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Aladdin and ali baba


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Aladdin and ali baba

  1. 1. Aladdin VS. Ali Baba I read the book Ali Baba and saw the movie Aladdin; I am writing how thesefolktales have similarities and differences. One thing that is the same about both stories is they are both very violent, thereare many parts it involves fighting or someone getting very hurt and also getting kills. Another similarity is that both stories have evil guys, in Ali Baba there were 40thieves and the captain is very evil.In Aladdin there was an evil guy who wanted to become a king and rule the earth andbecome the strongest person on earth. The last similarity is that they are both Arabian folktale both stories was told fromArabians countries all around the world some countries are Sudan, Iraq and so on. Here are s couple things that are different for the two stories Aladdin and Ali Baba.One thing that is different is when Ali Baba finds the cave; Ali Baba was never told wherethe cave was because he was hiding on the tree top and saw the thieves hiding the goldthat they stole, in Aladdin someone tells him about the cave of gold. Another thing that is different from Ali Baba is about being rich and Aladdin is allabout the magic lamp. Ali Baba’s brother Cassim is a lot richer and Ali Baba is very poorand all he wanted to be was to be rich. Also in Aladdin it’s all about the magic lamp withthe Ginny inside with all the wishes and power to give. The last difference about the two stories is Aladdin’s monkey and magic carpetmostly saves his life, but in Ali Baba his maid Morgianna secretly saves his life, in Aladdinhis and magic carpet saves him by there power like the monkey his power is really nothingbut he tricks many people in the town and in Ali Baba his maid Morgiana saves his familysecretly but she does not trick anyone she just pretended to be someone or she just addsto what the evil people do. As I read I read Ali Baba and saw the movie Aladdin I noticed there were manydifferences and very little similarities.I like Aladdin more because when you read the text they don’t give you every singledetail but as you watch it, it has many details in it so it shows how it is really happening inthe movie.