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Pooja project

  1. 1. A Report <br />on<br />“HCL CDC as a Player in IT sector, where it stands and <br />Market Research of HCL CDC”<br />Submitted to<br />Xavier Institute- Jabalpur,<br />Madhya Pradesh<br />As Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements for the<br />Post Graduate Diploma in Management<br />(May- June 2010)<br />Under the Guidance of <br />Mr. Ankit Khare<br />(Assistant professor)<br />Submitted by<br />Amit Kumar Singh<br />PGDM (2009-11)<br />Xavier Institute, Jabalpur <br />Mandla Road, Tilheri, Jabalpur (MP)<br />CONTENTS<br /><ul><li>Sr. No.ParticularPage No.Declaration by StudentCertificate by guide AcknowledgmentList of TableTable of Figure and ChartExecutive Summaryiiiivvviviiviii-ixChapter–1IntroductionBackground of the StudyNeed of the StudyObjective of the StudySection DetailsChapterization 1-2Chapter–2Research MethodologyResearch DesignSampling DesignSource & Type of DataMethod of Data Analysis and InterpretationResearch Constrains3-5Chapter–3Organizational ProfileHCL-An OverviewVision & Mission Core ValuesCompetitors , Products , Programs and Facilities Area profile and geographical boundaries6-11Chapter–4Analysis and discussion Data analysisInterpretation12-19Chapter–5Summary and conclusionSummaryFindings and Conclusion Recommendation 20-22References23Annexure24-27</li></ul> <br /> <br />Declaration by the Student<br />I hereby declare that this project report titled “HCL CDC as a Player in IT sector, where it stands and Market Research of HCL CDC” has been submitted by me for the award of the degree of Post Graduate Diploma Management, as partial fulfillment of the requirements for the Post Graduate Diploma in Management (2009-11). <br />This is the result of original work carried out by me. This report has not been submitted anywhere else for award of any other degree/diploma.<br />Amit Kumar Singh<br />PGDM <br />(2009-11)<br />Signature of the Student:<br />Date: <br />Certificate by the Guide<br />This is to certify that Amit Kumar Sing has carried out this project report titled “HCL CDC as a Player in IT sector, where it stands and Market Research of HCL CDC”, as partial fulfillment of the requirements for the Post Graduate Diploma in Management (2009-11), under my guidance during the academic session 2009-10.<br />It is also certified that the report presented embodies the original work of the student. The present report can be forwarded for evaluation.<br />Mr. Ankit Khare<br />(Assistant professor)<br />Signature <br />Date:<br /> <br /> <br /> <br /> <br /> <br />ACKNOWLEDGEMENT<br />Someone has rightly said, “No one can live in isolation”. It is true that every individual needs the help of others in every work he does.<br />First of all I would also like to express my gratitude to the Director Fr. Sebasti L. Raj and Dean Dr. Namrata Vasudeo, Xavier Institute –Jabalpur (M.P.) for encouraging me to do this project. I would like to thank all the staff members of Xavier Institute for helping me directly and indirectly in completion of my project.<br />I would like to express my gratitude to my faculty Mr. Ankit Khare who guided me with his knowledge and skill and helped me in successful completion of the work.<br />I thank my Institute who has given me an opportunity to show my skills. I also thank all my nearer and dearer ones without whose support this project would not been possible.<br />I would like to thank to Mr. Abhijeet Pandey and Mr. Devendra Rai for his noble inspiration, keen interest, constant supervision and ever willing help throughout the course of this study.<br />I gratefully acknowledge the invaluable support and guidance that was provided to me by various individuals that led to the successful completion of this project. Their vision of the problem gave me enough direction to bring out a meaningful result. I am grateful for their great support and help all throughout the project. I am thankful to them for taking out time and pointing out the multitudinous aspects of customer service and helping me increase my learning out of the project.<br />I extend my sincere gratitude towards my parents, who have always encouraged me and gave suggestions. They always stand by me. Their support has always motivated me.<br />I would heartily thank all the respondents of the survey without whose support & valuable inputs this project would not have been completed.<br />Amit Kumar Singh<br />PGDM<br />(2009-11)<br />List of Tables<br />Sr. No.Table No.ParticularsPage No.1 4.3.1Computer experience and Qualification132 4.4.1Training required and Qualification153 4.6.1Preference for IT institute and Reason16<br />List of Figures and Charts<br />Sr. No.Fig. and Chart No. ParticularPage No.13.1.1A Snapshot of HCL924.1Qualification of Respondent1234.2Education and Computer Experience1344.3Relation of Qualification with Computer experience1454.4Requirement of Training according to Qualification 1564.5Requirement o computer training for1674.6Preference of Institute1784.7Perception of customer1794.8Customer Satisfaction18104.9Effectiveness of post raining services 18114.10HCL CDC is different in terms 19<br />Executive summary<br /><ul><li>HCL Career Development Centre has been working in IT education field since the last 7 years. It is providing hardware, software and networking training and placement programs for the students and for those who are doing jobs in different organizations to build their career in IT field with HCL.
