PowerMTA v4.0 and the PowerMTA Management Console


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The PowerMTA Management Console is a enterprise level software solution that offers a sleek web-based interface that scales with your requirements

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PowerMTA v4.0 and the PowerMTA Management Console

  1. 1. July 2011 PowerMTA v4.0 ™ and the New PowerMTA™ Management Console What is PowerMTA ? ™ PowerMTA™ is a very specialized email delivery solution providing unsurpassed reliability and delivery performance, with granular connection controls. Offering superior message throughput, simplified set up and configuration, and visibility through real-time reporting and tracking, PowerMTA™ pays dividends immediately. The key cog in the email messaging delivery process, PowerMTA™ is compatible with any SMTP-compliant email application. Tighter integration capabilities are also available through various APIs, allowing customers to leverage their current front end infrastructure investments to maximize ROI. PowerMTA v4.0 ™ PowerMTA™ v4.0 is the latest release of PowerMTA™ software that includes a wide variety of new, advanced, innovative features and functionalities that allow for even greater flexibility and email delivery control. With its enhanced VirtualMTA rate limiting and the ability to create holding queues for future email release, PowerMTA™ now offers more per email campaign delivery features than any other solution in the marketplace. New features include delivery priorities and the ability to perform DKIM signing, both on a per recipient basis, or if delivering over a shared IP address. Other new enhancements include remote bounce and feedback loop parsing, individual recipient priorities, SNMP and IPv6 support, and the ability to run PowerMTA™ on additional operating systems, including Windows® 64-bit and Debian.www.port25.com 1
  2. 2. PowerMTA™ Management Console Configuration Monitoring Reporting Each node has a Selected nodes are monitored Selected nodes report to different configuration by the PMC Interface the PMC Interface Node 2 Node 2 Node 2 Node 1 Node 3 Node 1 Node 3 Node 1 Node 3 PMC INTERFACE PMC INTERFACE PMC INTERFACENode 4 Node 5 Node 4 Node 5 Node 4 Node 5 Node 6 Node 8 Node 6 Node 8 Node 6 Node 8 Node 7 Node 7 Node 7 The PowerMTA™ Management Console is an enterprise software solution offering a sleek web based interface to one, or more than one, PowerMTA™ installation, that scales with your needs. The PMC is separate from PowerMTA™, but which requires, and only works with, PowerMTA™ v4.0 and later. The dashboard in the PowerMTA™ Management Console is the home page and provides a central window into essential, real-time, top level delivery and bounce information, covering both monitoring and short-term reporting data across selected PowerMTA™ instances. The web based configuration simplifies operations, making all of the high-end features and options more accessible. The Monitoring pages offer node summary information both in aggregate, and on a per node basis, for easy comparison. Detailed real-time monitoring and short-term reporting information is available on all key data points. Configuration tabs streamline configuration for the parameter being monitored, while an actions tab allows for running various commands (pause, delete, etc.) right from within the monitoring page. See “Integrated interactions”. The Reporting facility offers detailed, database driven, historical reporting of key delivery and bounce data, across a variety of filters for further customization and drilldown. A csv export of report data is also available for those seeking to store report outputs separately. www.port25.com 2
  3. 3. PowerMTA™ Solution OverviewFeatures include:• CRM Integration: compatible with most CRM / mail • IPv6 Compatibility feeder applications through a standard SMTP • Established Email submission interface. Authentication Tools• Remote Bounce Parsing: accept and parse both • Mail Stream Segmentation: A single PowerMTA™ remote bounces and feedback loop emails. This server can function as several “VirtualMTAs”. greatly reduces the need for an external, third party • VirtualMTA Technology: two forms of VirtualMTA bounce management solution. rate limiting can be applied overriding any domain• Feedback Loop Management: emails can be setting for more granular ISP specific adherence delivered or dropped based on customer preference. policies.• Queue Prioritization: allows clients to indicate a • Policy Based Delivery Controls: provides granular “priority” in the message header. control and allows senders to apply polices on a per• Windows 64bit Version: runs natively in 64bit mode, server, per domain, per “VirtualMTA” or per campaign and will use all available RAM, allowing for larger basis. queue sizes if needed. • Email Reputation Management: produces• VirtualMTA Rate Limiting: can override any domain immediate notification of delivery issues. setting for more granular ISP specific adherence • PowerMTA™ Management Console features four policies. main navigation tabs – Dashboard, Monitoring,• Granular Deliverability Reporting: provides Reputation and Configuration. extensive monitoring and reporting tools.• Message Throughput: multi-threaded architecture, advanced queue design and specialized scheduling algorithm. PowerMTA Process NTERFA CI M CE P ISP TS IEN CIP RE www.port25.com 3
