Tata project scm logistics offereing part 1


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Tata Projects Part 1

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Tata project scm logistics offereing part 1

  2. 2. We offer Fourth Party Logistics (4PL) services , as a supply chain integrator, we assemble, manage the resources, capabilities, & technology with our complementary service providers to deliver a comprehensive supply chain solution for you. Central to the 4PL’s success is a “best of breed” approach to providing services & technology to our clients. We can leverage the capabilities of the third party logistics providers, technology service providers, & business process managers to deliver a comprehensive supply chain solution through a centralized point of contact. Our-4PL will integrate the client’s supply chain activities & supporting technologies across these “best of breed” service providers, with our capabilities. 4PL Services : Fourth Party Logistics Model 2
  3. 3. Our 4PL model corresponds with the official recognized distinction between carriers, freight forwarders, contract logistic providers & 3PL service providers. 3
  4. 4. Best in Class Solutions Beyond classical 3PL services & regardless own resources our-4PL offers "best in class" solutions to meet customers individual requirements. Therefore the customer abdicates compromise solutions or restrictions due to rigid service structures. System-related resources will inevitably lead to self-interest with respect to their utilization. Shippers, freight forwarders & contract logistic providers are deemed to have their own assets (truck fleets, warehouses, etc.) & their utilization is their logical target. We are free from such constraints & design a tailor-made solution for the your requirements. The work also enables a broader overview of the markets & a very good position on purchasing of logistics services. 4
  5. 5. 4PL Services Our proposition for Tata Projects Beyond the traditional management consultancy (Consulting), We can organize & accompany actively the agreed restructuring processes with you (Coaching) & take over the appropriate subdivision regularly autonomously with staff & inventory responsibility (Operating) if agreed. We can integrate the operational activities with responsibility for staff & material. The sense of this system is the continuous logistics adjustment & optimization towards operational requirements. Instead of a snapshot the division will be continuously supported & performed through our expertise of 4PL. The business units on-site undertake the operational activities & interface between Tata Projects & our-4PL expertise. The Service & competence Centers work for the Tata Projects & support with their expertise & organizational skills. 5
  6. 6. Providing End to End Integrated Supply Chain Management Logistics Solutions Technology Solutions 6
  7. 7. 7
  8. 8. Our Strength • Installed base of 12,000+ vehicles, with a Target of 50,000 by FY15 • Companies commitment to aggressive growth in the next 5 yrs • Strong Infrastructure, development & R&D capabilities • 175 strong team. 24X12 hours customer support • Development of world class customized solution for all industries • Self owned GIS data & updating capabilities • Device uptime control center • Strong Solution delivery capabilities with Pan India presence 8
  9. 9. Industry Pain Areas • No visibility into the location & utilization of the moving assets especially Market Hire Trucks. • Unable to monitor / regulate the speed of the vehicles. • No information on time & customer feedback receivable. • Unable to monitor driving patterns. • Validating the running times & kilometers per trip. • Monitoring the idle times of the assets. 9
  10. 10. Solutions & Benefits • Measure & improve Delivery Compliance (Plan V/S Actual) giving you a good insights on Customer Service Levels. • Improve safety standards within source & on road (reducing pilferages) • Integrating with ERP : Seamless order visibility & setting service standards (also provide estimated time of arrival for consignments) • Improve dispatch efficiencies : Visibility (including ETAs) of incoming vehicles & planning outbound movement towards customer. • Vehicle scorecards improving performance & incentives for drivers. • Transparency of their performance to customer achieving better. 10
  11. 11. Technology A GPS tracking device is installed in your vehicle & records the co- ordinates. The tracking device has a built in capability to send messages over the GSM network to our servers which in turn use the same data to show on a map. You simply need to login to our website with your unique PIN Number to locate your vehicle. Satellite GSM / GPRS Vehicle Control Center Your Computer With Internet Web Browser 11
  12. 12. How it works ? • Value based solution (quick & better ROI) • SaaS Delivery (Software as a service) Cost Effective, Low cost of Ownership, Subscription model • Integrated Plug & Play solution : Short time to Go-Live • Dedicated control & monitoring centre for after sales support (8am to 8pm) • Proven Track Record : Total 10000 trucks & 3000+ trucks for more than 2 years Install & monitor •Step 1: Install GPS devices & monitor performance Improve monitoring •Step 2: Track ETA @ Chasis Level Transport feedback •Step 3: Transporter scorecards & periodic meetings to improve performance Accountabi -lity matrix •Step 4: Assign responsibility for issues to drive improvement Plan Analysis & Improve plans •Step 5: Plan Execution Analysis & Feedback to planning & other functions on parameter changes, priorities etc for better plans 12
  13. 13. Assets serviced • All Cargo trucks/Containers • Transit Mixture • Service vehicles (Max pick up, Indica) • Metro pump, D.G set, Compressor • Tug • Loader • Hydra (Mobile crane), JCB, Excavators • Passenger Bus Focus Verticals • Cement • Steel & Mineral Resources • Petroleum & Natural Gas • FMCG, Foods , Beverages • Chemicals • Agriculture • Retail • Automobiles • Transporters • Logistics • Power • Infrastructure • Insurance & Finance Parameters monitored • Fuel • Ignition ON/Off • Distance • Speed • Temperature • GPS location • Incoming & Outgoing call facility • SOS function in case of breakdown • Door open close • Immobilize Vehicle • Operator identification Our solution specifically addresses the unique pain points of each industry vertical by customizing its software solutions accordingly. Business Details 13
  14. 14. Our Service • 24x7 back office support center • Quality & consistent high standard service. • Data Analytics / MIS reports • Customization of hardware / application / reports based on customer requirements • Robust R&D for future product lines • Application up time : 99.9%. • GSM Network : key partnerships with GSM service provider ensures network coverage on all highways. • Server up time : 98% - 99.9%. 14
  15. 15. Service Dash Board 15
  16. 16. Service Presence Service Engineer 16
  17. 17. Service Presence: Client Wise Ultratech Cement Ambuja Cement Dalmia Cement Orissa Cement Future Supply Chain Lafarge Cement Asian Paints TCI XPS/ Freight Vadilal Ice cream Voltas Limited CMS Limited Liberty Videocon Limited And Many More….. INDIA MAP 17
  18. 18. Presence Corporate Office/ Registered Office BOM Manufacturing Unit BOM Branch Office DEL / SXR / CCU MAA/HYD/BLR/PNQ AMD 18
  19. 19. 19