  2. 2. Among the fastest growing IT education brand in India, HCL CDC offers a complete spectrum of quality training programs in software , hardware, networking as well as various global certification in association with leading IT organization worldwide. HCL CDC is an initiative that enables individuals and organizations to get benefit from HCL’s expertise in the IT space. The company has ventured into the field of IT training with an objective to meet the increasing demand for skilled professionals across the country.
  3. 3. HCL CDC alliance with leading IT corporations such as Microsoft, Red Hat and Oracle provides valuable input for augmenting curriculum as well as in adopting best global practices in IT education. Training solutions are designed to help stand competitive today as well as in the future.</li></ul>At the heart of any successful activity lies a Quality. In today’s world, where there is cut-throat competition at every single step, it is becoming particularly important to focus on the competitive activities of the business. There has been much thinking about the business strategies over the last six years; particularly regarding what are quality and value for organization needed to have in order to compete in a specific environment of business.<br />Keeping in mind the increasing competition in the IT sector and the different development program, the research was carried for a period of 6 weeks on the topic “HCL is a player and where it stands in IT Sector and Market Research of HCL CDC”, to know and understand the current position of HCL in the market and as to how its development program can reach to maximum number of the trainees. This study was conducted to know the customer perception about training and placement programs provided by HCL CDC and to know why customers prefer it against the many competitors in IT education. This research also contains generated data base of potential customer and identify the competitors of HCL CDC in existing market in Noida region. <br />Based on the sample data of 100 respondents among existing and potential customer of HCL Career Development Centre, the Researcher came to know about the present market condition and competitors of HCL CDC. The data was collected through questionnaire and after analysis and interpretation it was found that many customers prefer HCL CDC because of its good quality training and job assurance. But many trainees were not happy with the placement programs provided by it. It was also found that HCL CDC programs were costlier than its other competitors like NIIT, GT, and F-TEC etc. This study also found that there was a great scope of potential customers for HCL CDC in Noida region.<br />On the basis of this study researcher concluded that HCL CDC should think about training and placement programs and should make a strategy to identify the potential customers and try to capture them for generating revenue. The program fee should be kept at competitive level so that the trainees could get attracted towards the program and could help in establishing the value of the organization.<br />Chapter I<br /><ul><li> Introduction
  4. 4. 1.1. Background of the Study:</li></ul>In this modern business environment organizations are in increasing needs to optimize their traditional resources for achieving success in the competitive environment. Liberalization, privatization and globalization have brought into considerable changes in the market conditions as well as in social, economic and technology spheres which have brought competitive business scenario. Due to such changes, there is a need of market research to know the competitive environment and to know as to how the organization can formulate its strategy to gain profit and secure the current position in the competitive market.<br /><ul><li>HCL Career Development Centre has been working in IT education field since the last 7 years. It is providing hardware, software and networking training and placement programs for the students and for those who are doing jobs in different organizations to build their career in IT field with HCL.