Best summer foods for toddlers


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Stuck up with food ideas - what to give your kids this summer? For toddlers, food should be such which is healthy as well as tasty

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Best summer foods for toddlers

  1. 1. Best Summer Foods for ToddlersStuck up with food ideas - what to give your kids this summer? For toddlers, foodshould be such which is healthy as well as tasty. Summers are the time to enjoyfresh produce of the season and relish juicy fruits. With summer break approaching,moms need to figure out best foods for kids and it is possible with little planningand some easy kid-friendly recipes.Prepare healthy shelf in the fridgeDon’t let your children thrive on chocolate cookies and packet of crisps; insteadprovide them with a healthy choice. Prepare a healthy shelf in the fridge, so thatthey can depend on it, whenever hunger strikes. You can stock it with mini cheeses,or raw cut up vegetables and dips and other healthy options.Serve nutritious food creativelyBe creative add colors and flavors in the food to make it appealing for students. Theway you will present food to children makes lot of difference. You can cut fruits indifferent shapes and make it colorful by adding banana, watermelons, mango,grapes etc. You can do same thing with salads. Add cherry tomatoes andmozzarella balls, chicken tikka and cucumber etc. They are small portions and lookattractive.Frozen YogurtFrozen yogurt is another healthier option and it looks and tastes like ice-cream.They are low in fat and rich in probiotics. Frozen yogurt is prepared by flash-frozenprocess, therefore bacteria aids in digestion and is not destroyed during thefreezing process. With high carbohydrate content, frozen yogurt is the best post-play snack. They are tasty and available in many flavors. They are best substitutefor ice-cream in summers.Pasta salads are tummy re-fillPre-prepared pasta salads are also good option. Pastas look attractive because ofits shape and size. They come in all shapes and sizes. The tiniest shapes can beused in soups, long ribbons or strands with sauces, and tubes and fanciful shapes inpasta salads. Some shapes are large enough to be stuffed and baked withvegetables and fruits. Cook pasta twirls with some steamed broccoli, some chicken,sweet corn, cherry tomatoes and spring onions and cover it in a really nicedressing.
  2. 2. Thirst quenchers must in summersBefore buying anything artificial, remember water is the best thirst quencher on theplanet. In order to add flavor or some taste- squirt a little lemon, lime or orangeinto the glass. Homemade lemonade is best for kids. Coconut water is anotherhealthy drink. You can make it interesting by missing it with a splash of fruit juice.The preparation will not only quench your thirst, but will replace electrolytes aswell. Fruit Spritzers are also another yummy and easy option.Mothers Pride is the first preschools in Delhi which actually provides ample space tostimulate over all development of tiny tots. The curriculum of Mother’s Pride isbased on the mantra ‘Let children be themselves’. Mother’s Pride is one of the bestschools in Delhi where your children not only learn new things where they enjoylearning activities.