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PortHand Second Screen Apps


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Overview of Second Screen & Social TV Apps by mobile consultants PortHand.

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PortHand Second Screen Apps

  1. 1. PortHand Second Screen & Social TV Applications
  2. 2. “Television has always been social - from viewing parties to office chats about favourite shows.” “This behavior has always existed; technology has just made it easier for more people to join the conversation."
  3. 3. The Trends 77% 37% 24% 1.2xhigher emotional engagement when solo viewers used a sync app with their TV compared to just watching TV (Turner). of 18-34 year olds as well as 30% of 15-17 year olds have started watching a TV show after reading positive social comments online (Horrowitz). of 18-24 year olds share something about a show on social media, while 31% talk online to people they don't know about their favourite shows (BSkyB/YouGov). of time spent watching TV is with another device in hand (Google/Ipsos).
  4. 4. A Second Screen App is… designed to be used while watching TV on a first screen.
  5. 5. A Second Screen App is not… a first screen service on a second screen.
  6. 6. Core Benefits of Second Screen Apps
  7. 7. Core Benefits of Second Screen Apps
  8. 8. Core Benefits of Second Screen Apps
  9. 9. Case Study: „Romania‟s Got Talent‟ Full Second Screen Solution
  10. 10. Engagement • 100k Downloads • 500k app sessions • 25k comments • 5m Push Notifications sent • 850GB traffic • Cumulative time spent in app sessions 5.4 years
  11. 11. Use Case: Sky Sports Ryder Cup Challenge App
  12. 12. Features • Live Interactive Ryder Cup predictions • Measure performance on Facebook leaderboard. • App interactions feed back into programming.
  13. 13. Use Case: „The Million Pound Drop‟ Interactive Live Quiz
  14. 14. Features • Full Audience participation • „Play from home‟ • Results and statistics fed back into in broadcast
  15. 15. Use Case: Channel 4 „4Now‟ Channelwide Social App
  16. 16. Features Provides an always-on, centralised destination for synchronised experiences including; • additional content • programme information • social media activity • real time polls, votes & quizzes.
  17. 17. 31% 17% 11% 5% 36% Most Socially Engaging TV Genres (% share of social TV conversation) January-November 2012 Sports Reality Drama Comedy Other Second Screen Opportunities
  18. 18. The Three Biggest Opportunities for Irish Broadcasters Sport Reality TV News & Current Affairs GAA Championship 2014 The Voice of Ireland The Late Late Show RBS Six Nations 2014 The Apprentice The Frontline FIFA World Cup 2014 Eurovision 2014 Morning Ireland Airtricity League Operation Transformation Ireland AM Racing Festivals 2014 Great Irish Bake Off Tonight with Vincent Browne
  19. 19. 1. User Accounts: allow simple login with social networking accounts or 3rd party login systems. All accounts keep track of the actions performed by the audience within the app and award users with points and badges based on predefined rules. 2. TV Show Check-ins: integrate seamlessly with social networks, boosting awareness and discovery potential. 3. Live surveys & voting: synced between the app and the TV show, these are instantly available on millions of devices. The results collected from the surveys can easily be shown on screen. PortHand Second Screen Functionality
  20. 20. 4. Timeline and in-app chat: offer a similar experience to Facebook’s social context for discussions between users. 5. Synchronised web content distribution: can be used for pushing additional, premium content to the mobile application in close connection to the content available on TV at specific timestamps. 6. Second streams: add a new viewing experience by streaming additional video from different angles and points of view. 7. Interactive ads: synced with the ads running on TV and distributed to app users, actionable ads are a bridge between TV and digital advertising.
  21. 21. Cloud Backend Services and Application Hosting: • PortHand’s scalable and durable cloud infrastructure matched with our content delivery network offers a solid, reliable foundation for your apps. Extensive App Security: • Communication between the app and PortHand’s backend are secured to industry standards via a HTTPS connection. • Login credentials sent by users are encrypted. • Sensitive data is stored on-device in an encrypted container. PortHand App Platform
  22. 22. PortHand can help you… Think Build Test Host Specify the product • Define Strategy • Benchmark Competition • Define Concept & Features Design & Integrate Architecture • Back & Front End • App Technical Design • Integration with existing systems Organise and train your teams • Define the Organisation • Train the Team to Run the Service Deploy & Manage your apps • Cloud powered • Real-time analytics • App Store distribution
  23. 23. Thank You