</li></ul>The project titled “HCL is a player and where it stands in IT Sector and Market Research of HCL CDC” brings out the current market share of HCL because the study includes the comparative study of all the IT Institutes which are providing the same course and have a very good reputation in the market. The topic has been selected to study the present market condition of HCL, its competitors and where it stands. This study presents the students perception for HCL CDC and the reason for their preference. The topic has been assigned to study the present value and where HCL CDC stands in IT field. <br /> In IT education it has been said that if education is a kingdom, Student is its king. Education involves only servicing to students, so satisfying them ultimately makes the business profitable. <br />This study includes meeting with potential customers to take their feedback and to provide them information about training and placement programs provided by HCL CDC. The data has been collected through questionnaire and career counseling provided in the field and at the office. <br />1.2. Need of the Study:<br />This study will provide information where HCL CDC stands among other competitors like JET KING, NIIT, IIJT etc. and why students prefer training programs provided by HCL CDC. This study will also increase the popularity of HCL CDC among the students and will get the feedback from existing students and potential customers.<br />1.3. Objective and Scope of Project:<br />The general objective is to know and understand the requirements and expectations of customers and what they think about HCL CDC. <br />Specific Objective<br />To generate the database of the potential customers. <br />To sort out the competitor of HCL CDC present in the Noida market, product they are offering.<br />To do the comparative analysis of the same institutes.<br />To find out customer preference about services offered by HCL CDC in relation to other IT institute.<br /><ul><li>1.4. Chapterization</li></ul>First Chapter gives an overview and background of the study and the blue print of research report, including Chapterization and need of the study.<br />Second Chapter includes the research methodology adopted, sampling design, methodology used for data analysis and limitations of the study.<br />Third chapter describes the organization profile including vision and mission of the organization and is concern with the area profile of Noida region and also describes the physical and geographical boundaries of the region under study.<br />Fourth chapter provides detail from the respondent, analyses using graphs and charts and finding. <br />Fifth chapter includes the summary and conclusion based on the survey.<br />After this References and Annexure will come. <br />Chapter II<br /> Research Methodology<br />Research Methodology is a way to solve the research problem systematically. It involves the various steps to find out the solution of an identified problem. It also clarifies the logic behind the study of the problem. When we talk about research methodology we not only talk of the research method but also consider the logic behind the method we use in the context of our research study and explain why we are using a particular method or techniques and why we are not using other so the result are capable of being evaluated. <br />2.1 Research Design:<br /><ul><li>The research was conducted in HCL Career Development Centre, located at Noida and also from the population of Noida. The research work was descriptive in nature.</li></ul>“Descriptive Research Design”<br />Descriptive research studies are those studies which are concerned with describing the characteristics of a particular individual, or of a group. Descriptive Research Design consist rigid design means design must make enough provision for protection against bias and must maximize reliability. It includes probability sampling design contains multi-stage and purposive random sampling, pre-planned design for analysis, structured or well thought out instruments for collection of data. <br />The research was design in such a way that all the probable customers and the potential buyers can be covered during the research so as to get the accurate information and feedback from the respondents.<br />The research was divided in the following phases:-<br />The respondents were segmented.The target customer was identified and approached.Questionnaires were filled by the respondents and me also.Information analyzed and decoded.Conclusion Drawn<br /> <br />2.2. Sampling Design:<br />The sample respondents were selected from HCL CDC students and other potential customers. Sample respondents were 100 in number and they were from the different area of Noida. This study consist Multi stage sampling and Purposive random sampling with Primary sampling unit and potential Customers 18 to 50 years, Institutions, Industries etc., who can solve the problem with good feedback for data collection. <br /><ul><li>2.3. Method and Sources of Data Collection
  5. 5. The data required for study were of two types - primary and secondary. The Primary data was collected from the sample respondents through survey method and contacting them frequently during study period. Pre-tested Formats were prepared for collecting the Primary data. Secondary data was collected from the profile and records of HCL CDC.
