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Project Manager In Industrial Building / Power Plant.

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Mech cv 1

  1. 1. CURRICULUM VITAE (CV) PROPOSED POSITION FOR THIS PROJECT Project Manager. 1. NAME OF THE FIRM 2. NAME OF STAFF 3. DATE OF BIRTH TATA Consulting Engineers Limited PONRAJ.R 17 .02.1978 ( 36 Years), 4. NATIONALITY Indian 5. EDUCATION B.E (Mechanical Engg – 2000), University of Madras,MBA MEMBERSHIP OF 6. PROFESSIONAL Nil SOCIETIES 7. OTHER TRAINING 8. WORK EXPERIENCE 9. National council trained Basic first aider (Govt of Qatar- Doha). National safety council trained construction Engineer in India.. 13Years ( 12 Years in India &1 Year in Qatar ) . LANGUAGES PROFICIENCY Language Speaking Writing English Excellent Excellent Excellent Hindi 10. Reading Excellent Excellent Fair Tamil EMPLOYMENT Excellent Excellent Excellent Period RECORD INDIAN ROTOR CRAFT LTD HELCOPTER ASSMBLY LINE FLIGHT LINE . TATA Consulting Engineers Ltd , Mumbai. Sep 7 - 2007 to Till date HELICOPTER /FLIGHT BUILDING ENGINEERING SERVICES from oct 2013 onwards Project Execution and Monitoring Review and ensure availability of correct, consistent and comprehensive drawings and specification. Monitor the delivery and work quality of consultants, PMCs . Drive efficiency, review periodically, escalate issues and ensure corrective actions Responsible for day to day site work of domain engineering as per plan. Review weekly & monthly reports of package assigned, escalate issues and drive corrective actions Project Planning Co-ordinate with architects / consultants to finalise layouts and statutory drawings. Submit schedule of domain engineering work packages ( mechanical/ civil / electrical /IT) Evaluate BOQ / tender drawings submitted by consultants/Contractors. installation & commissioning of utilities like - HVAC, fire fighting, plumbing, boiler, compressor, pumps, sewage / effluent treatment plant Experience in Greenfield Projects . Knowledge of building services engineering . Project engineering & management techniques Broad knowledge of design parameters Basic quantity estimation & budgeting Relevant statutes Safety practices
  2. 2. Planning & co-ordination skills Employer 11 11.A Position Held: Manager (Mechanical ). May 2009 onwards 2X600MW coastal Energen Power Project ,Tuticorin.Tamilnadu. Responsible for execution & Construction ,supervision for the TG Island project, overall Project execution, quality Control & quality assurance, co-ordination with Design Engineers, Contractors & Clients, developing & maintaining Description of Duties appropriate reporting system, planning & management of resources, quantity surveying, procurement, planning & monitoring, Preparing reports for progress review meetings, resource assessment to meet construction schedule, etc for the following Packages, Main Plant-Power station Building which consists of TG Hall, TG Foundation & Deck, Boiler area,Bunkers,MCB, ESP units and HVAC, Compressed Air service . This package is having more than 27000 MT of structural steel. Ash Handling System structures are Bed & Fly ash Silos (4 no), Compressor & Switch gear room and Pipe rack and Fire protection System, Circulating Water Pump house and Firewater Pump House. Employer TATA Consulting Engineers Ltd , Mumbai. From may 2010 onwards Position Held: Sr. Mechanical Engineer. Description of Duties MRF-TRUCK RADIAL Project ,Trichy.Tamilnadu. Responsibilities:  Monitoring of safety With Execution of All Erection Work.  Planning & Monitoring of PE Building, Mixing Plant structural fabrication ,Inspection & Certification of Contractor’s bills.  Execution of Utilities, Sprinkler ,HVAC, IBR piping & 13000MT Structural work with Equipments installation & NDE examination.  Co-ordination with client & design dept, Handing over of systems to Client with QA/QC formats.  Inspection of site Mechanical fittings/structures/equipments . Conducting Progress review meetings, resource plan to meet construction schedule, etc TATA CONSULTING ENGINEERS LTD  11B Employer Period From March 2009 to May 2010. Position Held: Sr.Mechanical Engineer Mahindra Automobile Limited, Chakan Pune., Responsibilities: Description of Duties • • Construction supervision and inspection of Fire fighting System, DG& Compressor system with Cooling Towers, Pump House erection and 12000MT of structure fabrication & Erection ,coordination work . Construction coordination and inspection of
  3. 3. Compressor piping utilities & UOT system. • Handing over of systems to Client with QA/QC formats. • Co-ordination with Various Vendors,designs, Safety team and planning dept for a smooth functioning of progresses. • Interacting with Design office to trouble shoot technical problems • Review of Welding,Conversant with ASME Section IX, ASME B31.3, B16.5,TAC& NACE and Indian Standards Quality Control & Quality assurance. Coordination with design . Co-ordination with the P & M Dept. 11C Period Planning & management of resources, planning & monitoring, helping my immediate in-charge to make the agenda of progress review meetings, resource plan to meet construction schedule, etc 2007 to 2009 Employer TATA Consulting Engineers Ltd From Aug 2007 To March 2009
