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Join the Beating the Odds Video Blog Contest at and automatically get a free 1/2 hour consultation for your artworks from experienced art instructor Karen Kesteloot. The best video entries will win six 2-hour coaching services from Ms. Kesteloot at her studio in Guelph, Ontario or through video chat. Contest is eligible to current or former students of an art or design program in college.

By participating in this contest, you not only help upcoming students prepare with their college art applications, but also receive coaching to help improve your portfolio.

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Beating the Odds Video Blog Contest

  1. 1. Student Success Stories video blogcontest
  2. 2. IMPORTANT INSTRUCTIONS TOFOLLOW• Choose a category:– Interesting & Compelling (Category One)– Entertaining & Creative (Category Two)• Create a 1- 3 minute video highlighting your journey of how yougot into your dream post-secondary school. All art and designprograms that require entrance portfolios welcome.• Upload your video onto YouTube with the name: “BEATING THEODDS Student Success Stories” In brackets include your chosencategory and the school you applied to.• Email with the following information:– video link to YouTube– your name, and where you are from– name of program and post-secondary school you applied to• Wait for an e-mail back because EVERYONE WINS SOMETHING!
  3. 3. CATEGORY ONE- Interesting &CompellingThis category demonstrates the great efforts thatyou went through to get accepted into the schoolof your dreams. It shares a story of humantriumph of beating the odds and overcomingsome unusually challenging life circumstance likeillness or disability, lack of opportunity fortraining, dramatic turning point in your life, orovercoming financial/social/politicalbarriers, winning a scholarship to a prestigiousschool via your talents, etc.
  4. 4. CATEGORY TWO- Entertaining &CreativeThis category gives you a chance to have somefun and show off your creative genius throughstunning artwork, graphics, animation orother creative presentation ideas. Thiscategory challenges you to wow us with yourwit and ingenuity. It’s your chance to entertainus and maybe even have a video that goesviral! Think of how you can show your story ofsuccess in a funny, clever or beautiful way.
  5. 5. WHAT YOU WILL WIN!Every entry will get a minimum of ½ hour ofinstruction and helpful tips about how toprepare for college by PortPrep Portfoliocoach, Karen Kesteloot. This valuable trainingwill help students prepare for post-secondaryschool and give them an extra step abovetheir classmates before the classes begin.
  6. 6. WHAT YOU COULD WIN!• Runners-up:– Two runners up from each category (Interesting & Compelling, Entertaining & Creative) willreceive 2 full hours of college preparation tips, drawing instruction or portfolio appraisal andrecommendations for summer study.• Fan Favorite:– The fan favorite is based on the number of YouTube views and likes the video gets. The entrywith the most views will receive 4 hours of instruction or portfolio appraisal andrecommendations for summer study. The fan favorite will also receive two limited editionportfolio preparation videos from the series The Proven ARTS Answer.• Grand prize winners:– The grand prize winner from category one (Interesting & Compelling) and from category two(Entertaining & Creative) will receive a full course of summer study to prepare for college inthe form of six 2 hour classes over 2 months of the summer. The instruction can be received inwhatever mode is most convenient to the winner. The grand prize winners will also receivetwo limited edition portfolio preparation videos from the series The Proven ARTS Answer.For more information about The Proven ARTS Answer, visit this link
  7. 7. THE JUDGING PROCESS• The top 20 will be selected based on the number of viewsof their video. The top 20 entries will then be reviewed byKaren Kesteloot with a board of 3 other art instructors fromvarious fields of specialization. These judges will select the4 winning entries.• WHAT JUDGES ARE LOOKING FOR?– Humorous, clever or entertaining—something that would getattention on YouTube– Highly creative with interestingartworks, graphics, music, acting, dancing, or otherperformance art, etc.– Creatively edited and presented well with great artwork orgraphics in the editing– Do something that makes your story stand out– Make sure you own the copyright of all images
  8. 8. CONSIDER THE FOLLOWING POSSIBLEIDEAS LISTED BELOW:• What odds did you beat?• What made your acceptance so important to you?• What was the biggest contributing factor to your acceptance?• Who supported you through this process?• What was your biggest challenge during this process?• Did anything odd or funny happen during your applicationprocess?• How has your life changed since you have been accepted?These are all possible ideas you can use for your video. However, feel free to be creative and express yourself!CREATIVITY AND HUMOUR WILL HELP YOUR VIDEO STAND OUT AMONG THE REST!
  9. 9. WHAT TO EXCLUDE• Artwork that is not your own• Images of or inclusion of people that have not signed the attached waiverform• Cursing or coarse language• Profanity of any kind• Nudity other than possible examples of life drawing that were in yourportfolio• Disturbing and inappropriate visuals or content; keep in mind that whilewe are creative sorts that do often push the boundaries, that this is aneducational site and needs to follow societal propriety• Content that is derogatory towards any peoples, groups, and institutionsincluding PortPrepAny video that does not respect these guidelines will be disqualified and will not receive the1/2hour Skype or other web call or live chat consultation, nor will you receive the portfolio assessment.
  10. 10. DO YOU DISLIKE MAKING VIDEOS? NO PROBLEM!Just send us a written blog with your photo or self-portrait andreceive an email of advice based on your personal portfolio.THANK YOU for participating! Can’t wait to view your entries!Feel free to email Karen Kesteloot at info@portprep.comFollow us on Twitter: @portprepClick here to viewcontest guidelines inPDF form.