  6. 6. 2.4. Data Collection:</li></ul>The data collection procedure used was semi-structured questionnaire method. A thorough research was also undertaken to gather information. The analysis of the data collected was done on a piece-by-piece basis with help from the guides. <br />Both primary and secondary data will be collected and use for the purpose of the project work. The major focus in data collection will be through primary source, although available literature related to the study would also be referred as secondary source of information.<br />To gather primary data Questionnaire was used in this study.<br />Source & Type of data: Quantitative<br />Quantitative research is based on the measurement of quantity or amount. The purpose of quantitative research is to form a data base from which to infer characteristics or relationship of population, this usually means survey research where a sample of population is studied to determine its characteristics.<br />2.5. Analysis and Interpretation:<br />Data was processed with the help of SPSS Software. About 100 samples were collected and analyzed through it. Frequencies, Cross tabulation and inter comparison was done to interpret the data.<br />The data collected would be analyzed through using appropriate statistical tools with the help of computer based statistical software package.<br />SPSS<br />MS Excel<br />Bar Graphs and Pie Charts<br />2.6. Research Constrains<br />The data collected is totally dependent on respondents’ views, which could be biased in nature.<br />Sometimes respondents do not give a response or give partial response. The reason may be lack of knowledge or unwillingness to answer.<br />The sample size is small and it may not actually represent the whole population.<br />There is limited time available each day and lot of tasks have to completed in a day like preparing reports, conducting surveys, spend time at the office to gain knowledge. <br />Chapter III<br />Organizational Profile<br /><ul><li>HCL is a leader in the IT industry, employing 56,000 professionals, has a global presence in 19 countries spanning locations in the US, Europe, Japan, ASEAN & the Pacific Rim and a pan India presence across 360 points. To say that HCL is a household name in India today is an understatement. In 31 years of existence, the company has developed and implemented solutions for multiple market segments, across a range of technologies, covering customers in India and overseas</li></ul>3.1. HCL-An Overview<br />HCL Enterprise is a leading global technology and IT enterprise that comprise two companies listed in India-<br />HCL Technologies<br />HCL Info system<br />The 3-decade-old enterprise founded in 1976 is one of the India’s original IT garage starts-up. It organization provides Product Engineering, Technology and Application services, BPO, Infrastructure service, IT Hardware, System Integration and Distribution of ICT products. The HCL team comprises approximately 55,000 professionals of diverse nationalities, who operate from 18 countries including 360 point of presence in India.HCL has global partnership with several leading fortune 1000 firms, including leading IT and technology firms. <br />HCL CDC Dominates the IT space as a leader 58000 gifted professionals, a colossal US $5.0 billion turnover an international presence in 19 countries, and most impotently, a deep- rooted commitment to innovate makes it a true technology giant.<br />As the fountainhead of the most significant pursuit of human mind, HCL believes only a leader can transform me into a leader HCL CDC. Is an initiative that enables individuals to be benefit industry ready IT.<br />EMPOWERING YOU TO BRING OUT THE BEST <br />As the fountainhead of the most significant pursuit of human mind (IT), HCL strongly believes, "Only a Leader can transform you into a Leader". HCL CDC is a formalization of this experience and credo which has been perfected over decades.<br />It is an initiative that enables aspiring individuals to benefit from HCL's longstanding expertise in the space and become Industry ready IT professionals.<br />To join the pampered tribe of IT wiz kids, the Career Development Centre or CDC offers a number of industry relevant courses.<br />It has highly qualified, professional & experienced faculty giving personal attention to students. We offer the most modern computing facilities loaded with the latest operating systems and software packages.<br />3.2. Vision:<br />“To create industry ready professionals”<br />3.3. Mission:<br />“To provide world-class information technology solution and services to enable our customers to serve their customers better”<br />3.4. Core Values:<br />Nothing transforms life like education. <br />I shall honor all commitments <br />I shall be committed to Quality, Innovation and growth.<br />I shall be responsible corporate citizens <br />3.5. Competitors of HCL CDC:<br />In domestic market HCL CDC has many competitors. Some small players also has competition in IT education sector. <br /><ul><li>GT
  7. 7. IIJT
  8. 8. NIIT
  9. 9. IIHT
