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  1. 1. Before the world of e-branding and internet is discussed, I would like to share an originalincidence which happened with me long backwhen I was new to internet .I happened to be with my client some nine years back and the client being a big businessman who had one leg always in abroad countries simply askedme for my e-mail id and I had to struggle withhis eyes to somehow manage to say that yes I have an email id but it got blocked and so I will intimate the new one. But, the fact was I was not having one. This was India someyears back or atleast I was backward with the usage of internet.Devis fenetre
  2. 2. In India, google com is god of search engine, this I came to know inorder to create my first email id with yahoo com I went with mybrother and asked how to make an email id, he told me a long routethat was to open google com and then write yahoo com and thenclick on it and then there will be an option of new registration for anemail id
  3. 3. It was nice to create a email id finally I was happy as well asshocked as to how if I have created a mail id cannot be used byother person and mine will be unique, how yahoo can know aboutmy creating of email But, it happened with a MBA graduate of Indiasome nine years back But, now without internet, life gets crippledOne must have an email id and if you are businessman, you shouldhave a website otherwise you will be out of reach by potentialcustomers
  4. 4. Even people take you as outdated person or businessman if youdonÂ’t have a well designed website One fine day a gentlemanhappened to visit my office at dawn hours while I was about to leavethe office , he was talking about expansion of business and wastalking that he has increased the annual budget for advertisement aswithout advertisement , now business is getting more competitive Itwas more than an hour, he went on explaining about theadvertisement benefits without even a single question of curiositywas thrown on him about advertisement But, because theunawareness of his misconception made me to finally involve myselfand had to stop in the mid way to address him, what if your budget isreduced to one fourth in advertisement and you get more benefit andresult then ever The man before me just got stunned and stared atme as if I had abused me , then with a cunning smile, ofcourse bysuch time he was considering himself to be smarter as he wassharing his expertise in business through advertisement , asked , is
  5. 5. is you meant one fourth and more benefits ? Simply I had to replywith a more pleasant smile while feeling pity on his knowledge thatoffline print media is all for him about advertisement I had to sayrather shower various questions on him, some of them were a) Haveyou ever cared why people are advertising so much on internet? b)Have you ever thought why big brands are shifting to internet whilecutting their advertisement budget? c) Have you ever thought whyour politicians namely Shri L K Advani had to launch a nice websitefor the purpose of reaching voters in lieu of polls to be held in India in2009? d) Why e-filing of income tax return has become necessity forHNI and companies? e) Why e-payment of taxes is compulsory forbig companies? f) Why e-governance is being talked like anything?g) Why even TV channels are having their uptodate website and attimes showing their website url for more information? The gentlemanwas more in shocked condition as upto sometime before he wasthinking me to be a fool and now he felt that he was the fool as hispale colour of face was describing it all
  6. 6. Realising the situation of loss made by him going on his mind, Ipolitely told him, gone is the time when print media was everythingfor the purpose of advertisement, it is the e-age which is of internetInternet is the greatest invention of this century as it is gold mine ofinformation and solutions for each and every person on this worldBusiness is being conducted through the help of e-commerce so howcan one survive and miss the bus of e-branding Especially whendecision makes are online through out their working hours and thesellers and businessman cannot afford to miss the business cyclewhile keeping themselves aloof with offline status One has to be inthe ambit of internet world and without brand written on even a teastall, a tea vender does not sell tea as well
  7. 7. So, merely having a website even cannot be a solution to businessworries, but it is e-brand which can matter and bring a logical Devisfenetre difference to business existence The prices of advertisementis much much lesser and viability and visibility is enormous as anyperson, at anytime and from anywhere can access your informationand contact you at ease without travelling to your place , but througha computer or laptop on his desk To add the importance, it is nowwell known as per the latest research by a leading institute of worldthat internet media has surpassed the media in effectiveness and isneck to neck with TV media even in largest penetration Since,young generation is net savvy and their world revolves and startswith internet if they are into business So the proverb, out of sight isout of reach is suitably applicable for internet presence
  8. 8. The dependency of people for information is that much that peoplecannot afford to read, people cannot afford to watch TV,as theydonÂ’t get that much time, but they being online for most of the timetry to finish every work via internet and mailing Hence, theinnovative video conferencing is the current media in demand alsopossible through internet Even voice calling i e VOIP is also possiblethrough internet Even the online TV culture has suddenly seen asurge, this all shows how optimistic our entrepreneurs are towardse-business
  9. 9. God knows what more to come through internet, so still if one feelshappy without internet branding, then it will be at their risk Since,decision makers are online , they try to complete the entire workthrough internet and entire world has shrinked to internet world andhence social networking sites have evolved and have even becamea tool for exploring new business contacts and expanding thebusiness horizons Since, decision makers are online , they try tocomplete the entire work through internet and entire world hasshrinked to internet world and hence social networking sites haveevolved and have even became a tool for exploring new businesscontacts and expanding the business horizons This all made thegentleman to ask , can you suggest as to how to go for e-branding , Ihad only one suggestion go for proper platform which can give youinternational exposure, be it online exhibitions, products launch et allThe author is the business editor of
  10. 10. Devis fenetre