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11BM60105_AMRP Presentation


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11BM60105_AMRP Presentation

  2. 2. Project Objectives• Qualitative Market Research• Key value drivers (Factors that affect the consumer usage patterns, buying behavior)• Analysis of consumer behavior• Attitudes towards shower gels• Formulate marketing strategy
  3. 3. Data to be Collected• Gender • Loofah usage• Age Group • Customer preferences: shower• Household income gel or soap and why?• Influencer and decision maker • Preferred brand• Buying Frequency • Switching behavior• Perceived end benefits • Impact of specific marketing• Price perception of customers programs• Preferred point of purchase • Customer satisfaction• Factors affecting the choice • Trial for whitening shower gel• Barriers to trial of shower gels
  4. 4. Methodology• Method 1: Personal interview at point of purchase – Understanding profiles of the people – Consumer reaction – Competitor analysis – Profit margin of distributors for different brands of gels – Different promotional schemes for shower gels – Understand if its high/medium/low involvement product – Consumer data is collected• Method 2: Focus group interviews. It would help to give insights on consumer behaviour towards shower gels.• Method 3: Primary research is collected by floating questionnaire among various people.
  5. 5. Timelines4th-15th Oct • Method 1 : Personal interviews at point of purchase16th- 22nd • Preparing the Questionnaire Oct 23rd Oct- • Method 2 : Focus Group Interviews 10th Nov 11th-20th • Method 3 : Primary Research Nov 21st-28th • Analysis and Conclusion Nov
  6. 6. QuestionnaireLink to questionnaire -
  7. 7. Understanding the Consumers• Location : Point of Purchase• Data collected for 45 different customers• Large differences in male and female consumer mindset• Factors affecting the choice of specific brands – moisturizing feel, fragrance, promotional schemes, brand name• Loofah usage• Barriers to trial for shower gel- no awareness, allergy, doesn’t wash off, habit of using soap, gender factor• Switching behavior between soap and gel, and also different brands• Influencer and decision maker – seen to vary with age of consumers
  8. 8. Competitor Analysis• Brands available at local retail outlets• MRP of different brands of shower gels• Profit margin to distributors – 10-15% , minimum of 7-10%• Promotional schemes for different shower gels Brands Fiama di Wills Dove Palmolive Lux MRP 125 125 125 <125 Volume/pack 200ml 200ml 200ml >200ml Promotional Free loofah Free Loofah Scheme Factors for Natural Moisturizing Fragrance, Cheaper, Free choice of Ingredients, effect, Brand loofah, Brand particular brand Fragrance, Purity, Brand, Free Brand loofah
  9. 9. How to conduct Focus Group• Greet the participants • Ensure discussion is relevant to• Make a relaxed environment the purpose• Sit with the group in a circle • Comparison of brands• Note their age, gender, etc • Preference of product attributes• Define the purpose of the without brand name meeting at the start • Remind participants that there• Either show advertisements of are no right/ wrong answers different brands/ put samples/ • Participants can write down their questionnaire at the start points/ summarize• Thumbs up and thumbs down • Someone should be taking strategy notes/video of the discussion• Ensure good participation from all • Results
  10. 10. Focus Group Discussion Analysis• Men preference- sporty feel • Shower gels are easy to carry• Brand loyalty • One way to break barrier to trial• Don’t find benefits in using gels is introducing smaller packs of• Soap is easier to use than gels shower gel• Shower gels are more hygienic • Freshness is an important criteria• Loofah reduces hygienic factor • Men find packaging of many shower gels to be feminine• Non awareness of loofah • Categorization of shower gels on• Switching behaviour even after the basis of skin type - A shower long term usage gel for oily skin possibly?• Double benefits of soap- used for • Friends are one of the biggest hand wash too influencers for students/people in• Cost is a major deterrent the age group of 20-30• Packaging and promotions help • Word of mouth is the most lure non users important medium
  11. 11. Results from Primary Research60504030 Non-users of shower gel Users of shower gel2010 300 25 Men Women 20 15 Non-users Users 10 5 0 <3 lakhs per 3-6 lakhs per 6-10 lakhs per >10 lakhs per annum annum annum annum
  12. 12. Factor AnalysisThe null hypothesis that the population correlation matrix is an identitymatrix is rejected by Barlett’s test of sphericity. The approximate chi-square statistic is 394.654 with 66 degrees of freedom, which is significantat the 0.05 level. The value of the KMO statistic (0.767) is also large (>0.5).Thus factor analysis can be considered an appropriate technique foranalysing the correlation matrix.The eigen values for the factors are, as expected, in decreasing order ofmagnitude as we go down from factor 1 to factor 12. The first four factorsaccount for 69.736 percent of the variance. Hence we consider thenumber of factors equal to four.
  13. 13. Factor AnalysisFactor 1: Factor 3:• Feel on the skin • Fragrance• Good cleansing • Lather• Brand name • Packaging• Suitability to skin type being the most importantFactor 2: Factor 4:• Price • Ingredient• Promotional scheme-most imp • Consistency• Influence of friend-most imp
  14. 14. Way Ahead• Meeting distributors• Increasing the scope of primary research• Customer data analysis• Recommendations for the marketing strategy
  15. 15. References• N.Pag. The 2011-2016 Outlook for Body Wash and shower gels in India. Country Outlook Reports. Retrieved from• Gihan Wijesundera, Ruwan Abeysekera. Factors influencing the demand of beauty soap among female consumers in the greater Colombo region. Retrieved from• Mason, S. (2006). Shower Power. Global Cosmetic Industry, 174(11), 47-49. Retrieved from
  16. 16. Thank You