Sheridan College I was surprised and quite f rankly appalled at the poor quality portf olios that were being submitted,” said PortPrep’s f ounder. Adam Oliphant was a high school senior who wanted to become an architecture student but had no idea how to make a portf olio to get him into the best programs. Af ter receiving coaching with PortPrep through the Proven ART S™ Answer, Mr. Oliphant built a build a portf olio that got him into the Architectural Science program at Ryerson University, in the top 5% of the 2,000 applicants competing f or the 127 spots—30:1 odds. Oliphant said, “If you can take no clue to accepted in the top 5%; that’s pretty impressive!” Katie Butt, who received PortPrep’s 2012 Scholarship, also f ound the Proven ART S™ Answer to be extremely helpf ul to get her into the Graphic Design program at York/ Sheridan.
  2. 2. “I learned a lot including how to choose which photos were my strongest. With Karen's help I was def initely able to make it the best it could be.” Now these videos are available on Vimeo On Demand at https://vimeo.com/ondemand/5716 so that more students can access Karen’s insider tips on how to get accepted into the best art and design programs. If you’re serious about beating these staggering odds, learn more about the Proven ART S™ Answer and create a winning art portf olio by clicking here. PortPrep Studios 275 Woolwich St N1H 3V8 519 803-2539 inf o@portprep.com portprep.com