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Skills development

  1. 1. To start my design for my front cover I added my mast head onto a plain white A4background in Photoshop. I designed my mast head using fonts from ‘’. Iwanted the font to stand out, but also be simple and easy to read whilst on the front ofmy magazine. I also wanted it to reflect the style and design of the magazine, which I feelit does.
  2. 2. Next I added the medium close up photograph of my models. At this stage I decided toremove the male model from the photo using the eraser tool, because I felt the photolooked better with just girls on the front as it looked more balanced. I used the eraser toolto carefully go round the edge of both of the female models because the selection tool didnot effectively select the edge of the models.
  3. 3. To continue on with my magazine front cover design I added boxes using the shape tool onPhotoshop, and then filled these with a dark grey colour before using the text tool to addwhite text onto these.
  4. 4. Next I moved the background across, leaving a gap at the edge of the left hand side of mymagazine. I then used the fill tool on Photoshop to fill this gap and used the select colour toolto select the same colour as I used in the boxes.
  5. 5. The final adjustment to my magazine design was adding the barcode. I created the barcodeon an online generator, saved it as a JPEG and then imported this into Photoshop beforedeciding where on my magazine to place it. I also added a small date below my barcode toshow which issue of the magazine series I was producing.
  6. 6. To start my design for my contents page I firstly added my masthead into the centre ofmy college magazine contents page. I used the lock tool on Photoshop to make sure thatthe writing was equal proportions, and not too wide or too long, and by using this tool Iwas able to ensure this.
  7. 7. To continue on with my magazine contents page design, I added boxes using the shapetool on Photoshop, and then filled these with a dark grey colour before using the texttool to add white text onto these. These are the different sections of my magazine, suchas the feature article, the articles that are in every magazine and the special articles.
  8. 8. To complete the particular sections of my contents page, I added 5 logos for Topshop,Matalan, Odeon and New Look because these are 4 places which I feel students will wantto use their student ID as discount.
  9. 9. The final adjustment to my college magazine contents page was adding the medium closeup photo of the UEA student for my special feature. I removed the background using thePhotoshop quick selection tool.