Wellness at rishikesh valley


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An illness exhausts the mind, body and soul of a person for long. To renew the spirit, it is therefore essential to recuperate. India offers many such opportunities, for the total healing of the body as well as the mind

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Wellness at rishikesh valley

  1. 1. Wellness at Rishikesh ValleyAn illness exhausts the mind, body and soul of a person for long. To renew the spirit, it istherefore essential to recuperate. India offers many such opportunities, for the totalhealing of the body as well as the mind. There are many beautiful scenic splendors in Indiaand one such place is Rishikesh Valley. This valley is a gateway to heaven via theNeelkanth Road, which is encircled by unscathed landscape with panoramic views, and anexquisite waterfall just half a km away.People visiting this valley can avail a hoard of facilities. The most delightful thing aboutRishikesh Valley is the liberty to pursue all sorts of activities. You can plan your scheduleas per your convenience. If you are merely in the mood to relax around, enjoying a familygathering or indulging in an adventure sport, you can pick any spot in the valley even forlying around dreaming or reading a book on the banks of the river.There are a lot of medical tourism companies which take care of a person’s medical as wellas convalescence needs. There are beautiful resorts with an ethnic feel and touch withbeautiful huts made of wood and grass and the guests are served healthy and natural food.Township treks, white water rafting on the Ganges, hiking and jungle walks are organized
  2. 2. for people so that they get to experience the essence of the Mother Nature. There aremany health spas offering facial and body relaxation treatments. A nature enthused HealthSpa purges the body of toxins, anxiety, tiredness and invigorates the senses.A lot of yoga and meditation camps are organized on a regular basis. Meditation meansgoing past the mind, going beyond thought progression, entering into the world of silence,utter introspection where nothing moves, where nothing agitates, where everything thesoothes the nerves.There are many ayurvedic centers offering the benefits of massage and other conventionalherbal therapies.Apart from this, a person can indulge into river rafting in the mighty Ganges which is anenthralling experience. Besides, one can also opt for trekking on jungle tracks in thefoothills of the Himalayas which will get etched in the mind for years to come.Further there are local markets for shopping, temples for worshipping and various otherenchanting sight seeing spots, besides a person can simply rest around in a serene spotreflecting on the meaning of life.
  3. 3. Additionally, the companies also arrange for elephant rides and wildlife jeep safaris passingall the way through hilly topography, luxuriant green valleys, river beds, dense forests andabundant grasslands. Lastly, many bonfire get-togethers are arranged for the tourists inthe evening to unwind and bask in the glory and serenity of the surroundings.So come and lounge around in the beautiful valley, away from the hustle and bustle of thecity life and loosen up in the lap of divine surroundingsWellwishers Discover facilitates world class, high quality and affordable medical tourismin India with health advice from experts and quality medical care for travelers. Ourteam consists of professionals in the fields of Travel, Technology, Marketing, Insurance andHealthcare etc. Medical treatments packages like anal fistula, dental treatment,diabetes and endocrinology, emergency medicine, etc. Ayurvedic Treatments & YogaTreatments in India are very much popular worldwide. We also help clients experiencethe rich natural and cultural and historical facets of India with various Tourism packagesavailable.