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  1. 1. Pookey Boohom 6th grade language arts 3rd Hour Death Valley National Park Have you ever wondered why this national park is called Death Valley? or what it is?Death valley lies in California, northeast of Death Valley National Park extends to Nevada.Death Valley’s name is forbidding and gloomy, this is not the reason why it is name deathvalley. The reason that Death Valley’s name is what it is this present day is because of agroup of pioneers, they were lost in Death Valley in 1849-1850. They all knew that somedaythey will die and Death Valley will become their grave but only one group has died there,and as days went by Death Valley had kept it’s name from the pioneers. This National Park is deep and shallow it is 130 miles this is 209 Kilometers long.The width of this National Park is 14 miles wide. A great place that is in death valley isScotty’s castle it lies in the north of Death Valley National Park, Death valley is like a desertbut a great place to visit . As you read on you will learn what Scottys castle is or what DeathValley’s national Park is! This national Park is a very interesting place to learn about. Grapevine Canyon in far northern Death Valley is where Scotty’s Castle is, it ishidden there. People say that Scotty built his castle by the money he found in the mine, ithad plenty of money in it the reason that Scotty has built this castle is because he made ithis getaway or his hideout. People also recall Scotty as a mystery or a entertainer butmostly he was a friend.There are more to know then Scotty’s castle like land of startling,stark beauty, scorching valleys, snow-capped peaks, borax mines, and a grandly furnishedCastle. These are all at Death Valley National Park. There is even more to know aboutdeath valley for example the highest mountain in the park it is called telescope peak so high
  2. 2. that it is 11,049 foot tall. The most famous place in Death Valley National park is theBadwater, people like to go to see the sunrise go down. Many people have gone there justto see the perfect sunset or sunrise, the place is beautiful! That is not the only place thatyou can see the perfect sunrise there are also Dante’s View, Zabriskie Point, and the sanddunes. Sunset locations also include Zabriskie Point and the sand dunes, but Artists Paletteand Aguereberry Point are also very good. Lots of places in this National Park are great tovisit. Have you ever wondered how hot is Death Valley National Park? or what theweather is like in the Park? In Death Valley National Park the weather is very hot and dry,this place is known for the driest and hottest even lowest place of all the parks.Death valleyis usually dry and clear throughout the year this is mostly the weather of it.This park is sodry that it only rained .64 inches from the year 1931-1934! The hottest air/ temperature thatDeath Valley has ever gone to was 134 Fahrenheit .Five days later it went down but only to129 Fahrenheit. Death Valley held this record 1922,but the most interesting thing to knowabout he weather months before it was 15 Fahrenheit . All the causes of the hot weather isbecause of the depth of the Park, the more detph it is the more hot the park will become.Death Valley is more famous for the hot weather it holds and the weather has yet notchanged to cold . Did you ever think that there was any kind of wilderness in Death Valley NationalPark? Well there are plenty in death valley. Did you know that The National Park Service isdeveloping a combined and wilderness and Backcountry stewardship plan for the park?They are doing this for the future use and protection of the park’s vast wilderness and
  3. 3. backyard lands. May 15, 2011 This week of may wildflowers are in their hands. The bloomhas spread to the alluvial fans just above Ash Ford Junction along hwy 178, this is thebiggest the bloom has gone to in 2005. February 4, 2011 is when the bloom really start togrow, but his not be the time that you want to com e visit because the flower has just startedto bloom, while the species are scattering patches. In death valley many rangers support alot of wildlife species, the park has a variety of amphibians and so much more. Death valleyisnt only famous for the weather but it is also famous for the beautiful wilderness and theirwildflowers. Death valley doesnt only have the most magnificent things to see but it has alife there at the park. As you have learned about Death Valley National Park you can understand howDeath valley National Park isnt only a desert with hot weather but there is more then thatand it has even more to learn and see. So if you are ever thinking that Death Valley is only adesert, it isnt it’s more then that, lots of beautiful flower, the places that you can visit therelike Scotty’s Castle or other buildings similar to Scotty’s Castle. The hot weather that is sowarming, the wilderness that is there. As you read the Article you found out that this Park is
  4. 4. just like all the others many things to see and great place to see. You can even see thesunrise from a place that Death Valley has. This is why Death Valley National Park isNational and is all like the others. Now that you also learn where the name came from, youdont have to think that this park is for a graveyard or for the dead, it’s for you to come andsee what they have for you to see and for you to think that it’s just a place with sand and hotair. Death Valley is also a place to enjoy life and to know what the place has to offer. DeathValley is a beautiful place even if it does not sound like a beautiful place, it is. This place is aplace to be inspired by. so come to Death valley and enjoy the place.