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Survey analysis

  1. 1. The first question in my survey asks participants for their age group. By asking this first I wasable to easily go through and remove these results and they are unnecessary for my results.Although this will change my results and reduce the number of participants who haveanswered, by removing these participants I will have much more reliable results. Because I putthis survey link on my facebook a few older participants, whose views are not required for myanalysis, so asking this question at the very beginning was very useful. I chose to delete theparticipants in the ‘31+’ category because these are the least useful participants for thisparticular survey of mine. Had I have also had responses in the age categories ‘0-13’ and ‘26-30’, I would have removed these responses from my age range too. I have decided to keep theresponses in the age range ’22-25’ because I have decided if I could try and target a wideraudience then my magazine would have a higher readership and therefore would be morepopular. Also people in the age range ’22-25’ will probably be more financially stable thanpeople in the ’14-18’ and possibly even ’19-21’ age range, therefore would be more likely tobuy my music magazine more often or on a more regular basis. By removing the data thatwould not help with my analysis, I went from have 36 results to just 28.
  2. 2. By asking whether participants were male or female (or by ticking the “I do not wish to answer”option) I am able to analyse what the different genders prefer in a magazine. This question wasnot necessary and I think I could have used this question more effectively, however I think it willhelp when I am designing my magazine to show how I can target both genders, which willeffectively cover a wider readership.
  3. 3. From this question I am able to see what people’s priorities are when it comes to buyingmagazines. This will be useful because I can possibly combine types of magazines such asgossip with my music magazine to interest a wider range of readers. The majority of peopleread gossip, real life and fashion magazines therefore these would be good subjects to coverin my music magazine. By having an ‘other’ category I was able to see if anyone read anytypes of magazine that I hadn’t listed in my possible responses. By learning from thisquestion that only 4% of the survey participants read music, I have learnt that to increasemy magazine sales and readership I would need to include a cover a variety of topics whilstlinking them to music.
  4. 4. By asking this question I have been able to work out whether Iwould want to make my magazine weekly, fortnightly or monthly.Although this won’t make a huge difference to the design on mymagazine, when I put a date on the front cover I will knowwhether I want to put an issue number, a date or a month.Because the majority of people who took my survey buymagazines very rarely or less than once a month I have decided Iwill make my magazine monthly, including a month of productionon the front cover.
  5. 5. By asking participants of my survey what they are most interested in when deciding which magazine to buy I am able to put these things on my front cover and make them stand out the most. Participants of my survey look at the feature article and the cover lines when deciding which magazine to buy. They are least bothered by what the magazine is called, therefore when Idecide the magazine title I shouldn’t worry too much about it. Because most of the participantslook at the feature article I need to concentrate on making this stand out on the front cover, butalso make sure it is a feature article which interests my readers and is up to date. By including amajority of interesting cover lines and promoting the best of what my magazine has to offer I amalso more likely to increase the number of people who read it. I will research the cover price ofother music magazines the participants of my survey read and base the cover price of mine onthe prices of these whilst also considering how much people spend on magazines in general in amonth.
  6. 6. To also find out what I should put as the cover price for my magazine I asked participantsof my survey “How much roughly do you spend on magazines each month?” For thisquestion I decided to let participants type how much, instead of stipulating tick boxanswers. From this question I collected the following results; 1 participant spends 50p amonth on magazines,2 spend £1.50,4 spend £2, 5 spend £3, 2 spend £4, 6 spend £5, 3spend £6, 3 spend £10, 2 don’t buy magazines and 1 participant uses their club cardpoints to purchase a magazine subscription. This shows that the majority of peoplespend between £3 and £5 on magazines a month. This will help me base the cover priceof my magazine on how much people spend as my magazine will be a monthly issue. Ialso need to take into consideration that whilst some people would happily spend £5 onone magazine, others may wish to buy a few magazines with £5 and my cover price willreflect this.
  7. 7. To see if there was a music magazine I could research for information on what is most popularwith my target audience of 14-18 I asked participants “If you normally buy a musicmagazine, which one do you buy and why?” This question has obviously caused someconfusion with my participants as many answered with magazines they buy and not MUSICmagazines which they buy, however it is interesting to see why people buy particularmagazines, for example someone said they buy shout because it has “fashion, gossip, freebiesand is a good price”. An answer like this, although not relevant to this particular question, willhelp me design my magazine because it shows people like a variety of topics covered in amagazine and all for a good price. Because of participants not reading or understanding thequestion properly I unfortunately had to remove 3 answers from this question. From the 26answers I was left with, 18 people don’t buy music magazines, 1 person reads FHM becausethe content varies, 1 person reads Q because it includes a lot of content, 1 person reads LinkinPark because it covers the music they like, 1 person reads Vibe and the most popular musicmagazine amongst my participants is Kerrang! From this question I am able to see thatKerrang would be a good research tool before I start to design my music magazine to see thevariety of content it offers, the design and also the cover price.
  8. 8. I asked participants of my music survey which type of music interests those most to see what type of music I should base my magazine around. Obviously, the more people interested in a genre of music, the more people that are likely to buy my magazine so they can follow their favourite music genre. From this question I can see that R&B is the most popular genre of music, closely followed by chart music and pop. Out of these genres I am most interested in either chart music or pop, therefore so I can get involved with my music magazine and enjoy creating it, I am going to base my music magazine on chart music. This will also be a good genre to base my music magazine on because I can easily research on the internet what is in the charts at the moment, meaning my magazine will be up to date and interesting with the latest music fashions. Because I couldn’t list all the genre’s of music, I also left an ‘other’category on this question where participants could type into a comment box other types ofmusic that interests them. By doing this I got minority responses for other types of music suchas Christian music, rock-pop, indie, acoustic, electro, drum and bass, grime, psychobilly and club.Because these are all minority answers I will not base my music magazine on these; however itdoes show just how many genres of music are available for people to listen to.
  9. 9. By asking participants of my survey about their leisure activities I am able to assess the time they have for reading music magazines. This is also a very useful question to ask because it means I can maybe link some of the leisure activities with my music magazine. Unsurprisingly one of the top leisure activities of my target audience for my music magazine is social networking. From knowing this is the top leisure activity I could link this into my music magazine by, for example putting facebook page or twitter page addresses for artists who are in the charts into my magazine so that my magazine readers can easily follow those artists or bands they are interested in. Another is reading which is good because it shows that I include a fair amount of text in my magazine because my target audience enjoy reading.My target audience also claim ‘working’ as one of their top leisure activities. This is interestingbecause it enables me to understand my target audience are trying to earn money and so thiscould link to possible competitions or freebies which could earn or save them money forexample completing music related surveys or winning tickets to gigs they like. It also shows thatthey probably don’t have much leisure time; therefore a music magazine could be their onlyleisure time so I must make it interesting and about things they enjoy reading about. By learningthe majority of people who I surveyed are into social networking or being on the computer, Icould also list websites or advertise an e-subscription service in my music magazine.
  10. 10. I asked my participants the above question because I wanted to assess their VALS-Values, Aspirations and Lifestyles. The majority of my participants want to have a family, get awell paid job and have a happy relationship. This shows my participants have high aspirations inlife and so I think it would be good to possibly include information about chart musicians whohad high aspirations at the age of my target audience (14-18). It is also necessary for me tomake sure I am targeting the right audience and have a clear view of what their VAL’s are so Ican correctly target potential buyers.