In vitro fertilization


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Infertility is the inability of a couple to become expectant with a child (in spite of of any cause) after 1 year of unguarded sexual intercourse (sans any birth control methods).

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In vitro fertilization

  1. 1. IN-VITRO FERTILIZATIONInfertilityInfertility is the inability of a couple to become expectant with a child (inspite of of any cause) after 1 year of unguarded sexual intercourse (sansany birth control methods).Infertility CausesAge: A woman becomes reproductively challenged as she progresses intoher fifth decade of life (age 40-49 years). Among men, as they grow old,levels of testosterone fall and sperm motility and quality changes,considerably.Endometriosis: In this abnormality, the uterine tissue overgrows, outsideuterus and may subsequently damage the fallopian tubes and ovaries.Pelvic Inflammatory syndrome: Sexually transmitted diseases may belinked with pelvic inflammatory disease (PID) and damage a womansfallopian tubes.Environmental and occupational risk factors: Exposure to hazardouschemicals like lead, heavy metals, and sometimes pesticides has also beenassociated with male infertility. Other factors like extreme exposure to heat,ultrasound and microwave may also be responsible.Miscellaneous factors: Excessive tobacco and alcohol consumption,obesity, thyroid disorders might also be responsible.
  2. 2. IVF TREATMENTIVF or In-Vito Fertilization is sought by couples when every otherpossible option fails like drug therapy, surgical treatments, IUI, ICSI etc.In -vitro fertilization refers to fertilization accomplished outside thebody, that is, in a laboratory dish or test tube. IVF is mainly used in caseswhere infertility results due to blocked fallopian tubes or inexplicableinfertility.IMPORTANT CONSIDERATIONS This procedure demands untiring patience as at times, multiple attempts maybe required since the success rate varies from person to person Usually multiple embryos are created and then the healthiest of them is used for transfer and implantation. Therefore the fate of the remaining embryos remains questionable, though most of the IVF clinics in India have a provision for embryo freezing. Sometimes, IVF becomes a tedious procedure involving a multitude of ultrasounds, drugs, tests and so on. One must have a positive bent of mind and high will power to come out of it as a winnerI.V.F COURSE OF ACTIONIt is a series of carefully supervised steps: OVARIAN STIMULATION BY THE USE OF FERTILITY DRUGS: In a typical monthly cycle, a female produces one egg but in a fertility compromised case, more than one egg is required so that the possibility of fertilization with the sperm enhances manifold. For this, hormone therapy is started with Gonadotropins and FSH (Follicle Stimulating Hormone). Eggs are stocked up in the fluid filled sacs
  3. 3. known as follicles. FSH is indispensable for multiple oocyte production whereas Gonadotropins estimate the egg production by the ovaries. Ultrasounds and blood estrogen levels are examined regularly to keep a trail of the development inside the body. Trans-Vaginal Scan is done following an injection of HCG, 36 hours prior to egg collection, for maturation of eggs. OVUM COLLECTION: With ultrasound guided needle aspiration technique, mature eggs are collected, under IV sedation. FERTILIZATION (IN-VITRO): A few hours preceding the egg retrieval, semen is collected and processed so that the strongest sperms can be obtained; which are then hatched with the recovered eggs in the laboratory in a culture medium for fertilization into embryos. EMBRYO RELOCATION INTO THE UTERUS: The embryo transfer procedure is a day care procedure without introducing anesthesia. The embryo is picked up into a very superior catheter, which is impregnated through the cervix, into the uterus, and the embryo is transferred inside the uterine cavity.Adiva womanhood hospital provides ivf , Stem Cells, aesthetic surgery,birthing specialty center, nursery treatments by the team of expert doctors.