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27th & 28th October 2010 POMO Creative held social media focus groups to discuss how social media is affecting the way we do business on the sunshine coast.

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  • As an individual

    What are you reasons for your decision to either use social media or not?

    What do you like most about the medium?
    Do you have any fears of the medium?
    Which sites do you prefer to engage with?

  • Are your customers engaging with you brand / business through social media?
  • Why do you connect with companies or brands online?

    If an organisation converses with you through social media are you more likely to deal with them?

    Are there some products and services you are more likely to engage with on Social Media Sites than others?

  • If so are you finding it effective? How?

    If not why not what do you think could be done to improve your presence?

    Forums for tips
    Online advisory boards
    Virtual fairs where customers can meet and talk to each others
    Slideshare to present new products…

    Allocate the right resources Social Media require resources to create the content and keep your communities active
    Allocate the right resources Think thoroughly to build a team to deal with social media
    Social Media does not happen by magic, it requires people who know what they are talking about and not only social media users
    Identify internally who are already the best people to talk about your company and set up a pod gathering these people
    Work with partners who can leverage your brand and others who can create valuable content

  • How does it differ from a traditional marketing strategy?
    Viral campaign on Facebook with a social game
    Twitt contests for the product on your current corporate account…
    do you think a social media strategy would enhance your marketing strategy?
  • How do you manage your time?

    Staff issues
  • What would you consider a reasonable amount to pay the consultant?
  • Direct mail, brochures, print advertising email newsletters, etc

    Link your website, email signatures, business cards and other collateral.

    If so How and has it been effective?
  • How often do you make status updates post blog entries etc

    Have you considered they may be viewing social media sites on mobile devices? Therefore viewing your communications in different context.
    Define the right campaign Define the messages
    Define the tone
    Define the formats (video, ads…)
    Define the degree of vitality (some formats will be more appropriate than others for a pure viral campaign)
    Pick the partners you want to work with
    Define your budget
    Define your timeline
  • What would you consider a reasonable amount to pay the consultant?
  • Increase traffic to your site
    Improve brand positioning (have more people talk about the brand)
    Reach a new customer segment
    Set a new marketing message (new positioning, new marketing campaign)
    Set a communication media with customers
    Number of views
    Number of unique visitors
    Number of returning visitors
    Drop rate
    Location of the users
    Time spent on the site…
    Increase lead generation
    Increase number of recurring sales
    Open a new sales channel
    Reach a new customer segment TRAFFIC
    Measure the results BRANDING
    Number of external links
    Number of conversations about the brand
    Quality of the conversations
    Number of active users in the community…
    Measure the results CUSTOMER SATISFACTION
    Recurring sales
    Number of customers willing to talk in your favor in conferences for example
    Number of user feedbacks for new products generation and product testing
    New revenues generated on a new segment…
    Measure the results INTERNAL PROCESSES
    Number of qualified candidates you reached
    Employees turnover
    Employees satisfaction (do a survey to know about it)
    Increase in productivity (timelines met, conflicts decreased…)…

  • The Conversation Prism gives you a whole view of the social media universe, categorized and also organized by how people use each network. V 3.0 introduces new groups and networks and also removes those networks no longer in play.

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  • Focus group power point

    1. 1. Do you use social media sites (personally)? (such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Linkedin, etc)
    2. 2. What is your understanding of how consumers are using Social Media? Is it changing the way consumers discuss brands, products or services? (For example are you more likely to ask your peers through social media for advice prior to asking an organisation)
    3. 3. Do you engage with brands, products or services through social media sites for your business? How? Why? Which sites?
    4. 4. Do you have a social media presence for you business? What resources have you allocated to create the content and keep your communities active?
    5. 5. Do you have a social media strategy for your business? Why or why not?
    6. 6. As a business person what are your biggest frustrations with social media for your business?
    7. 7. Facebook If you have a business page have you or would you consider personalising the page to attract more LIKErs? e.g. Unique Tabs/Landing Pages
    8. 8. Do you integrate social media activities with traditional marketing?
    9. 9. Consumers are now using mobile devices to interact and view social media (web 3.0), such as iphone, ipad, android, mobile phones etc Have you taken this into account within your social media or other marketing strategies? If so how?
    10. 10. Would you consider a social media consultant to manage your social media? Why or why not?
    11. 11. Business Performance Metrics Do you have any measurements for ROI? (return on investment) • Increased Website traffic (SEO) • Branding • Customer Satisfaction • Financial (sales) • Internal Processes • Other intangibles
    12. 12.
    13. 13. THANK YOU What did you create today? For more conversations…