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Medical tourism & health insurance


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Medical tourism & health insurance

  1. 1. Ponmuthu S Nivetha R VSOMS Vels university Medical tourism & health insurance
  2. 2.  ”It is not a piece of gold and silver but health that is the real wealth” – mahatma Gandhi  A MAN MAY EARN CRORES IN HIS LIFE BUT HEALTH IS VERY ESSENTIAL ONE TO ENJOY HIS OWN EARNINGS
  3. 3. Medical tourism  Medical tourism is a general term that patients travelling domestic or abroad to obtain health services  As strange as this may sound, India receives hundreds of thousands of tourists that come in to the country to undergo medical treatments and it is become booming global industry as India has become a main tourism hub in the world
  4. 4.  India is the first country to recognize the potential of medical tourism & today is the leading destination for global medical tourists
  5. 5. In India they are attracted by  Low cost treatment  English communication  US approved medicine  High Standard of Indian hospitals  Qualify doctors & nurses  Good hospitality
  6. 6. The major service providers in Indian medical tourism are:  the Apollo Hospitals,  Escorts Hospital,  Fortis Hospitals,  Breach Candy,  Arvind Eye Hospitals, Manipal Hospitals, etc.  a public -sector hospital is also in the fray.
  7. 7. In terms of locations  Delhi,  Chennai,  Bangalore  and Mumbai cater to the maximum number of health tourists and are fast emerging as medical tourism hubs
  8. 8. Why India  Quality Service at Affordable Cost  Vast supply of qualified doctors  Strong presence in advanced healthcare e.g. cardiovascular, organ transplants – high success rate in operations  International Reputation of hospitals and Doctors  Diversity of tourism destinations and experiences
  9. 9.  Increased demand for healthcare services from countries with aging population (U.S, U.K)  Fast-paced lifestyle increases demand for wellness tourism and alternative cures  Shortage of supply in National Health  Systems in countries like U.K, Canada
  10. 10. Why medical tourism  In the world only 10% of people can afford the heart operation  As above said in us and Europe countries medical treatment is cost wise higher than india  So people can choose from all the countries
  11. 11. Reasons  Tremendous change in transportation, communication and technology encourage the people to choose from various alternatives from all other country  Now a days tourism agencies become consultancy office of medical tourism
  12. 12. HEALTH INSURANCE  Health insurance has been the fastest growing segment in the non-life insurance industry in India over the last few years  India with a population of 1.2 billion possesses around 16.6% of the global population and 20% of the global disease burden.
  13. 13.  Health care expenditure in India is around 5% of GDPI as compared to 8.4%in UK, 7.5% IN Brazil In USA and Japan the Govt.spending on Health is around 80%. MORE THAN 70% OF HEALTHCARE EXPENDITURE IN INDIA TODAY IS MET OUT OF INDIVIDUALS’ POCKETS.  We may speak lot about that india is a place of medical tourism, it provide low cost treatment and health care provide a major contribution to GDP but still most of our Indian people cant afford their health problems and also they borrow the money for that
  14. 14. To afford a medical treatment they  Spend their total savings  Borrow form others  Sell and mortgage their property The reason is  Mostly they are un aware of health insurance  They don’t know the importance of health insurance  They may think this may be waste of money
  15. 15.  We are ready spend monthly Rs300 for our mobile,Rs200 for our television but they are not ready to spend Rs 10 per day for their health. this is what happening in health care sector of Indian
  16. 16. Solution  We need to educate Indian people about the importance of medi claims  Separate lessons should added to schools and colleges  Government should make as compulsory for the people
  17. 17. Conclusion  medical tourism and health insurance plays a major role in health care sectors. Their contribute in all the sectors. They contribute a remarkable growth in GDP  For medical tourism govt. should take necessary steps to make a India as a global player other wise we may not be in the ground  For health insurance we should come up with new ideas to educate the people.