  4. 4. 11D 4 MW Power Plant for Cabot India Ltd at New Mumbai. Positions Position Held: Project Engineer Responsibilities: Description of  Responsible for 80 mtr Height steel stack Chimney fabrication,erection &inner line high temperature insulation. Duties  Supervision of fabrication, erection of 16000Mt structure,Fabrication of IBR piping, installing of the same with NDE.   Coordination and supervision of safety related activities.  Supervision for fabrication & erection of 2400 OD Tail gas piping 120m with Underground piping involving 6 mtr deep excavations .  Construction ,Erection supervision and inspection of 350TPH Boiler , allied 1600MT pipe rack structure fabrication & Erection, inspection Engineer.  Hot insulation of BOILER plant, Measurements satisfy of insulation work.  Review of WPS& PQR, Method statements of Equipment, structure Erection.  Painting and blasting of Boiler allied piping & structure.  From April 2006 Supervision for the electrical works for chimney. Conversant with ASME Section IX,TAC ,ASME B31.3,B16.5, NACE and Indian Standards. To May 2007
  5. 5. 11E Positions 2X220 MW Gas Power Plant for Qatar Ras Gas Project . Dodsal Pte Ltd.Qatar. Position Held: Area Engineer. Description of Responsibilities: • 60Mtr x 2 steel chimney inspection, Erection incharge. • Monitoring of all the Mechanical activities . • Erection of Turbine/control Panels & other accessories. • Dismantling of turbine deck Scaffolding, stack scaffolding. • Co-ordination with client and attending their queries. • NDE ,Quality control of all mechanical works. • Monitoring of safety related woks. • Supervision of 12000 MT structure Erection work . • Duties Making all the arrangement for the erection work Procurement of materials needed for fabrication. • Attending Progress review meeting with the client. • Monitoring of the fabrication work to facilitate the erection work. Execution of 60 Mtr height stack 60mm thick Guneting of inner lining thermal insulation. Employer PUNJLLOYD LTD,NEW DELHI . From Jun 2005 To April 2006 11F Name of the package: Boiler & Boiler Piping Execution. Position Held: 120 MW-Power Project Execution Engineer . Responsibilities: Description of Duties  Supervision of boiler,structural works,studying & interpreting drawings at site.  Checking layout, fabrication, erection & alignment of steel structures  Planning the progress & monitoring the sequences according to the priorities.  Execution of foundation bolt erection ,inspection for Boiler.  Fabrication of external structural platform 12000MT and structural column.  Monitoring of sprayed thermal insulation by a third party in boiler& Stack & pre cast insulation laying inner line of boiler.
  6. 6. From Mar 2004 11G Employer To Jun 2005 Position Held: Assistant Engineer. IOCL Mathura Project. SPIC JEL Engineering Construction ltd. Chennai. Responsibilities: Description of Duties Certification of Contractor’s bills.  Execution of IBR piping with NDE examination.  11H Planning & monitoring steam drum,HRSG,reheat boiler erection  From Augest 2001  Co-ordination with IBR inspector.  Co-ordination with the client & Consultant. To Mar 2004 Position Held: Erection Engineer. Employer Vijay Tanks and Vessels Ltd. Panipat. Responsibilities: • 11I • As a Mechanical Engineer for daily activities and monitoring the target, Deployment of manpower at site . • Overall control of Equipment fabrication & reports preparation & monitoring progresses. • Description of Duties Erection of Vessels, Equipments,Heater,Coils, Piping & Reactor at Panipat Refinery. Co-ordination with Client for design deviations and technical issues. Period May 2000 To June 2001 Employer From Jul 2000 STELL TECH . 2 x 60 MW power plant at CPCL refinery. To June 2001 Position Held: Trainee Engineer Description of Duties Was responsible for Supervision of Mechanical construction activities for:  Erection & Alignment of 5 to140 Mt UOT Crane.  Preparation of MOM & Client co ordination. Execution of IBR/ critical piping .  Safety co ordination.  Supervision of turbine blue chipping, packing plate fixing, master level checking.  Day to day job allocation to contractor jobs  Pre fabrication of Structure & Piping ,Erection of sprinkler,  NDT testing, verification, inspection of construction site Mechanical fittings/structures/equipments .
  7. 7. 12. Certification I, the undersigned, certify that to the best of my knowledge and belief, this bio data correctly describes myself, my qualifications, and my experience. I understand that any willful misstatement described herein may lead to my disqualification of dismissal, if engaged. SIGNATURE : NAME : Ponraj.R DATE 12-02-2014 PLACE .Hydrabad