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Effect of social media on e commerce


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Latest trends, application, research & recommendations on the topic are provided.

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Effect of social media on e commerce

  1. 1. BY: Neha Kulshreshtha (1421146) Pooja Gupta (1421149)
  2. 2. Five e-commerce marketing trends that will dominate 2015 • Content marketing will gain prominence: - Ex. Google weighs businesses original and unique content and rank them higher in search results. • SEO and social signaling will start merging: - from the discount-led sales model to developing consumer loyalty, content. • Social media marketing will diversify: - 4 out of 5 people say that posts from friends directly influence buying decisions (from an article be Ryan Holmes, founder and CEO of Hootsuite) • Mobile marketing: - Increase in Mobile Ad spending 2015 - Billions $28.7 • Remarketing ads will grow: - Ex. Facebook bringing its Atlas advertising platform
  3. 3. TRENDS -RETAIL BUSINESS 2014 • Merchant ventures into omni-channel retailing • Trying in-store marketing solutions – Ex. Beacons to enrich the shopping experience. • Bridge the gap between offline and digital channels. • “Get in front” of customers (i.e. through geo-fencing and mobile- enabled sites) • Loyalty-wise, the points-for-purchases model will no longer be effective.
  4. 4. TRENDS -RETAIL BUSINESS 2014 • Boomers and Millennials heavily influence retail. • Social networks serve as shopping platforms. • Brands & Corporate Social Responsibility. • Retailers adopt and experiment with technology – VR, 3D Data etc. • Control their value chain and improve order fulfillment.
  5. 5. Survey Reveals… The CMO Survey: • 15% of the 351 marketers who responded to the survey show quantitative impact of social media on sales. • 45% of respondents were unable to demonstrate any impact. 1. Think Shopping First and Social Second • Incorporate social sharing • Include customer reviews 2. Participate in Relevant Social Networks 3. Integrate Social with Other Marketing Strategies • Social and email • Encourage your social media connections to subscribe to your email list • Social and search
  6. 6. SOCIAL MEDIA IS….. “Content for Social Media” by Lauren Kaye - Brafton Inc • Social media posts influence 71% more purchases for ecommerce co. • A crucial ingredient in successful marketing campaigns. - How you reach your target audience. - Nurture interest in your products and services. • Sales opportunities start – and sometimes end – with SMM. - 24% of businesses STILL don’t have a social media presence despite its potential as a marketing channel. - 42 percent – don’t have a Twitter presence. • Written and visual content keep the prospect pool engaged • More referral traffic, last-interaction sales
  7. 7. Disadvantages of using Social Media • Negative feedback • Time and resource Intensive • People can keep the company workers engaged, just for fun • No short term ROI • Need for engaging content
  8. 8. Recommendations • Monetize the social media • Choose only manageable number of social media websites • Decide and keep track of the measurable objectives • Combine social media with other marketing strategies
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