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Kids ppt

  1. 1. Story of an unknown corporate employee ( 14/08/2013)
  2. 2. Let me read you a story. A story about an unknown corporate employee.
  3. 3. Once upon a time, there was a young employee who strived hard for success. But one day, he suddenly felt lost.
  4. 4. That night , the employee decided to pen down his goals and ambitions in life.
  5. 5. His ambitions were as follows To retire and go on a world tour along with wife
  6. 6. Somehow his ambitions looked boring ! He could not sleep in his bed that night. So, He began to count the sheep.
  7. 7. Suddenly , he had an idea. He thought to ask the shepherd the total number of sheep instead of counting.
  8. 8. “How many sheep do you have ?” the young man asked. The shepherd answered “99” and 1 Lost Sheep.
  9. 9. “Did the lost sheep make a mistake of being different?”, The young man wondered.
  10. 10. The young man liked the idea of finding 1 lost sheep. And so he decided to help the Shepherd.
  11. 11. Meanwhile the Shepherd was busy looking for his lost sheep everywhere
  12. 12. “What do you think your lost sheep will be doing now?” the young man asked to which the Shepherd smiled and replied “Maybe, it is spending more time cud-chewing grass and little time in searching for food”.
  13. 13. “But cud chewing grass makes the sheep comfortable and relaxed”, the young man smiled in defense.
  14. 14. The shepherd smiled and asked the young man “Are you willing to walk till we find the sheep, without giving up?” . The young man agreed.
  15. 15. “Farm with fences make sure my sheep are safe. Else my sheep will walk all over the land for eating” The Shepherd smiled as he closed the gate.
  16. 16. “So, how did you end up losing 1?”, The young man asked. The Shepherd turned and answered , “I had been out of town and the hired men must have lead my flock ashtray”.
  17. 17. “How are you going to find your lost sheep?” the young man asked . The shepherd looked at the young man and smiled , “ I know my sheep and my sheep know me”. He began to call out the sheep’s name. Shirley !! Shirley !!!!
  18. 18. “So , what brings you here ?”, smiled the shepherd and asked the young man. “I guess I must have lost my way”, answered the young man. To sow conflict among brothers A proud look A lying tongue Hands that shed innocent blood A heart that devises wicked plots Feet that are swift to run into mischief A cunning witness that utters lies
  19. 19. The young man looked at the shepherd with a heavy heart . He said, “ Shirley has been a bad sheep trying to find pasture on her own. She did not listen, not follow, not rely upon you. She will finally face destruction. isn't it?” , he smiled pale.
  20. 20. The Shepherd placed his arm around the young man and laughed out loud . He said , “Shirley ,my lost sheep loved to “Break the Rules”. Her energy, curiosity and enthusiasm to explore the world was unmatchable. She had the zeal to know, to learn, no matter what the circumstances were”.
  21. 21. “How will Shirley protect herself from enemies?” the young man looked at the shepherd . “When faced with danger, a sheep’s natural instinct is to flee not fight”, the shepherd replied.
  22. 22. “ What’s going on inside me?” , the young man smiled pale. “An energy leak. Call it as carrying an emotional baggage which seems to disturb you”, replied the shepherd.
  23. 23. “But, How do I fix it ?” the young man shrugged his shoulders. The shepherd smiled wide and placed his arm over the young man’s shoulders. “ Why fear when I AM here”.
  24. 24. “ Your mind is a battlefield. Go deeper . Beyond your thoughts and emotions. There is a place called REST. It is at this place , where you will find your hidden BLUE PRINT for your life”, smiled the shepherd wide.
  25. 25. “ It is through Blue Print, You will be able to unlock your unique supernatural destiny and purpose for your life”. Smiled the shepherd. “ You mean I can transform my life , with this Blue print ? What if it doesn’t work?”, asked the young man.
  26. 26. “Doubt is your biggest enemy. Believe. Believe and you will receive it” smiled the shepherd. “But nothing in this world comes for free !!” ,chuckled the young man looking at the shepherd. “ Why me ?”, continued the young man.
  27. 27. The Shepherd looked at the young man. “ It is because you are the chosen one. You are here to become a blessing to others“. The young man was baffled and screamed out, “But I am no saint!”.
  28. 28. The shepherd laughed out loud. “Let me show you something . Inside you lies the Kingdom of Supernatural. And you will find your place here. If any of these section goes down , YOU are going down too ! whispered the shepherd. The young man looked serious. “ What’s outside?” he asked. Religion Family Govt Education Art Economy Media
  29. 29. “Outside are those who have turned the world upside down . The hired hand is not the shepherd who owns the sheep. Have a warfare strategy. Know where you belong. Let your “yes” be “yes” and your “no” be “no. You are here for such a time as this”, smiled the shepherd.
  30. 30. “What’s the next game plan of the enemy?”, the young man smiled. And the shepherd, smiled wide. “Decode the Code” , he smiled again. “ Ask for wisdom and you will receive it. Through the blue print , you can outwit your enemy”, he said.
  31. 31. “Whenever you understand that you've missed life, the first principle to be brought back is innocence” , The shepherd smiled at the young man. “ Can you indeed believe like a child that you can receive a supernatural destiny and purpose for your life ?”. And the young man paused and slowly replied, “I can try”.
  32. 32. “ What next ? Do I quit my job. Do I change overnight ? What do I do?” asked the young man. The shepherd smiled wide. “ Be aware that a change is happening inside you and outside you. Natural processes will not be suspended. You will have to move the supernatural, brick by brick” .
  33. 33. As the young man pondered deep , the Shepherd called out again , “ Shirley !!! Shirley !!!” Suddenly he heard the lost sheep’s “meh’s meh’s” Meh !!! Meh !!! Meh !!! Meh !!! Shirley !!! Shirley !!!
  34. 34. “ Great ! You found your lost sheep ! Thank you for everything ! Yawn ! ” , The young man smiled wide.
  35. 35. “Not so soon !!! It’s celebration time !!! My lost sheep has been found !!” , The shepherd cheered and the young man chuckled nodding his head. “ Who are You?” the young man smiled asking the shepherd.
  36. 36. “ I AM what I AM. I AM the ALPHA and the OMEGA. I AM the beginning and the END” smiled the shepherd .
  37. 37. “ Just before I go, will you stop cud chewing grass and look for food ?” the shepherd smiled and the young man broke into peals of laughter. “ Sure I will!” , he promised the shepherd.
  38. 38. “The Next Day, the young man went to his work with a huge smile on his face. He knew his destiny and purpose because he had sought the right person to reveal it. The shepherd. He wasn’t an unknown corporate employee anymore but a warrior in the kingdom of Supernatural.
  39. 39. The young man was reborn with a new revelation. The TRUTH about the unseen battle between light and dark. He liked his occupation. After all, “The objective of warfare is victory and the objective of victory is occupation” A new beginning of the END
  40. 40. Become a child once again !