  10. 10. JET KING</li></ul>3.6. HCL CDC products:-<br />To join the pampered tribe of IT whiz kids, the Career Development Centre or CDC offers a number of industry relevant courses. <br />MCSE –Microsoft Certified Software Engineer<br />CCNA –Cisco Certified Network Associate<br />RHCE –Red Hat Certified Engineer<br />Fig. no. : 3.1.1 – A Snapshot of HCL<br />3.7. Facilities:<br />HCL CDC offers the most modern computing facilities loaded with the latest operating systems and software packages. The classrooms are equipped with complete audio-visual tools and accessories. We have highly qualified, professional experienced faculty giving personal attention to students. The courses are highly customised and industry specific.<br />InfrastructuresHCL CDC offers a bustling, vibrant and convenient environment to the student community of the institute. The infrastructure we provide is truly world class. So come join the HCL CDC and be a part of the most happening industry.<br />3.8. Area Profile<br />Geography<br />Noida is an acronym for Naveen Okhla Industrial Development Authority is an area under the management of the New Okhla Industrial Development Authority (also called NOIDA). Noida came into administrative existence on 17 April 1976 and celebrates 17 April as "Noida Day".  It has first-class amenities and is considered to be one of the more modern cities of Uttar Pradesh State of India. <br />Noida is located in Gautam Budh Nagar district of Uttar Pradesh state. The district's administrative headquarters are in the nearby town of Surajpur. However, the district's highest government official, the District Magistrate (DM), resides in Noida. The city is a part of the Noida-Dadri Vidhan Sabha (state assembly) constituency and Gautam Budh Nagar Lok Sabha (parliamentary) constituency. Located in north India, Noida is about 20-kilometre southeast of New Delhi. It is bound on the west and south-west by the Yamuna River, on the north and north-west by the city of Delhi, on the north-east by the cities of Delhi and Ghaziabad and on the north-east, east and south-east by the Hindon River. Noida falls under the catchment area of the Yamuna River, and is located on the old river bed. The soil is mainly rich and loamy and is suitable for growing seasonal vegetables, grains like wheat and cash crops like sugarcane. Noida is fastest growing hub in Delhi NCR leaving all other cities for IT, BPO, Industry, Media Hub and other big industries. Noida stands at 17th place when it comes to cleanliness in India leaving far behind Gurgaon and Faridabad in NCR who stand at 87th and 237 respectively.<br />3.9. City Profile of Noida<br />Population<br />The Notified Area comprises a total of 20,316 hectares (including 81 villages).37,000 persons lived in the Noida town in 1981. (Census 1981).In 1991, Noida was classified as a Census Town. In 1991 population had increased four times to 140,000 in the town. 34,500 persons lived in the villages20 per cent of the total population lives in clusters (jhuggi) .Sex ratio increased from 782 females per 1,000 males in 1991 to 895 in 1995; the reason could be that the males who initially came to NOIDA as workers, later also asked their families to come to Noida from the villages. In 2001 population of Noida was 5 lakhs and is expected to reach 10 lakhs by 2010. The Sex Ratio of Noida is 895 females per 1000 males and Density 265 persons/ sq. km.<br /><ul><li> </li></ul>Chapter IV<br /> Data Analysis and Interpretation<br />This chapter contains deep analysis about the customer perception towards the services of HCL Career Development Centre and their reasons, awareness about the services and how many customers prefer these services or not and their reasons. Through this deep analysis company can have a vision to look at their strengths and weaknesses. This topic is about know the market condition of HCL CDC and identify the competitors, through this study and data analysis we will be able to fulfill the objective of the study.<br />Chart no. 4.1<br />96370781677<br />(Source: Primary Data Collected from Respondent)<br />This section deals with the educational qualification of the potential and existing customer of the HCL CDC, this study found that out of 100 respondent 50 were graduate, 25 each in both category undergraduate and postgraduate, this will helps to enhance the training program on the basis of qualification and education background.<br />Chart no. 4.2<br />103930081681(Source: Primary Data Collected from Respondent)<br />This study contains computer training programs so we should know that among the population who is the potential customer for HCL CDC and this data shows that approximately 80% respondent have little and basic knowledge of computer, 9% have no knowledge and only 10% respondent out of 100 have extra professional courses, so this study conclude that there are so many potential customers who can join the training programs provided by HCL CDC<br />Table no. 4.3.1<br />Computer experience in relation to Qualification (Cross tabulation)<br />Computer ExperienceQualificationTotal Pursuing 12thGraduatePost Graduate None At All5229 A Little1224440 Computer Basic Course8181541 Other06410Total255025100<br />Chart no. 4.3<br />(Source: Primary Data Collected from Respondent)<br />This section deals with previous computer experience of the respondent with relation to the educational qualification, it was found that the level of computer knowledge for undergraduate students are low because in this computer era out of 25, 5 have no knowledge of computer and 20 have only basic knowledge about this and it was found that graduate students have good knowledge about the computer in comparison to post graduate students, but in all three categories undergraduate, graduate and post graduate no more knowledge about professional computer training programs so this study conclude that there are so many potential customers and chances for HCL CDC to capture the market of this region to extend their IT education segment.