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Significance of imparting special education


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Published in: Education, Technology
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Significance of imparting special education

  1. 1. Significance of Imparting Special EducationIt is a kind of special instructional methodology designed for children with specialneeds. It includes learning-teaching aids and equipment to meet educationalneeds of children with specific learning disabilities. The whole purpose ofadopting this methodology is to improve the skill and ability in the student. Thisinstruction technique requires teachers to stress on explanation and repeatinginformation to make special child understand the subject clearly. For instance, achild with low reading ability requires one-on-one reading instruction along withphonic practice from his teacher.Early identification of the disability is important to begin with early interventionof educating special children. After the identification the parents must select thespecific program suitable for specific learning disability of their child. For instance,the child may have language impairments, multiple disabilities, hearing and visualimpairments, mental retardation, emotional disturbance, traumatic brain injury,or other health impairments. Students are classified under one of the categories,and special educators work with specific groups.Special educators use exclusive techniques to promote and enhance learning inchildren. After recognizing the disability, they choose appropriate teachinginstruction medium which is individualized specifically for each student. Also, theyengage in problem-solving assignments and group work. Majorly it involvesimparting life skills and basic literacy to special children. Children with mild ormoderate disabilities are taught using general education curriculum but theymodify it to meet child’s individual need. The focus is laid on such educationpattern at all levels - elementary, middle, and secondary school level. Along withthis teachers work closely with parents to inform them about their childsprogress and also they suggest them techniques to promote learning at home.They play major role in enhancing child’s behavioral, social, and academicdevelopment. It helps them to develop emotionally, feel comfortable in socialsituations, and be aware of socially acceptable behavior. Special education
  2. 2. teachers communicate and work together with social workers, psychologists,occupational and physical therapists, speech therapists, school administrators,and other teachers.Vital part of special education is behavior modification skills that gradually changeundesirable behavior that child portray. Rewarding technique is used you bringthe desirable change. This method also boosts motivation in the child. He comesto know, what is accepted and what is not. They are taught to becomeindependent without accepting great deal of help from others. Special educationis offered to children to help them live normally and face the challenges of thelife.