  4. 4. Noteworthy EnhancementsRemote Bounce and Feedback first is basic connection limiting with then set by the sender to assignLoop Management the directive max-smtp-out. This which segment of the list will bePowerMTA™ now offers the ability setting will be applied across the sent firt. Previously, this featureto accept and parse both remote entire VirtualMTA, overriding any was only available at the domainbounces and feedback loop emails. <domain> setting that may have a level; now, a sender has moreThis greatly reduces the need for an larger max-smtp-out value. The granular control and can manageexternal, thirdparty bounce second form of rate limiting which individual recipients receivemanagement solution. The remote available in a VirtualMTA is messages first.bounce and FBL loop emails can be max-smtp-msgrate. As the directivedelivered or dropped based on indicates, this only works on SMTP Increasing queue sizes signify acustomer preference. Regardless of queues and not file, pipe, or any healthy economic indicator for ourwhat isdone to the email, the data other queues. The directive can be industry; however, senders arefrom these messages is stored in an applied on a daily, hourly, per challenged daily by how much timeaccounting file. The accounting files minute, or per second basis. The a massive queue will take tofor the remote bounces or feedback directive start time is when the complete processing, based on anyloop emails can be separated or directive is applied, and not at number of outside influences. Withstored together. precise clock intervals. For queue prioritization, senders can example, the per day rate if set at now target the individual list 64bit version 12:28pm will reset at that time segments that are most likely toPowerMTA™ is now supported on everyday, and not at midnight. engage. Concentrating on these listWindows 64 bit platforms. While segments helps to reducePowerMTA™ previously ran on Pause Command Enhancements campaign costs, substantially64bit, it ran in 32bit. This allowed The PowerMTA™ pause command improve subscriber experience, andfor only using up to 4GB of RAM, now allows for pausing a queue dramatically increase customerand subsequently, only holding a prior to injecting messages into it. lifetime value all while reducingqueue of about 3,000,000 This can be very useful for queuing inevitable churn.recipients. The new version runs large campaigns that take hours tonatively in 64bit mode, and will use build, as the messages can be built Other Noteworthy Enhancements:all available RAM, allowing for larger and queued ahead of time. ✓ IPv6 Compatibilityqueue sizes if needed. As a note, ✓ Command Centerfor performance reasons, it is not Queue Prioritization ✓ Policy Based Delivery Controlsrecommended to have queues Queue Prioritization, a new, more ✓ CRM Integrationlarger than 10,000,000 recipients advanced feature, allows clients to ✓ Remote Bounce Parsingunless the hardware is capable of indicate a “priority” in the message ✓ Granular Delivery Reportingvery fast I/O (most importantly, the header. These priority levels affect ✓ Reputation PreservationHDD setup). when a message is sent to a given Management recipient (or set of recipients). In ✓ Added Native Debian packagesVirtualMTA Rate Limiting other words, certain segments of a ✓ HTTPS Support to Web MonitorVirtualMTA rate limiting is now sender’s list would receive prioritysupported in PowerMTA™. This bassed on an integer you set.rate limiting comes in 2 forms. The Based on that integer, priority is www.port25.com 4
  5. 5. Technical SpecificationsPort 25 Solutions, Inc.6011 University Blvd.Suite 470Ellicott City, MD 21043 PowerMTA™ v4.0: PowerMTA™ Management Console: Supported Platforms: Recommended Hardware Specs: Microsoft Windows (Intel)- Windows 2000 and • CPU – Minimum dual core CPU required, Above Linux (Intel) quad/dual quad core or more • RedHat 9 or later recommended • RedHat Fedora Core 1or later • RAM – Minimum 4GB RAM dedicated to • RedHat Enterprise 3.0 or later the main process required (64-bit OS), • 32-bit and 64-bit support 16GB or more recommended • Other Linux flavors supported Disk Sub-System: Sun Solaris (SPARC) • 100MB/s read/write HDD setup highly • Solaris 8 or later recommended, 200MB/s read/write or • Debian Platform faster recommended Supported Interfaces and Submission/Delivery: • 200GB HDD space required, • SMTP (extended) 300GB or more recommended • API: C, C++, Perl, Java, .NET Other: • Local “pipe” delivery • 500Kb/s in bandwidth per monitored • Pickup directory PowerMTA™ server required (for • File delivery communication between PowerMTA™ node(s) and the PowerMTA™ Delivery Accounting File: Management Console) • CSV format • 5 types of records • Custom rotation schemes • Command line delivery/bounce reporting tool Authentication Specs: • DKIM Signing • DomainKeys Signing • Sender ID/SPF Support Monitoring: • Web-based status • XML over HTTP • Command-line query tool • File export (text, XML, DOM-style) PowerMTA™: Over 3500 Installations Worldwide WORLDWIDE INSTALLATIONS More than 100 More than 25 More than 10 1 or more Port25 At a Glance Port25 Solutions Inc. provides specialized email infrastructure software products that address the increased unique demands of client communications and email marketing applications. PowerMTA™, Port25’s flagship product, provides senders with superior performance and advanced features to proactively manage their sender reputations. Port25’s global footprint includes 66% of the leading Email Service Providers as published by Forrester and enterprise level clients such as MySpace, CareerBuilder, and the New York Times. Port25 is a member of the Email Sender and Provider Coalition (ESPC) and MAAWG. Founded in 1999, Port25’s mission is to help realize the potential of email as a platform for legitimate and effective customer www.port25.com communications. Visit www.port25.com for a fully featured product evaluation. 5