<br />Table no. 4.4.1<br />Training required in relation to Qualification (Cross tabulation)<br /> Training required QualificationTotal Pursuing 12thGraduatePost Graduate Basic Computer Knowledge79016 Networking214420 Hardware66113 Software Engineer10192049 Other0202Total255025100<br />Chart no. 4.4<br /> <br />(Source: Primary Data Collected from Respondent)<br />This study contains an objective to find out the potential customers and their interest about computer training, this section deals with requirement of training programs according to educational background and it was found that a large number of respondent are interested in software training programs and very less number for other courses, so HCL CDC should extend their training programs for software programs after that students are interested in networking training and then they want hardware training programs. It was found that most of the graduate students are interested in software and hardware training, undergraduate students have no clear direction and a large number of post graduate students wants only software training programs.<br />Chart no. 4.5<br />(Source: Primary Data Collected from Respondent)<br />This section deals with the why customers want computer training programs and it was found that a large number of respondent interested in computer training programs for job so HCL CDC should work o the placement for the students it will help to capture the market because customers wants job after training programs.<br />Table no. 4.6.1<br />Preference of IT Institute in relation to Reason for preference (Cross tabulation)<br />Preference of IT InstituteReasonTotalFor Job AssuranceFor Job AssistanceFor Good Quality TrainingAffordableNIIT334818F-TEC00112GT01359HCL CDC201819461Other102710Total24222925100<br />Chart no. 4.6<br /> <br />(Source: Primary Data Collected from Respondent)<br />This section is very important from the business point of view because this section deals with preference of IT institute and why , it was found that most of the respondent like HCL CDC training programs due to job assurance and for good quality training but respondent think that HCL CDC is not as much affordable in comparison to other IT institute like NIIT, GT, F-TEC and others, so on the basis of this conclusion HCL CDC should think about the fee for the training programs because in today context money always matters and it can spoil the business of HCL CDC. <br />Chart no. 4.7<br />(Source: Primary Data Collected from Respondent)<br />This section deals with what customers think about HCL CDC training and placement programs , it was found that 51% respondent out of 100 think good , 34% think average and only 15% think very good. So with this we can conclude that HCL CDC is on an average in the mind of the customers but it is not very good so HCL CDC should focus on this and enhance the quality o training and placement programs.<br />Chart no. 4.8<br />(Source: Primary Data Collected from Respondent)<br />This section deals with satisfaction level of customer about HCL CDC and it was found that 75% means large number of students are satisfy with training programs and this is a very good news for HCL CDC , so institute should maintain the consistency with this satisfaction level and try to improve it<br />Chart no. 4.9<br />(Source: Primary Data Collected from Respondent)<br />This section deals with effectiveness of post training services on the registration decision and it was found that 48% respondent were agree that yes after training programs facilities and services provided by the Institute or company make a good perception in customers mind and it will helpful in creating the image of company.<br />Chart no. 4.10<br />(Source: Primary Data Collected from Respondent)<br />This section is very important in point of view of the study and it will also fulfill the objective of the study that how HCL CDC is different from other competitors and it was found that the main positive point for HCL CDC is brand value means most of the students prefer this institute because of very good brand image of HCL CDC so from this study conclude that HCL CDC to focus on placement programs, enhance the quality of training and services.<br />Chapter V<br /> Summary and Conclusion<br />5.1 Summary:<br />Based on the above comparison and analysis, the following conclusions can be pointed out:<br /><ul><li>The organization should design and develop the training and placement programs completely based on the need and requirements of the candidates. The organization respects meritorious candidates. Undoubtedly, the organization should devote towards the improvement of the quality of the training and placement programs to build a good image among the existing trainees.
  11. 11. According to survey researcher got that most of the students were interested in computer education. Most of them were under graduate and they were seeking for good institute and career development centres. </li></ul>On the basis of the study, it was concluded that most of the potential customers were interested in software programs and they wanted to join such training programs which had better job assurance. It was also found that there were so many competitors in existing market and they were also providing the same training programs with good quality and at an affordable course fee for students from different background. The most important aspect which could be pointed out that most of the customers wanted short term and part time training programs. It was found that HCL CDC had a very good brand name in the market and customers mainly preferred it because of HCL brand name. so the organization should take proper initiatives to provide affordable and career oriented training program. <br />5.2 Findings and Conclusion:<br />From the analysis of the results and based on the objectives of the study the following findings can be ascertained.<br />In Noida mostly students belongs to technical qualification and 86% students are interested in IT education.<br />80% students are aware and have knowledge about the HCL CDC and mostly the students would like to get training in software courses in comparison to hardware and networking.<br />Most of the people in Noida know about HCL CDC through canopy and their market executives are able to satisfy the people about HCL CDC product. So HCL CDC should adopt some new promotional activities for awareness and capture the potential customers.<br />HCL has a strong brand image in India and abroad. It has invested in building a brand recall in the minds of its customers through advertising products. HCL brand image coupled with its strong customer relationship and cutting-edge solutions have helped the company in creating value for its clients. It has collaborated with many companies whose products and solutions are in line with its business segments, such as Nokia in telecom, AMD in hi-tech solutions to provide better customer services. Brand image was leveraged by HCL.<br />5.3 Recommendations:<br />Researcher have done deep study and came to know that many students preferred IT institutes which would help them to get job and easy to afford. It means HCL CDC should use promotional strategy in urban as well in rural areas because in rural areas students are ready to take admission in the same institute where students of their town and villages were already studying. Hence, It could be suggested that HCL should start its promotional activities more in rural than urban areas.<br />The art and craft of career development should be clearly understood. The art (strategy) should be clearly drawn on the canvas and the craft (implementation) precisely delivered. Developing a PROPAGATE (Product, Risk, Opportunities, People, Appetite, Geography (Place, Attributes, Training & Education). This matrix is defined for all the aspects of marketing strategy because in marketing without risk you cannot grow and this study was all about education field so HCL CDC should think about training quality and for potential customers’ organization should make a strategy for place, people and product because these three things are most important for marketing. <br /> <br />Following are important ingredients of the matrix:<br />ProductRiskOpportunitiesPeopleAppetiteGeographyAttributesTrainingEducation<br />Developing and implementing a robust PROPAGATE matrix will definitely give a new direction to HCL Education. Some other recommendation can be drawn after the market research of HCL CDC are----- <br />Efficient management of CDC’s should make sure that the end-users are satisfied and more and more customers walk into them.<br />HCL CDC should think about to provide education loan for some expensive courses.<br /> <br />References<br />Books:<br />Kothari, C.R., 2008, Research Methodology, Second revised edition, New Age International Publisher, New Delhi, Page no. 5, 8, 37, 39.<br /><ul><li>Kotler, Philip and Keller, Kevin Lane, 2009, Marketing Management, 13th Edition, PHI Learning Private Limited, New Delhi. </li></ul>Internet: <br />Organizational snapshot and profile was retrieved on June 06, 2010 from http://www.hcl.in. <br />Products and competitors of HCL CDC were retrieved on June 20, 2010 from http://www.hclcdc.in/homepage.htm. <br />Company profile, Mission and Vision was retrieved on June 27, 2010 from http://www.hclinfosystems.in/. <br />Geographical and area profile of Noida was retrieved on July 07, 2010 from http://www.noidaauthority.com/. <br /> Information about Noida was retrieved on July 13, 2010 from http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Noida. <br />Map of Noida was retrieved on July 17, 2010 from http://www.mapsofindia.com. <br />Annexure I<br />Questionnaire<br />HCL Info system Ltd.<br />Career Development Centre<br />F 1, Sector 8<br />Noida 201 301 (U.P.)<br />India.<br />Name:- Mobile Number:1. Any previous computer experience?None at allA LittleCompleted Basic CourseOther (please state)2. What is your qualification?Pursuing 12th Graduate post graduate 3. Why would you like computer training?General InterestFor job Other (please state)4.Training Required Basic computer knowledge Networking Hard wareSoftware engineer Other (please state)5. Which IT institute you prefer most?NIITF-TecGTHCL CDCOther6. Why you prefer it most?for job assurancefor job assistance for good quality training Affordable 7. What do you think about training and placement programs provided by the HCL CDC?Very goodGoodAverageBadVery badAny suggestions----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------------------- 8. Are you feel comfortable and satisfy with the training programs provided by HCL CDC? YesNo Specify the reason---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------9. After training programs, placement and services provided by HCL CDC effects your registration decision?Strongly agreeAgreeNeutralDisagreeStrongly disagree10. HCL CDC is different from other brands in terms of –Training PlacementBrand valueService If, other please specify-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------<br />Thank you for your support. This information will be kept confidential and will be used only for research purpose.<br />Date: <br /> Signature:<br /> <br />Annexure II<br />Map of Noida<br />Annexure III<br />